Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experiences – test 2020

Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experiences & Test 2020

A beautiful smile is worth a lot and often makes a person more attractive by a few numbers. It is a pity, however, that the cost of dental treatment has increased enormously in recent years and that statutory health insurance only covers a fraction of these costs for insurers. So what to do? The simplest answer to this question can be found in dental supplement insurance, such as that offered by Wüstenrot. With such an insurance policy, insured persons can look forward to their next visit to the dentist in a relaxed manner, because a large part of all costs are borne in this way. Our Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experiences also show that different tariffs are offered for this insurance and there should therefore be something suitable for every policyholder.

This is the dental supplement insurance

Those who pay special attention to their mouths and teeth no longer rely solely on statutory health insurance these days. Although this covers part of the costs, in practice this part is usually very small. In addition, the best materials are not used, for example to fill broken teeth with a new filling. In short: the optimum performance is not brought out. And to make matters worse, the policyholders have to cover a horrendous part of the costs themselves. The situation is different with supplementary dental insurance, because with such insurance the majority of the dentist’s costs remain with the insurer. moreover of course, policyholders benefit from significantly more extensive benefits, that would not be possible in the statutory health insurance.

A basic distinction is made between two models of dental supplement insurance. If this is offered according to the type of damage insurance, policyholders can calculate a lower premium in younger years. However, the contribution increases with age, so this should be taken into account when the contract is concluded. It is different with supplementary dental insurance according to the type of life insurance. Policyholders pay a little more here when they are young, but can look forward to reduced premiums in old age.

The dental supplement insurance of Wüstenrot in the test

If you want to take out additional dental insurance with Wüstenrot, you can choose between three different tariffs. In principle, these all include the same services, but differ significantly in their scope. The lowest tariff in the lineup is included the "ZahnKompakt" tariff. Here, 50 percent of the costs for dentures are borne by the insurer, whereby the statutory benefits are already included. The same applies to inlays and implants, where 50 percent are also taken over by the Württembergische. Ceramic veneers can be set to the last tooth, and the insurer bears 100 percent of the costs for a composite filling. Important According to our Württembergische Zahnzusatzversicherung experience, it may also be the case that functional therapy services, including statutory services, are taken over in this tariff at 50 percent. The insurer bears all balancing benefits. With the cost of dental prophylaxis, according to our Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experience, attention should be paid to the period of use. A maximum of 200 euros will be taken over within two years – in all three offered tariffs.

Dental supplementary insurance can be found in the “Health & Maintenance".

The insurer’s services are somewhat more extensive "Dental comfort" tariff, wherever 70 percent of the treatment costs are covered. Specifically, this means: For dentures, inlays, implants and functional therapy services the insurer bears 70 percent of the costs, including the benefits of the statutory health insurance. Control benefits and composite filling are also borne 100 percent by the insurer, the cost coverage of the prophylaxis also remains the same as in the "ZahnKompakt" tariff. The benefits of the insurer can be increased even further by the "ZahnPremium" tariff. This offers a 90 percent assumption of costs and can therefore be described as the most extensive tariff in the Württembergische portfolio. All other services, such as the setting of ceramic veneers, remain identical to the other two tariffs.

Prices & Costs: How expensive is the Wüstenrot dental supplement insurance?

In order to get an overview of the costs of the insurance, an offer must be requested or an appointment made with an advisor. Prices are not mentioned on the website, although this is extremely difficult to do from the Group’s perspective. So only examples could be hinted at, after all the exact cost depends on several factors. On the one hand, the age of the policyholder plays an important role, on the other hand, according to our Württembergische Zahnzusatzversicherung experiences, the desired benefits are also crucial. In addition to the different tariffs, there are, for example, various extras and additional options with which the protection can be extended. If this is done, there will of course be higher costs for these services. In this respect, it is advisable to have the price information sent to you once in order to be clear about this. A little shame: A contribution calculator, as can be found with one or the other competitor, is not available here.

safety & Seriousness: The desert red is serious?

