Work camps volunteers

Work camps volunteers

Voluntarily abroad

Our guide to workcamps and volunteering

Workcamps are short-term volunteer services in which, above all, young people from different countries, ie volunteers, work in international groups on a project that serves the common good abroad. This kind of social engagement is also open to older volunteers. The work camps usually take two to six weeks.

Get to know foreign cultures

The participants in the work camp get to know other cultures by working together. Through equality in the group and the community, they see and experience that a project can be achieved through solidarity and joint action. In the workcamps, the volunteers are thus committed to a just and sustainable use of natural resources and to the careful use of nature and thus a livable environment.

Bearers of the work camps are nonprofit volunteer organizations. The organizations have partner organizations abroad and put the volunteers in international groups in the work camps.

The sponsoring organizations of the workcamps, as international youth community and youth social services, provide extracurricular education and adult education and are part of the international volunteer movement. It is an independent type of youth work. The workcamp organizations are providers of youth welfare services based on the Child and Youth Welfare Act (KJHG). You have a recognition of charitable status.

A large number of work camps are funded by the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). The sponsoring organizations in Germany are under the umbrella of "Support Conference of the International Youth Community and Youth Social Services" united.


To participate in a work camp abroad, the volunteer must be at least 18 years old. It is not necessary for him to have a completed education or vocational training.


The workcamp organization, ie the sending organization, organizes preparatory seminars for its participants in workcamps abroad. How the seminars are structured in terms of content and time varies from organization to organization. So you should inform yourself with the providers exactly.


Volunteers participating in international workcamps will in almost all cases have to pay a fee to the workcamp organization providing them. They are also responsible for your travel expenses. But you will be provided with accommodation and meals in the work camp.


Depending on the placement organization, the volunteers’ work camp assignments will be discussed and evaluated in seminars after their return to Germany.

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