Writing children’s books – instructions and tips

Reading time: 2 minutes If you want to write a children’s book, you not only need a lot of creativity, but also time and, above all, patience. After all, most books cannot be written within a few hours. Children’s books in particular should be very demanding. Because small readers attach great importance to the fact that they really like the writing.

Writing children’s books – instructions and tips

Finding the right topic is vital for success here. But let’s get straight to the point: As an author, you won’t get rich in today’s world.

If you want to write as a children’s book and hope that you will never have to work again, you will certainly be disappointed. It is certainly not impossible to land a bestseller with a children’s book, but it is also not that easy.

The time factor is crucial

A good children’s book cannot be written in a short time. You should also plan a longer period here. Especially if the book is a long story. Picture stories with little text can certainly be realized much faster. But then the illustration of the pictures takes a corresponding amount of time. The right idea for a children’s book is not so easy to find.

Because there are already a lot of children’s books on the market. When looking for a suitable topic, it can help to simply look at other children’s books. For example, a visit to the library or a book store is very useful. However, you should avoid copying ideas 1: 1. Sometimes it may also be necessary to do the research for a children’s book. After all, the facts should already have a hand in a book for children.

Suitable topics for children

Children love being able to immerse themselves in other worlds. For this reason, fairy tales or stories with other fantastic beings and worlds are always a very good option for a children’s book. As an example, Harry Potter can of course also be mentioned here. Of course, this is not just a children’s book.

Furthermore, topics that concern children can be packed into a children’s book. Like the divorce of parents. A very good example of such a book is “Der Small and the beast". Children also want to get clear explanations of unsightly things in life.

Publisher or not

Once the children’s book is ready, the next question is whether a publisher needs to be found or not. Nowadays, books can also be easily marketed as eBooks on the Internet. In this case, a publisher is not absolutely necessary. However, there is also no option to sell the books in a bookshop.

Unless you invest in the printing and other costs yourself. But there are also publishers who are always looking for new authors and books. Very good children’s books are particularly sought after. So there are already ways to sell your own children’s book accordingly.

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