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Tuesday December 1st, 2015

Crochet: pram chain "dickybird"

Whether as a present for a birth or as a Christmas present: this self-crocheted pram chain is fun – when crocheting, when giving and certainly also for the baby. A dear friend was expecting a baby and of course I wanted to give them something special. At first I thought of my marine vehicle, which was well received by another family and which I had a lot of fun with. But you know me and my curiosity, yes, I always want to do something new – even if that obviously means more time and more considerations (or precisely because of that?). The approach was similar: something dangling with amigurumi animals. However, since the friend said she liked to crochet and had recently completed a mobile, I chose a stroller chain.
In search of suitable animals, I came across this funny chick, which provides joy in bright colors. I have the birdie in three different versions – or should I say Fillings? What to crackle, ring and rattle.

This is how I made the stroller chain:


Cotton yarn (type Catania, Sandy or similar)
Crochet hook matching the thread (for me 3.0)
roast hose
Surprise egg, dried peas
2 little bells
2 wooden clips for pacifier chains
Sewing needle and thread


Crocheted according to Simple Crochet’s instructions. However, I did not take the button eyes, but embroidered the whole face in a baby-friendly way.

The chicks are filled or prepared differently for more excitement and variety:
Yellow chick to ring the bell: filled with cotton wool, below with two sewn-on bells.

Orange chick to crackle: filled with roast tube.

Red chick rattling: filled with cotton wool and a surprise egg in which 5-6 dry peas clatter. (Possibly crochet one more round if the egg is too big for the chick.)
(Don’t be surprised at the purple wool in the photo: that was a test chick.)

When crocheting, let the thread hang long at the end, pull it up from below through the chick. From this crochet the hanging of the chick: chain stitch chain with 15 ch.


Crochet chain stitch chain in the desired length, i.e. the width of the stroller cover, for me it was about 90 ch.

Crochet 4 rows of single crochets.


Like the apple blossoms from my crocheted hair accessories.
You need 6 flowers, or two per bird.


Sew clips tightly on both ends of the chain. First sew the chicks onto the chain, sew the apple blossoms on the front and back – this will hide the seam from the chick suspension.

If the baby turns out to be a baby, no problem: thanks to the clips, the chain can also be attached to the baby seat in the car, to the baby crib, the playpen or wherever there is a suitable place.

Oh how cute the little birdies are! I think I have to crochet a few of them too. Maybe as a spring decoration? In the meantime I might even be able to do it.
And, as an egg warmer, he dives every now and then on Sunday breakfast on.

I wish to you everyone a nice Creadienstag with a lot of crochet love,
your woolen mom


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