Worksheet: the dative

B. sentences with the dative. Fill in the gaps with the correct endings. Attention: the endings are nominative, accusative OR dative!

1. The brother gives his sister a new printer.
2. I give my wife my old couch.
3. Today the teacher gave the student (pl) a quiz (s).
4. Did you see our friends in the library yesterday??
5. Do you buy a radio for your children??
6. We borrowed our opa d en computer.
7. Did you give your mother something for Mother’s Day??
8th. You buy your father a new computer?

C. In the house. Describe what is in the rooms and what is happening here. (Remember: if you use the expression “there is” (there is / there are), you will need an accusative noun; when using ‘in’ to express location, it will take a dative noun.) Write 5-10 sentences about the house.

English Example: A woman is sleeping in the bedroom. There is a TV in the living room.

A man reads in the study. A woman is dancing in (or on) the balcony. A woman sleeps in the bedroom (in bed). A car drives out of the garage. A man cooks in the kitchen. People eat in the dining room and they watch TV in the living room. There is a TV in the living room and there is also a sofa there. There is a table and three chairs in the dining room. There is a car in the garage. There is a bookcase and an armchair in the study.

D. prepositions with objects. Write the correct prepositions + objects in the gaps. Take care of the case! Select prepositions from the lists.

BATTERY: by • for • against • without • around
DATIV: off • except • for • with • with • after • since • from • to
1. Here is a gift for your brother .
2. The letter is from my father .
3. He walks around the table .
4. Everyone was there except for her .
5. Mrs. Bauer comes through the door .
6. What did you do after class??
7. Please get out of the car !
8th. She comes to school without her books.
9. Martin has nothing against us .
10. You really go without me ?
11. We go to university every day at 7 a.m. .
12. I’ve been waiting for an hour .
13. Do you have your bag with you? ?
14. Martin works at the bank .
15. You stay at home tonight ?
16. When are you going home today? ?

E. Free sentences. Write 6-8 sentences: use words from the following categories. Pay attention to the case: indirect objects are in the dative, direct objects are in the accusative.

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