Women’s running jacket test 2019: which is the best?

The best women’s running jacket

Veronika Heidrich

We tested eleven women’s running jackets. Our test winner is the Ladies Runner Jacket by Hummel. It has everything a good running jacket has to have – and at a very fair price. But also a few of the other test jackets could convince us in their own way.

Just as different as the numerous types of runners and their preferences are the jackets offered for them. Renowned and unknown manufacturers supply us with enough running jackets, which could not be more different in quality and special features.

The eleven models that we examined in our test range from simple, very simple sports jackets to impressively thought-out top models for minimalists or runners with very high quality standards. What makes a good running jacket, what you should pay attention to when buying and which model could score with us, you will find in our review.

Short overview: Our recommendations

Hummel Ladies Runner Jacket

The most important thing about a running jacket is that it feels good when worn, does not restrict movement, is reasonably functional and may even have one or two other pockets. The Hummel Women’s Runner Jacket has all the features you want in a simple, uncomplicated run of a jacket. The material is not high-end, but it is water repellent and convinces with plenty of freedom of movement and a very comfortable cut. The material is great for runs in the slightly cooler transitional season and is light enough to fit in any backpack as a small pack.

Inov-8 Windshell Full Zipper

For all ambitious athletes who also like to look their weight, the runner’s heart beat faster with the Inov-8 Windshell. Because it is almost not that much lighter and more compact. Thanks to its extremely thin material, the windproof and water-repellent jacket can be made so small that it even fits in a trouser pocket. Practical details such as a lockable hood or soft thumb loops allow for very comfortable running in different weather conditions. The design is simple, athletic and will not go out of fashion so quickly.

Gore Wear R3 Gore Windstopper

Quality has its price: But the Gore Wear R3 women’s jacket is definitely worth it. Our top model convinces with consistently high-quality workmanship and many practical features. It is windproof, water repellent and wonderfully breathable. The slightly thicker material makes it especially suitable for runs at lower temperatures. Nevertheless, it is light and compact enough to fit in any backpack. For runners who are willing to spend a little more on high quality, it is a robust, durable and good choice.

comparison Chart

comparison Chart
  • Very fair price
  • Good fit
  • Low weight
  • light as a feather
  • Minimal Mackmaß
  • Great details
  • Very nice cut
  • Great workmanship
  • High wearing comfort
  • Technical details
  • Full function
  • Top workmanship
  • 1a wearing comfort
  • reflection
  • breathable
  • Half gloves
  • Very easy
  • Great workmanship
  • Good seat
  • Small pack size
  • Very easy
  • reflectors
  • Good cut
  • Stretch material
  • Good workmanship
  • Great fit
  • Good workmanship
  • comfort
  • Mesh panels
  • thumb loops
  • Perfect fit
  • freedom of movement
  • Good cut
  • Pleasant fabric
  • thumb loops
  • Low weight
  • Good fit
Our favourite For minimalists Function and quality
model Hummel Ladies Runner Jacket Inov-8 Windshell Full Zipper Gore Wear R3 Gore Windstopper TAO Pera jacket Falke Ceremony Ladies Jacket Puma Last Lap Hoodless Under Armor UA Storm Launch Erima ladies running jacket with mesh inserts SEEU Full Zip Parabler Women’s Running Jacket Gregster Ladies Long Sleeve Fitness Jacket
  • Short cut
  • Not waterproof
  • Thin material
  • Not warming
  • Expensive
  • Expensive
  • Next cut
  • Protruding threads
  • No lockable bags
  • A bit old-fashioned
  • Not weatherproof
  • zipper
  • processing
  • zipper
  • Not weatherproof
  • processing
  • Not waterproof
Best price
Show technical data
Tested size S S S S S S S S S S S
fit Sporty, but pleasantly relaxed and not tight Sporty, athletic, but not restrictive Sporty, without narrowing. Good fit by partially tight spots Sporty, elastic and not restrictive Pleasantly loose, wide and long cut Light and easy, a bit short Sporty with pleasantly close-fitting finishes, back slightly short Somewhat far, but can be adjusted by elastic Very physical / slimfit. Fits well with the stretch material Slightly cut, the stretch material adapts well Very physical / slimfit. Fits well through the stretch material
mass 212 grams 80 grams 257 grams 400 grams 140 grams 145 grams 243 grams 293 grams 311 grams 236 grams 209 grams
Suitable for Training runs at not too hot temperatures and up to light rain. For fast runs, absolute weight optimizers and trail running with small luggage Allrounder for many sports. Best suited for cooler weather conditions. Training runs and all sports activities in cool temperatures. Relaxed workouts in mild temperatures and wet conditions Runs in mild temperatures and rather dry conditions Relaxed training runs and athletic missions in cooler temperatures Relaxed workouts in cool temperatures Dry training sessions and sporting activities in moderate temperatures, all-rounder for sports, everyday life and leisure Sporting activities in good weather and mild temperatures, all-rounder for leisure Active lifestyle, sports activities in good and mild weather, all-rounder for sports and leisure

What makes a good running jacket?

