Worksheet: dative verbs

Worksheet: dative verbs

B. dative verbs. Select a verb from the list and write it in the blank. You also need to conjugate the verb!

answer • thank • please • belong • believe • congratulate • help • fit • taste
1. These books are mine, but the pens here are for you.
2. You have to believe me ! I tell you the truth !
3. The mother asks the children: "Do you like this music?"
4. The children answer their mother: "Yes, the music is great!"
5. These shoes don’t fit me. I’m wearing size 10, not 9.
6. I congratulate you on the graduation! Here’s a little present.
7. Maria, that’s so nice! I thank you for the gift!
8th. I don’t like this apple juice. I only like orange juice.
9. Mommy, can you help me? I cannot understand my homework.

C. Dative pronouns. Write the correct pronoun in each gap. All are in the dative!

1. Hello Anita! How are you ?
2. I’m sorry I didn’t call you.
3. Children, how do you like the food??
4. Grandpa can’t do it alone. Please help him !
5. We love German! We really like German!

D. Dative forms. Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. Everyone should be in the dative!

1. The house belongs to my mother .
2. I tell the children a fairy tale.
3. We didn’t tell people.
4. He gave his aunt perfume.
5. I don’t believe the man.

E. Adjectives with the dative. Write an answer to every situation. Follow the example.

hot • cold • boring • bad • warm
1. It is 101 degrees Fahrenheit and you stand outside in the sun. How do you feel?
I’m hot.
2. You are in a class, but it is not interesting. How do you feel?
I’m bored.
3. You have eaten a lot of sweets and you have had no real food. How do you feel?
I feel sick.
4. You are on the train with 10 other people and the window is not open. How do you feel?
I feel warm.
5. It’s December and you forgot your coat at home. How do you feel?
I’m cold.

F. Personal questions. Write an answer to every question. (You’ll need to invent answers to some questions, just be creative.)

1. How are you today?
I’m fine (great / great / bad / solala / terrible).
2. What do you give your parents for Christmas?
I give them (= my parents) two books and a CD.
3. Do you write many letters to your friends?
No, I don’t write to them (= my friends) often.
4. Which movie do you like??
I really like the Lord of the Rings!
5. What do you like??
I like chocolate. I also like bananas.
6. What should I bring you from the supermarket?
You should bring me milk and orange juice.
7. How much money can you give your friend?
I can give him $ 10.

G. In German. Translate the sentences into German. (All of them have some dative element in them.)

1. I can help you.
I can help you.
2. I wrote my friends a letter.
I wrote a letter to my friends.
3. What did you do after breakfast?
What did you do after breakfast?
4. He works at the post office .
He works at the post office.
5. Does he like the soup? (use like)
Does he like the soup? (Does he like the soup?)
6. That’s much too expensive for me.
It is far too expensive for me.
7. Who is the letter from? ("From whom is the letter?")
By whom is the letter?

H. I am very nice. Imagine you are one of the nicest, most thoughtful people in the world. Write a short paragraph (perhaps 5 sentences) describing all the things you do for other people.

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