Yellow teeth in children – toddlers

Yellow teeth in children & toddlers

Not only adult people have yellow teeth, children have one too

Discoloration of the teeth is not uncommon. In children, almost all classic causes of discoloration can be excluded. They don’t consume nicotine, red wine, coffee or tea – and yet their little teeth sometimes change color.

In these cases, dentists usually calm down, because it is mostly just a yellowish plaque. I would like to explain more about this in the following sections!

Yellow teeth and adolescent medicine: no whitening!

Even if that Milk teeth still bright white – As soon as the permanent teeth in children break, it can happen that these Teeth stained yellow are.

Children’s teeth have the same structure as adult teeth, but they must not be treated equally!

Professional bleaching at the dentist is therefore out of the question for children, just like home bleaching!

Sometimes a little patience helps

As a rule, it is enough if you are just a little patient and let your offspring get bigger. As a rule, the disappears yellowish coating then by itself!

Children’s teeth: what else you should know

Teeth of young children are allowed only with a special children’s toothpaste be cleaned,

because enamel is still very sensitive at a young age. You should also pay attention to good quality with the toothbrush. Here are some good models for electric toothbrushes.

For example, an Elmex children’s toothpaste containing fluoride can be used later. Parents should not use whitening toothpastes in children.

Yellow teeth are healthy teeth

Children who are given fluoride tablets as babies will have strong and firm teeth in later years. In some Scandinavian countries, fluoride is even added to drinking water to reduce the risk in children To promote bone building and the Strengthen teeth.

All parents who are concerned about their children’s yellow teeth and maybe even play with the idea of ​​having their son or daughter’s teeth whitened can rest easy because Children who have yellow teeth have healthy teeth!

Scientists have found and also demonstrated in studies that very white teeth are not necessarily healthy teeth, Because white teeth are brittle on the one hand, the enamel is more sensitive and thus the beautiful white teeth are also much more susceptible to tooth decay.


Yellow teeth in children are not a flaw, but parents should always make sure that the teeth are brushed regularly and, above all, properly and are therefore always well-groomed and healthy!

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