Writing babies wear – comfort and relaxation

Wear writing-babies – comfort and relaxation

Wear writing-babies – comfort and relaxation

If the baby screams and shouts, it can be a real challenge for the parents. But not every child who screams too much is by definition a writing baby. That is, according to the so-called “rule of three”, the baby cries for at least 3 hours a day for at least 3 consecutive days per week for a period of at least 3 weeks.

But regardless of whether the baby is a “real” writing baby or simply weeping or crying too much by your standards, there are some ways to help the troubled child and its parents. Wearing a baby carrier.

There are fewer writing labs in Asia and South America

Interesting in this context is a look at other continents. Do you know the phenomenon of the writing baby there as well? Yes and no. In Asia and South America, for example, the term writing baby is largely unknown. That could have several reasons. For example, it seems that parents of some cultures have a better gift of empathizing with their child. In addition, it is common for indigenous peoples that a child grows up in a family. That means, mother and father are not on their own with the newborn, but get support of the other, already experienced generations.

But there is another aspect, why in some cultures the subject writing baby is not a problem: the children naturally have much more skin contact with their parents. They are carried around and thus always enjoy the physical proximity. What does that suggest? That just babies who cry a lot, become calmer when they are born.

Body contact is important when the baby is crying

Contrary to the assumption that a screaming baby needs distraction, toys or basically food, it is much more important for babies to have enough body contact. Unfortunately, many parents still fear that they may spoil their baby. A worry that is typically German and also established by National Socialism. Proximity and physical contact can never be enough for a baby. So there can be no talk of pampering here. Fortunately, the baby has been wearing more and more for several years now.

Today, it is known that wearing with every baby – not just writing babies – provides support and security and also supports the mental and physical development of the child.

Wear as a basic need – the human being as a carrier

Carrying, one must not forget, is a basic need of the human infant, because he is a veritable bearer – just like koala bears, monkeys and kangaroos.

Your baby will not be pampered when you carry it, but you will only be able to meet his natural need. You make sure it feels safe and secure and not only boosts your self-confidence, but also the parent-child bond.

Why wearing so comforting is

Why is carrying babies so important? There are simple reasons for that. Imagine that the baby is in the mother‘s womb for 6 months or 40 weeks, where it is not only tight and warm, but where it swings constantly and it hears all kinds of noises of the mother (from the heartbeat to the noise of the blood to digestive sounds). Then it quickly becomes clear that babies, when they are born, at first seem rather lost.

Theories say that human babies are born far too early and immature. Precisely for this reason, it is important to try to provide babies with security by simplifying their start and restoring the conditions that prevailed in the abdomen: it was tight, warm, cuddly and rocked. So what could be more natural than carrying the baby in a cloth on his body? How reassuring the wearing effect, everyone can quickly determine. Babies who scream and are tied in a cloth or other carrier usually calm down immediately when they go round with them.

Cry baby? Wear, wear, wear

If babies are restless, falling asleep, whining, or screaming, a baby carrier or other baby carrier is worth the price. Although the wearing in the long run can be quite exhausting. With a really good carrying aid, however, wearing over several hours is usually possible without tension and back pain.

By the way, not only cry children and restless children want to be carried a lot. Even babies, who generally make a satisfied and “easy-care” impression, profit from it, if mom or dad carry them.

Thanks to my 15 years as a self-employed support consultant, I can draw on in-depth knowledge. I would like to share this with you here.

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