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Wrinkle treatment – naturally looking younger

Wrinkle treatment can help you feel good in your own body as human skin loses its elasticity with age. From the age of 30, cell division and the body‘s own production of collagen and hyaluron decrease with the result that the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. This natural process is particularly noticeable on the face, neck and décolleté. It comes to wrinkling, primarily in the area of ​​the forehead, the eye area and the cheeks. Environmental influences, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption accelerate the aging process of the skin, but also intense and frequent sunbathing add to the skin. Anti-wrinkle creams can provide only a small remedy and do not achieve the desired success.

If you would like to further increase your attractiveness through a more vital complexion, our experienced specialist Dr. med. Nilius Your trustworthy and competent partner. Because disturbing wrinkles and sunken scars can be corrected with gentle and proven procedures. We will inform you about the various methods of wrinkle treatment while keeping an eye on your natural beauty so you can soon enjoy a fresher look.

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Radiesse ®

Autologous fat treatment

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Hyaluronic acid, Radiesse ® and autologous fat: treat wrinkles individually

In our clinic we offer different methods of wrinkle treatment. Depending on your individual wishes, but also on the type and depth of wrinkles, we determine the optimal therapy for you. For example, with the injection of hyaluronic acid, we counteract age-related dehydration so that the skin regains its volume. Wrinkles can also be smoothed out with the filler Radiesse ®, a gel with small components of calcium hydroxyapatite. This degradable substance, which occurs in a similar form in the human body, is usually very well tolerated and will be injected directly into the skin fold. For the treatment of larger areas, the therapy with autologous fat has been proven. In the process, fat cells are taken from you, compacted and then injected into the wrinkles as a dermal filler. Our team around Dr. med. Nilius is at your side during the entire treatment of wrinkles in our bright rooms. So you always have the opportunity to confide in us. We do our best and create the highest level of transparency, expertise and empathy in an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.

Wrinkle treatment – combining gentle procedures for an optimal result

To meet your expectations of a wrinkle-free and beautiful face, botulinum toxin A, also known under the trade name Botox, is sometimes useful. Because for a perfect result, sometimes a combination of different preparations is recommended. For example, a Radiesse® treatment can be supplemented with a so-called vampire lift. The plasma obtained from your own blood promotes the formation of new collagen after the injection.

As a result, the skin regenerates. As part of the profile correction, a supportive or final Mesotherapy offers to improve the skin structure in the long term. Make an appointment for a consultation in our clinic Nilius, because only with a precise impression of your skin, it is possible to advise you individually and precisely regarding your wishes. We are happy to answer all your questions in a joint discussion and determine the most pleasant and best wrinkle treatment for you – because with us you are in the center.

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