A good and reliable dental supplementary insurance can of course only be offered where serious and honest work is done. It is all the more interesting to take a look at the seriousness of the provider in the Wüstenrot dental supplement insurance test. Fortunately, you can discover several clues that indicate a reliable and honorable company. First, it is a German Company based in Stuttgart, which must therefore also follow all German laws and rules. This promises a high level of security for policyholders, after all, the laws of the Federal Republic are anything but lax. In addition, Wüstenrot is not a young and inconspicuous company, but a traditional company. The current joint-stock company was founded in 1999. In the meantime, Württembergische has been working successfully in its industry for 18 years and has established a first-class reputation. So there is no need to worry, especially since additional protective measures are also taken. If, for example, the policyholder enters contact information on the Group’s website, this will be done using a SSL encryption defaced and cannot be stolen by criminals.

Additional offers at a glance: This is how dental supplement insurance is supplemented

Anyone who has already looked at the offers and services of Signal Iduna or HUK-Coburg will probably have come across some additional extras and options. And even with a tariff at Wüstenrot, it is far from all about supplementary dental insurance, because the offer can be expanded by various aspects. These are filled in before the application is submitted, so that policyholders receive a suitable offer right from the start. According to our Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experience, additional extras include stationary additional insurance and daily hospital allowance. With the daily hospital allowance, a desired amount is easily determined, because the insured receive hospitalization for every day. Other extras are also possible, such as the assumption of costs for visual aids, the alternative practitioner or for medication. in short: Supplementary dental insurance can be supplemented with almost all private health insurance benefits.

Instructions: How to apply for the Wüstenrot dental supplement insurance

The way to your own offer for the Wüstenrot dental supplement insurance is short. The future policyholders do not have to take any unnecessary steps, but will get their individual offer within a very short time. In the following, our instructions show in detail how exactly the way to get there:

  1. Check offers: Thanks to the good overview on the product page, the differences between the individual tariffs can be found quickly. However, the “study” of the offers should never be neglected, because this is the only way to actually find the best offer for your own needs.
  2. Get an offer: With a click on the button "Request offer now!" Interested parties come to the application form. The various data must now be entered here, at the same time the contact path for the offer is determined. There is a choice of postal contact and a conversation with a Wüttembergische consultant.
  3. confirm an offer: After receipt, the contract documents only have to be read and signed and sent back to the insurer. As soon as this has been done, an insurance confirmation will be sent to the policyholder immediately.

When applying, you can choose between a consultant and the postal route

Customer support and service: Insured persons are always given helpful advice

The insurer left a convincing idea in our Württembergische Zahnzusatzversicherung test report in the area of ​​customer care. For example, a FAQ section can be found directly on the website, in which the most common questions from policyholders can be found and be answered right away. With just a few clicks, it is possible to get a comprehensive impression of the portfolio. In addition to the appointment with a consultant, there is also a live chat, which also provides the answer to your own question within a very short time. However, the e-mail takes a little longer, but it can also be sent around the clock. After our Wüstenrot dental supplementary insurance experience, contact with the customer is rounded off by a telephone hotline, which can be used from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.. gratifying: Which channel the policyholders ultimately choose is entirely up to them. The advice is equally convincing in all cases and can score with competence and a certain degree of friendliness.

Württembergische in check: The portfolio still offers that

In addition to dental insurance, Wüttembergische also offers other insurance products with which policyholders can fully insure themselves. The portfolio is divided into an area for private customers and an area for corporate customers. In the area of ​​corporate customer care, for example, Wüstenrot offers Industry solutions for specific industries, provision for the operation or management of business assets. The area of ​​private customer care is also subdivided and offers next to the Health insurance also includes motor insurance, legal expenses insurance, old-age provision, accident insurance or real estate insurance. Of course, there are countless other products on offer, so a look at the Group’s website is always recommended.

Prizes and awards: Wüstenrot has already been awarded?

Wüstenrot places great emphasis on its own home savings products and is undoubtedly extremely successful with them. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that have been given by many independent testers. The Dental supplementary insurance has not yet received any awards, but of course it doesn’t have to be that way forever. But if you are still interested in the other products, you will find very interesting awards here. Building savings, for example, were chosen as the test winners in the “Focus Money” test. In addition, construction finance was also able to secure an “FMH Award” as “top construction financier”.

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