Worksheet: the perfect 1

B. Yesterday was a nice day. Rolf is a student in Göttingen. He tells his friend Bernd what he did with his friends over the weekend. Fill in the gaps!

I ate at McDonalds on Friday with my friends. Then we saw a movie in the cinema. The film was boring, but after that we went for a walk through the city. We met a lot of people from the university. We took a bus on Saturday. We drove to a beautiful park. We ran through the grass there and discussed the university and the professors. On Sunday we traveled to a lake in Northeim. We bought something to eat and drink. We had a picnic at the lake. We stayed a long time and we got home late. We didn’t study at all !

C. Mixed verbs. Complete the story with the correct participles of the following verbs.

bring • think • know • call • run • know
My father brought me to university in early September. I never knew any people there, but I soon had a lot of friends. We ran from one party to another and it was a lot of fun, but we rarely thought about our courses. My poor parents soon didn’t know what to do with me, and they called me a good-for-nothing .

D. The story of Martin and Claudia. Below is a story in pictures. Write sentences in perfect telling the story. Use the phrases from the list.

visit the museum
Call Claudia
dance in the disco
watch TV together
play tennis
cook dinner
to take a walk on the beach
fall in love
drive through the city together
eat in the restaurant
go to the cinema
dream of Martin

Martin called Claudia. Then .
Then Martin and Claudia played tennis. They went to the cinema and drove through the city together. They ate in the restaurant and they also visited the museum. Later they danced in the disco. The next day they watched television together and cooked dinner. Claudia dreamed of Martin in the night! They later went for a walk on the beach and they fell in love .

E. How the story continues? Martin and Claudia fell in love. What are you doing now? Write an end to the story: What did Claudia and Martin do then? Did they get married or did they split up? Use words from the list.

move in • marry • kiss • plan • cuddle • separate
embrace • engaged • reconcile • live together
Martin and Claudia kissed and they also cuddled. Martin asked Claudia: "Would you like to marry me?" But she said no! She said it was too early. Martin later moved in with Claudia and they lived together for two years. They finally got married and lived happily ever after.

F. And you? What did you do over the weekend? Did you go to a party Did you wear a costume? Have you been to State Street? Write 5-7 sentences over your weekend.

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