Yoga in yoga vidya stadtcentrum ostrhauderfehn

Yoga in yoga vidya stadtcentrum ostrhauderfehn

Yoga school Hanuman in Ostrhauderfehn

Welcome to the yoga school Hanuman in Ostrhauderfehn

Training as a yoga teacher.

Hartelijk welkom bij Yogaschool Hanuman te Ostrhauderfehn (Ostfr.),

Yoga cursussen, meditatie cursussen, spiritual counseling, life coaching, yogadocent opleiding.

Hanuman (the Monkey God) is considered the embodiment of righteousness, he is a true karma yogi who acted dynamically and powerfully without expectations.

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Hatha Yoga classes from October 2019

Prices in the second half of 2019 started in mid-August and end in October. You can find new courses here.

from 28.10.2019 to 02.12.2019 from 20:10 to 21:25

6 dates / 55,00 Euro meditation

Hatha Yoga for experienced people on early Thursday evening

24.10.2019 to 19.12.2019, from 18:30 to 20:00

8 dates / € 80.00 intermediate level

Hatha Yoga for the experienced late Thursday evening

24.10.2019 to 19.12.2019, from 20:10 to 21:40

8 dates / 80,00 € gentle intermediate level

Gentle middle school on Friday morning

01.11.2019 to 20.12.2019, from 09:30 to 11:00

8 dates / 80,00 € gentle intermediate level

Hatha Yoga for experienced people on Friday

01.11.2019 to 20.12.2019, from 17:30 to 19:00

8 dates / 80,00 € gentle intermediate level

Hatha Yoga – beginners and returnees

01.11.2019 to 20.12.2019, from 19:10 to 20:40

8 dates / 80,00 € beginner

Yoga beginner courses are usually funded by the health insurance companies!

Registration via ostrhauderfehn (at), registration button or WhatsApp


Yoga and Meditation Courses 2019

When do I have to pay my course??

The course fee must be paid on the first course date. You pay at the end of the first lesson and can decide if you want to attend the course. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Hatha Yoga basic courses and re-entry courses, courses for autogenic training and PMR (basic courses) are usually funded by your health insurance.

If you have an AOK voucher, please inquire with us beforehand, if the voucher for the course you want to prove can be accepted by us.

Registration via ostrhauderfehn (at), registration button or WhatsApp


Workshops Autumn 2019

Workshop in Leer

Gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra (sleep of the yogi) with affirmations

In this workshop, you’ll practice a gentle, intermediate level yoga class and finish off with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a special relaxation technique that can lead you to more body awareness, mindfulness and spiritual experiences.

Requirements: You did a beginner’s yoga class.

On Saturday the 09.11.2019 from 16.15 -18.15 in Leer / 17,00 €

Workshop in Ostrhauderfehn

108 Sun Greetings and Asanas – Variations

On this Saturday, practice 108 sun greetings with slight variations, followed by the basic Yoga – Vidya series.

Prerequisites: You regularly practice yoga at home or are in a middle school course.

On Saturday, the 14.09.2019 from 10.00- 12.30 in Ofehn / 22,00 €

Meditation meeting 2019

For experienced yogis / yogis and yoga teachers

in Ostrhauderfehn, Saturdays from 9.00 – 14.00 / 45.00 Euro

At these meetings various meditation techniques are presented and intensively practiced. Each appointment has a self-contained theme:

Meditations from the Raja Yoga – mental training and mind control

on Saturday, 19.01.2019

Hatha Yoga Meditations – Meditation Techniques of Hatha Yoga Pradipika

on Saturday, 16.03.2019

Bhakti Yoga Meditations – Yoga of Love and Devotion to the Divine –

on Saturday, 25.05.2019

Meditations from Karma Yoga – Yoga of the Act without clinging to your own self

on Saturday, 31.08.2019

Kundalini Yoga Meditations – Yoga to increase the life energy

On Saturday, 02.11.2019

Meditations from Jnana Yoga – Yoga of Knowledge and Knowledge

on Saturday, 07.12.2019

Registration via ostrhauderfehn (at), registration button or WhatsApp


Yoga class for beginners

What is yoga and why should you even do yoga??

Yoga – for many people that is a kind of healthy gymnastics, which at some point came from India to the USA and to Europe. For many people, the first contact with yoga comes about physical complaints. | more

Yoga Intermediate

You have reached the yoga intermediate level and you are already a real yogi; Yoga has probably become an integral part of your life.

In the intermediate level, you practice the Yoga Vidya basic series, also with variations, practicing Pranayama regularly and ideally meditating at home and / or in your Yoga Vidya Yoga Center place name. | more

Yoga for advanced

Many yoga practitioners are already advanced, but do not dare to do advanced lessons because they are afraid of not meeting the requirements. You can, however, quietly attend the advanced yoga classes, as there are always alternatives offered. | more

Yoga for pregnant women

Mother-child yoga as optimal accompaniment during pregnancy

You’re pregnant? Congratulations! Surely you are looking forward to this exciting time in your life – and maybe you are also asking yourself what you can do to keep you and your child alive and well during this time.
Yoga for pregnant women is a way to help you maintain your balance and stay in the midst of the great physical and hormonal changes that can sometimes bring about mood swings. But yoga for pregnant women causes much more; the amazing effects of yoga on pregnant women are now scientifically proven through studies | more

Meditation – Our courses

All great spiritual traditions know the breathing meditation, not just Hindus and Buddhists, but also the Christian and Jewish mystics, the Islamic Sufis, and the shamans. But why does man meditate?

