Year abroad korea: make a year abroad in seoul with ef!

Year abroad korea: make a year abroad in seoul with ef!

Year abroad Korea

South Korea is one of the most exciting and fascinating countries in Asia. A year abroad in Seoul is the best way to discover South Korea, experience Korean culture up close and learn the Korean language. If you choose EF for a year abroad in South Korea, you’ll learn Korean together with students from around the world in the heart of the trendy Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul.

Discover South Korea during an EF year abroad in Seoul

Our brand new language school is located in the Kyobo Towers in Gangnam, surrounded by numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. The EF School also has excellent access to public transport, making it the ideal base for your exploration of Seoul and South Korea. Learn more about the local art and music scene during your year abroad in Korea and be inspired by the innovative trends of this vibrant city.

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Opportunities for a year abroad in South Korea

In order to meet different interests and needs, we offer various options for a year abroad in Korea. Whether you want to visit our school in Seoul for an entire year, whether you are looking for a shorter student exchange in South Korea, or spend a semester abroad in Korea as part of your studies, EF is sure to find the right program for your year abroad in Korea.

Discover Korea for a year abroad

If you really want to learn Korean, an academic year abroad in South Korea is the right choice for you. During your 9 to 11-month stay in Seoul you will deepen and improve your Korean knowledge. At our language school you will be taught the latest learning technologies by native-speaker teachers and individually assisted in learning the language. EF also gives you the opportunity to choose between different topics for your course. Specialize in reading and writing skills, language skills and listening skills, the Korean alphabet or K-pop and K-drama during your year abroad in Seoul. Of course, the sightseeing during your year abroad is not too short! Take part in organized weekend getaways and discover not only Seoul, but also the many other cities South Korea has to offer.

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