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Cooking with Leni Yummy
Do you like to prepare a treat yourself for your dog? Then come over and cook with Leni Lecker from Vegan4Dogs the Leni Tasty Dog Fury. Your dog will love her.

From the field to the plate, a lot of food is wasted and landed, instead of food in our stomachs, as waste in the bin. This has devastating effects on the environment, animals and humans. Each of us can help counteract this. What are our food worth? In the workshop of the Zero Waste e.V. we deal with the topic of food waste and develop together ways and perspectives, how we can come to a more sustainable handling of food.

with Malte Clear
The following questions are discussed in the workshop:
– How can I bring more friendly serenity into my stressful everyday life with simple mindfulness exercises? meditation
– How well are the ten pillars of my self-care?
How can I handle stress, anxiety, powerlessness, anger or self-criticism well?
We want to try out and discuss specific answers to these questions.

Speakers: Malte works as a psychotherapist and is a volunteer at #psychologistsforfuture as a coach for environmental activists.

Raw almond almond puree, an important source of fat. Basic muesli

Learn the basics to make a real fermented vegan Camembert yourself – with tasting! From cashews to perfect maturation, in this workshop we explain how easy it is to make your own vegan cheese at home

Disposable nation Germany. Stinginess is cool. Food for the barrel.

In Germany, 18 million tons of food ends up in waste every year. 40% in private households. This entails enormous ecological consequential costs. Why do we Germans spend more money on engine oil than on cooking oil? What is the situation in the rest of Europe? Above all, what can we do about it?

Appreciation begins with knowledge. The better we understand the meaning and origin of our food, the less frivolous we will spoil it.

Cook, author and activist Sophia Hoffmann deals with it in her new book “Zero Waste Küche” and explains. Myth-bashing, eco-balance and practical everyday tips.

Flavio Giusti is the first Vegan Youtuber in Brazil (more than 16 million views). He created the VegetariRANGO, on YouTube channel with more than 320K followers. For more than 26 years without eating meat, he now presents his food in a funny way, showing people that cooking vegan food.

Learn to cook with ANYTHING and stop foodwaste in your home

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