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The organisation aims to enable children and young people in need to have a childhood and youth that is suitable for them and to accompany them through the transition to self-sufficiency and independence. Children and adolescents can stay temporarily in the organisation’s premises or simply join in during the day for homework supervision and various workshops. In the long term, the organisation would like to support the children and young people in catching up on part of their school education, reintegrating into their family or building up their own lives.

Your job

You will support the local team in a variety of work areas, with tasks ranging from homework supervision, leisure activities and workshops for children, teenagers and adults to office work, housekeeping tasks and support on the house’s own rice field. Of course, you can use your individual interests and skills on the spot and bring them to bear in the various areas, as well as tackle wherever support is needed.


Together with another World-Horizon volunteer and some short-term volunteers you will live in a shared flat on the premises of the organization in rural Quezon. From your location you will be at the seaside by car in about one hour and in the next bigger city. It will take you about 3 hours to Manila. Besides your ministry you will find enough time to explore the diversity of the Philippines and check off some of the 7107 islands on your bucket list.

Deployment Blog Asia

Latest news & stories from our local volunteers via Facebook

“Karaoke is an activity very much loved by the Filipinos and us. On our mid-term seminar, we were singing Karaoke almost every night. Without these sessions, the seminar would have only been half as much fun.

Apart from discussing the ups and downs our volunteers experienced in the last few months and understanding cultural differences, we snorkelled, swam with sea turtles and cooked many hot curry dishes. Altogether, we really had an amazing time. ”

Sophie, Program Director Philippines March 22, 2019

Christmas around the world

“Pasko sa Pilipinas (Christmas in the Philippines) The Philippines celebrate Christmas the longest time of the whole world. From September to January- four months of decorated malls, gift hunting and Christmas feelings. Although this may seem very long, it did remind me of the most important reason for Christmas: spending time with your loved and closest ones.

Closer to Christmas, some people here go to the church for the Simbang Gabi (Holy Mass). And Christmas Eve, as I am invited to a friend’s family, I am so lucky to get to experience the ‘Noche Buena’, the popular midnight Christmas dinner! Experiencing Christmas in the Philippines was incredible!”

Vanessa, Manila January 7, 2019

“A rainy afternoon in Manila. It’s been a little more than six weeks since my arrival on the Philippines and since I started volunteering at the Children Legal Rights and Development Centre. On this photo, we are preparing a group activity for the children, which is to help them understand and recognize their legal rights. My time on the Philippines is great!”

Vanessa, Manila 18 October 2018

“Much of the furniture at our school is old and broken, but it is not as simple as just walking into a furniture shop and buying replacements.

So, I started looking for alternatives and very quickly I realized: bamboo! Bamboo is everywhere around the school! But without proper tools it would only help us building wobbly chairs and crooked desks. I made a call for donations and was more than happy about how much awareness and interest we raised. So within a very short time, we were able to buy tools and machines and are now in the midst of building plans for our bamboo furniture work shop!”

Carla, Chiang May 5 September 2018

“45 days left on the Philippines. The days become less and less. Many people ask me whether I am looking forward to go back home or whether I’d prefer to stay longer. To this question, I never have an answer. The year on the Philippines has definitely been the most challenging year in my life, that is without a question. But the Philippines also became my second home. I got used to be woken up early in the morning by the noisy traffic outside, to walk through the dusty streets, to be stared at for being blonde, to be surprised by the weather, to use llongo language, to eat rice every day and so on. So, yes of course I am excited to go back home. But also will I miss my life here very much. The day of my departure is coming regardless, so I am simply making the best out of the time I have left on the Philippines. “

Simona, Bacolod July 15, 2018

“I would like to tell you about a project which started with a simple question to the students.

“How many continents do we have in the world?” Helpless faces looked at me. So I asked: “Where is Thailand?” Helpless faces again. “Where is Asia?” Finally some arms raised up and a student pointed at Africa and said: “This is Asia”.

This got me to think and a little later I had the idea of drawing a big world map on the wall for the students! I shared my idea with Kruh Ning and already on the very same day, we planned the first steps. There I was, in front of a white wall, in my hand an old world map and pencil and didn’t know where to start. But after a few days, Kruh Ning and me finished and the result was a huge world map that stretched all over the wall. Wow, we actually made it! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!”

Carla, Nong Khai May 14, 2018

“There is a small orphanage in Nong Khai, which I visit, whenever I find some free time. The four women working there are doing the best they can, to provide a home for the children. Yasmir is five years old and suffers from an attention deficit disorder and is unable to speak. He loves to dress up as on the picture, on which he is wearing my huge coat, a mopet helmet he found and carrying an umbrella with him. And just like this, he is walking up and down the courtyard, as if it is the most usual thing on the world.”

Carla, Nong Khai March 29, 2018

Hello from Thailand!

The volunteers from Thailand, the Philippines and me got together here for our mid-term seminar. After a long day full of presentations and great successes, we all went out for a delicious Thai dinner together.

Paul, World Horizon Program Director Asia March 14, 2018

“Everyday, we are organising many different and great activities with the children and teens, but the ones I enjoy most are definitely the creative ones. The kids have great ideas and are incredibly creative, so recently we tie-dyed t-shirts together. We had a lot of fun and in addition to that everyone of us is now a very proud owner of a self made batik-style shirt.”

Simona, Bacolod February 12, 2018

New Year’s around the world

“Happy new year! To celebrate the end of the year, all schools in Thailand make a huge celebration with lots of gifts and food. We volunteers had the idea to make some pancakes with our students. From pineapple, jam, cinnamon, chocolate spread to cheese, ham and tomoatoes. The choice of toppings has not been easy. So I asked the first student “which toppings would you like on your pancake?”, he then pointed to the pineapple and cheese. But for the perfect finishing, he chose the chocolate spread! What a combination! This day has been a lot of fun and we discovered the most exotic topping combinations for pancakes- sweet, salty, spicy or sour. Everything has been mixed! Bon appetit and a happy new year!”

Carla, Nong Khai January 9, 2018

Christmas around the world

“Palms and a swimming pool for Christmas instead of snow and a Christmas tree. This photo shows the Christmas celebrations of the Kalipay Negrense family. And of course, very typical for the Philippines, a lot of food.”

Simona, Bacolod 28 December 2017

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