Weather-related excuses in sports were yesterday! Good running jackets make it possible to enjoy a perfect run even in bad weather. They should fulfill a few important features: Running jackets should have a very comfortable cut and not restrict movement. They should be breathable, fast-drying, wind and water repellent or even better waterproof.

With good outdoor clothing you can almost always count on a water column from about 10,000 millimeters. Higher quality models can even trump with almost 30,000 millimeters. The height of the running jacket’s water column depends on when it is used as a priority. At a lot of pressure, z. B. during a run in heavy rain and additional weight through a backpack, the water column must be higher. For small training rounds without additional pressure, which rests on the jacket and low rainfall, usually also far less.

You can get wet while running but from two sides. And so we would be already on the next point – the breathability. Running jackets can be made of different materials, such as merino wool, polyester, polyamide, natural and synthetic fibers. However, polyester is most commonly found on the market. Whether a jacket is breathable, you notice pretty quickly when running. So in our test, there are jackets that allow wonderful circulation and provide a comfortable fit, and others, in which one is temporarily close to a heat accumulation.

The second should by no means happen during cold and wet workouts. Because who has sweaty wet, cools down quickly at a standstill. In order to get as well protected as possible through the run, the jacket must also be able to keep cold wind off the skin.

Little extras increase the comfort

Not absolutely necessary, but always welcome are small extras. Reflecting elements, for example, not only look smart, they also help to be better seen by motorists and other road users at night. In well-positioned (lockable) bags, small items such as keys, money etc. can be stowed away quickly.

For runners who like to travel with music, there are sometimes extra holes through which you can pull the headphone cable, so as to avoid the Kabelverhau. If you like running a hooded jacket, you are particularly pleased with the possibility of being able to fix the cap with a push-button or similar when not in use. Thumb loops are very pleasant in mild temperatures to keep hands warm longer. In an integrated bag, jackets can be stowed very small and practical and a longer rear section keeps the lower back pleasantly warm and protected from the wind.

Our top 10 running jack tips

You should pay attention to these points when buying:

  1. Comfort: Stretchy, lightweight materials with function provide great comfort. With drawstrings the jackets can be adapted exactly to the body. Elastic, soft cuffs are comfortable and give extra support.
  2. Protection against wind and moisture: Thanks to good windstopper, water repellent materials, sealed seams and adjustable hoods, training is fun in any weather.
  3. Freedom of movement: Perfect is an anatomical cut that suits you. Well-positioned, elastic seams and slightly flared body parts ensure unrestricted freedom of movement.
  4. Weight and pack size: Less is more. The jacket should be lightweight and at best be stowed away small in an integrated pouch.
  5. Set accents: Bright, colorful colors and reflective applications help to be seen faster by other road users.
  6. Heat output: For more warmth, provide a longer back, a soft stand-up collar, sleeves that reach over your hands, and thumb loops.
  7. Onion principle: So that a jacket is not restricted in its function and breathability, it must also be worked under with functional laundry. With a cotton shirt even the best and most expensive jacket will not breathe.
  8. Fit: When running, very often body-worn. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the material on a good elasticity and an anatomical cut.
  9. Maintenance: It is best if you do not wash waterproof clothing too often, as the jackets quickly lose functionality through washing. When washing, you should use special detergents to re-impregnate the clothing immediately.
  10. Price: Before you buy, think about what you expect from your jacket. Good quality also has its price. Better to spend more than to get annoyed about a discount product. For runners who train a lot, it is best not to buy the one for all. Invest in 2-3 models that work perfectly for the different requirements!

That’s how we tested

Our running jackets were tested on rounds between 8 and 25 kilometers. Of course, manufacturer information on their specifics and abilities were of course taken into account.

The running jackets were tested in wind and weather, over hill and dale.

According to information, the jackets were tested in different weather conditions such as fine weather, rain, wind, heat and cooler temperatures. We examined the individual models in their function, wind and water protection, fit, processing and small features.

Our favorite: Hummel Ladies Runner Jacket

The main thing is that you feel comfortable while running. This is achieved through clothing that wears well, sits comfortably and does not restrict movement. Exactly these characteristics apply to the ladies runner jacket of the Danish manufacturer Hummel. In terms of appearance and features, the Runner Jacket is limited to the essentials, which makes it a great basic part for many sporting activities.

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