First of all, humans strive to meet physical needs (eating, drinking, sleeping), to have a secure roof over their heads and to satisfy their desire for closeness. When all these needs are satisfied, he realizes that he is still not permanently happy because transient phases of happiness alternate with times of suffering. | more

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation will guide you to clarity, calm, relaxation and more equanimity and health in all areas of your life. You can integrate the experiences made in your private and professional life. You meet the manifold demands and tasks in the professional life with more serenity and peace. Meditation helps you to become more mentally clear and develop new power for a better quality of life.

Yoga Teacher Training

You are enthusiastic about yoga, have good access to people and would like to pass on yoga?

Then you should think about a yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya! The yoga teacher training includes intensive practice as well as theoretical instruction in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga. The yoga teacher training combines traditional knowledge with the latest scientific and health findings.

Yoga Vidya, Europe’s leading yoga teacher training seminar house with three other seminar houses and about 100 city centers and cooperation centers offers you a well-founded yoga teacher training with recognized certificate (health insurance, BYV, Yoga Alliance) in the Yoga Vidya Center Ostrhauderfehn.

What is yoga.

. and why should you even do yoga??

Yoga – for many people that is a kind of healthy gymnastics, which at some point came from India to the USA and to Europe. For many people, the first contact with yoga comes about physical complaints. Long working hours in the office, one-sided sitting postures on the PC and the multiple burdens of work and family lead in many people to back, neck and shoulder pain and migraines. Word has gotten around that a yoga class for beginners can remedy this very quickly – often the first yoga lessons for beginners already bring a sense of relief and the decision: I’m fine, I’ll continue.

But yoga can do much more

The 3000-year-old Indian Yoga, incidentally also a philosophical system, is holistic and has an effect on body, mind and soul. The effects of yoga have been explored through hundreds of scientific studies over the past few years and decades in the US and Europe. The results stunned even the scientists who had not expected such diverse effects in such diverse fields themselves. Even in our beginner yoga classes you will soon be able to feel the beneficial effects on your own body.

Registration at ostrhauderfehn (at) or via the registration button

What does yoga do??

Yoga stretches the body and makes it mobile to old age; the entire musculature is developed. Yoga relieves stress hormones, normalizes blood pressure and respiration, relieves tension, immune system and digestion, which are reduced in times of stress, resume their work. Stress reduction also reduces inflammatory processes in the body. In our courses at Yoga Vidya, the beginner and yoga practitioner also learns mindfulness and lingering in the present moment.

The well-known American cardiologist Dean Ornish has firmly embraced yoga in his program for cardiac patients, which in addition to a low-fat diet and abstinence from alcohol and nicotine, also provides yoga and cardiovascular training. Yoga lowers the blood pressure in cardiac patients, counteracts arteriosclerosis and actually ensures a regular heartbeat.

Mentally, in the Yoga Vidya Yoga for Beginners course, you will soon find that yoga makes it easier for beginners to deal with unforeseen difficulties and helps to control aggression and anxiety. Yoga helps with sleep disorders, depression, allergies and asthma; Yoga increases the ability to concentrate and social competence in children with ADHD. Even as a complementary therapy in schizophrenia, yoga has shown successes. Particularly impressive is the effect of yoga on war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, which finally find a long-awaited sleep through yoga.

Yoga also lowers body weight, helps women with menopause symptoms, boosts libido, raises the quality of life of seniors, reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics, helps patients who have suffered a stroke and feel unsteady on their legs.

However, the most mysterious effects of yoga are that, according to scientific studies, yoga can actually alter genes and also deactivate cancer genes, and that the fluid intelligence in the brain (which is needed for new tasks) decreases less rapidly with increasing age. Through regular meditation, our brain even grows.

Therefore, with our Yoga for Beginners courses, you can even do something to maintain your mental fitness. Many of the special effects of yoga, which most sports do not come close to, are due to the relaxation and the special stretching movements in yoga, which have a special significance in yoga for beginners.

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda (1887 -1963) was one of the great yoga masters of the 20th century and is the inspiring force behind the Yoga Vidya Centers.

Kuppuswamy, his real name, was born into a South Indian Brahmin family in Tamil Nadu. Already as a child he showed the desire to help others; He often brought the needy from the street into the house and thus overruled all orthodox caste rules. He should remain faithful to this attitude throughout his life, in his typical tolerance and charity.

After studying medicine, he went to Malaysia in 1913, where as a doctor in the clinic of a rubber tree plantation he nurtured the sick and seriously ill for 10 years. But that was not enough for him – he traveled back to India and wandered through the countryside as a wandering monk until he met his guru Swami Vishvananda Sarasvati in Rishikesh in 1924 and was ordained by him to become sannyasin in a Vedanta Order.

Here, too, he continued to nurse the sick, practice daily yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation, and read the scriptures. He developed the style of Integral Yoga, a practice that incorporates all the great yoga paths – Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

Swami Sivananda always emphasized how much more important than theory is daily practice and kept disciples constantly practicing. His popular tenets for his students were:"Be good, do good" (Be good, do good things) and "Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize" (Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize). Many of his students later became famous teachers themselves.

Swami Sivananda founded the Divine Life Society and the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy; He wrote over 200 books. His ashram was open to all denominations. On July 14, 1963, Swami Sivananda left his body in Mahasamadhi.

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