Year abroad italy: experience with ef a year abroad in italy!

Year abroad italy: experience with ef a year abroad in italy!

Year abroad Italy

A year abroad in Italy is the adventure of your life! While you perfect your knowledge of Italian, there is still plenty of time to develop your interests. No matter if art, fashion or history – from our versatile offer in Italy you design your personal year abroad.

It does not matter if you want to take part in a student exchange in Italy in a year abroad, if you need a break after graduating from high school or university, or if you want to add an impressive point to your CV before applying for jobs: We have the right program for you you.

With the individual course options you can design our offers according to your wishes. Whether you want to do an internship abroad or want to take a summer language course during the holidays, you can improve your language skills and achieve your learning goals in a year abroad in Italy!

Your year abroad in Italy at our EF school

You spend your year abroad in Italy in the school located in a beautiful old building, which is located in the center of the Italian capital Rome. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with the latest learning technologies. The library offers a pleasant learning environment, while the cozy student lounge invites you to mix with your new classmates.

So you quickly make new friendships that will make your year abroad in Italy a unique experience. During your stay in Italy, you will also make contact with different people from all over the world in the host family or our EF Residence. Whether you start your year abroad in Italy as a student, student or adult, the memories of your time there will fill you with life for a lifetime.

Choose your age group

EF language year

A language stay with fixed start dates and classes that guarantees fluent language skills and immersion in new cultures.

EF Language Travel

Take the first step towards self-employment and attend a language course at an EF school abroad.

EF Language Travel

Learn successfully from one of 12 languages ​​at 54 accredited EF schools abroad. The course starts every Monday.

Explore Italy for a year abroad!

Its central location in Rome, one of the most exciting cities in Europe, gives you countless opportunities to spend your year abroad in Italy as well as learning to explore. Here you dive fully into the “dolce vita” and the lively mentality of Italy. You will be working on your knowledge of Italian just a few meters from the imposing Pantheon and the world-famous Trevi Fountain.

Between lessons, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the local cafés and restaurants, or learn more about the history of the “Eternal City” on a guided tour of the Coliseum. Pose photos with your new friends that will remind you of your Italian year abroad throughout your life. Stroll together through the picturesque streets of Rome and use the free time to watch the passing people with a gelato in hand on one of the busy squares.

The Tiber River and the historic Ponte Sisto are also within walking distance of our EF school. You will also have the opportunity to get to know Italy outside the walls of Rome during your year abroad – for example with a trip to nearby cities such as Florence or to the coast, which is only a one-hour train ride from the center of Rome.

Learn the language in Italy year abroad

A year abroad in Italy to learn the language offers you enough time to learn to speak Italian almost fluently. Even if you start as an absolute beginner, you’ll make huge strides within weeks, because studying abroad is the quickest way to learn a language.

You will receive quality language instruction from our team of experienced teachers who work with you to tailor the teaching program to you. You learn at your own pace in your year abroad in Italy, with the help of caregivers who help you achieve your goals and have a fantastic time.

Year abroad Italy: How much can I improve??

During a year abroad in Italy, your language skills will improve so much that you will hardly believe it. Studying abroad is a challenge that is worthwhile and, moreover, a unique experience. How much progress you make in the year depends on you, your current language skills, and how quickly you learn.

With hard work and dedication, it is possible to speak Italian fluently in Italy at the end of your year abroad. Fluent means that you will be able to conduct complex conversations and read and write Italian at a high level. It will not be easy, but in the year abroad, Italy, we help students, students or professionals reach their goal step by step.

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