Year abroad English: learn English in a gap year!

Year abroad English: learn English in a gap year!

Foreign year for English

If you really want to learn the language, you should not miss out on learning English in a year abroad. You can choose from a variety of programs to learn English. Take the opportunity and learn English together with our team of friendly and experienced lessons during a year abroad, such as New York, London, Sydney or many other fascinating places worldwide.

Opportunities for your English year abroad

For a year abroad to learn English or to improve already existing knowledge, we can offer you a wide range of programs. Which is the best deal for you depends on a variety of factors. We offer courses for different age groups, varying in duration, location and focus. For example, you can opt for a Business English course, or choose the preparatory course for an internationally recognized language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. There is also a student exchange or semester abroad to choose from.

If you want to learn English during your year abroad, you will first have to choose your destination. Do you want to improve your language skills in Miami a stone’s throw from the beach, or rather get some academic air in the historic streets of the prestigious university city of Oxford? Maybe you always wanted to combine a year abroad with a safari through the exotic national parks of South Africa or experience the multicultural Singapore up close?

Here are some of the most popular destinations where you can learn English during your year abroad:

Choose your age group

EF language year

A language stay with fixed start dates and classes that guarantees fluent language skills and immersion in new cultures.

EF High School Exchange Year

Learn abroad at a high school with native speakers and experience the culture of the host country.

EF Language Travel

Take the first step towards self-employment and attend a language course at an EF school abroad.

EF Language Travel

Learn successfully from one of 12 languages ​​at 54 accredited EF schools abroad. The course starts every Monday.

Cultural Care Au Pair

Experience the American dream as an au pair with a host family – including accommodation, food, flight & pocket money!

EF Academy

Visit a boarding school abroad and learn together with students from more than 75 nationalities in grades 8 to 12.

Hult International Business School

Study Business Administration at Hult, an independent, award-winning university with study locations around the world.

Your year abroad: English as a career opportunity

Although English does not have the most native speakers, it is the second most popular language. Thus, it gives you many advantages, especially in the business and working world, to have learned English during the year abroad. More and more employers are looking for employees who can speak English in meetings with international colleagues or business partners.

As the teams in many large companies are often mixed, in such a working environment you benefit from intercultural skills that you acquired while studying English during the year abroad. Spending time abroad will open the doors to your dream career. The English skills you acquire there will be in demand later on in your job as well as studying abroad.

And even in private, English is a practical communication option in everyday life: Whether you want to order something in the café during your vacation, want to read on the Internet on social networks posts on certain topics or in your hometown suddenly ask someone in English for the way, You can use the language always and everywhere. With EF, you have a unique opportunity to add English to your list of competencies during the year abroad.

Improving English abroad helps personal development

In addition to the professional advantages, learning English during the year abroad is also helpful in developing social skills. You will communicate daily with people from all over the world in the foreign language. Getting rid of it is a challenge, but thanks to the relaxed atmosphere and the sense of community in the EF schools, you’ll quickly get rid of your initial insecurity. Mastering such a challenge will help you to become more confident and, in addition to cosmopolitanism, it will strengthen your sense of responsibility.

Why study English during the year abroad??

Doing a year abroad to learn or improve English is not just a learning but also a cultural experience. In addition to international language learners from all over the world, you spend your time with the local locals.

As a result, you are immersed not only in the foreign language, but also in the customs and peculiarities of native speakers’ culture. Depending on where your English year abroad takes you, you will get to know different accents, vocabulary, traditions and mentalities. Such an experience is a tremendous asset to your career ladder and private life.

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