You have a wonderful holiday with your dog by the sea, fewo-direct

You have a wonderful holiday with your dog by the sea, fewo-direct

Vacation with a dog by the sea

A happy couple walks arm in arm on the endless sandy beach, the children squeak away from the rushing waves, in between a dog romps about, waving their tails, barking exuberantly and simply feels at home: No, that’s not the description of a photo from one Travel catalog – this is normal in a well-planned vacation with a dog by the sea.

And this planning is far, far less difficult today than in previous years. Because many apartment rental companies have simply recognized that dog owners are a very large target group – after all, at least one dog lives in around ten million German households. And that is why we started to adapt specifically to this target group and to have everything you need for a holiday with a dog by the sea. Yes, there are now even domiciles in which dogs are not only allowed or tolerated – but are only designed for dog owners. And many municipalities in the country also support traveling with a four-legged friend, for example by setting up sections of beach that are specially made for dogs and their owners.

– Well, one can only say that! After all, it cannot be that the dog, the partner in everyday life, of all the best times of the year, the vacation, is parked in a pet boarding house. No, he should be on vacation and enjoy the beach, waves and water with the whole family. There are several destinations for a holiday by the sea with a dog: So you can both head for a beautiful destination on the German coast and – taking into account the animal husbandry regulations of these countries – travel to Holland, Italy, Spain or Croatia.

Vacation with a dog in Spain

Even if dogs are not of the highest priority in Spain, the country can be attractive for a holiday by the sea with a dog – it all depends on the planning. For example, you should go to the Iberian Peninsula in off-seasons, because the climatic conditions are more pleasant for four-legged friends. And instead of living in a tourist stronghold, you prefer to live a little more rural, because there dogs can move freely and have as much fun on vacation as their owners.

Holidays with dogs in Italy

If you want to travel with your dog to the magical country beyond the Alps, you should inform yourself about the temperatures of the region that you intend to head for. Especially in the south it can get quite hot in midsummer. Otherwise, Bella Italia is well suited for holidays with a dog by the sea. Here a bowl of water, there a treat – the hospitality of many Italians also applies to animals. And dogs will find the warm water of the Mediterranean just as pleasant as their owners.

Vacation with a dog in Holland

The Dutch are a dog-friendly people! The best example is the place Nordwijk, where dogs can enjoy the beach in complete freedom even in high season. And in the off-seasons they can run around practically anywhere without a leash. Then everyday life is miles away and the fresh, healthy air blows your head free. Oh, and don’t forget the camera: A dog that throws itself in the evening in front of the setting, shining red sun in the North Sea waves is a wonderful motif.

Vacation with a dog in Croatia

Many dog ​​owners swear by Croatia if they want to book a holiday with a dog by the sea. Because the Croatians are friendly towards four-legged friends, dogs are allowed in most public places or restaurants. Perhaps the biggest plus in Croatia are the numerous lonely beaches and bays that can be found all along the coast – and where humans and animals can enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean unaffected by any regulations.

Vacation with a dog in Germany

From the North Sea coasts of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein to the Baltic Sea beaches of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the many pretty islands such as Sylt, Rügen or Norderney: Germany offers numerous options for a holiday with your dog by the sea. And the best thing: Around ten million registered dogs leave no doubt that Germany is a dog country – animal-loving landlords of holiday apartments or owners of restaurants can be found everywhere.

Vacation with a dog by the sea: what a nice idea! And to make your vacation just as enjoyable, you should take some time to plan. Find a holiday apartment in which your dog is not only allowed but also wanted – animal-friendly landlords and offers are now available in abundance. Maybe you even book a holiday home with a garden where the two-legged friends feel at home.

It is also nice to explore the surroundings with your four-legged friend by bike or on foot. Then it is not so bad if there is a leash requirement for the dog on the beach – with the exception of the dog beach. Speaking of which, you need to be aware of provisions like these if you decide to go on vacation with your dog by the sea abroad. Which vaccinations are necessary so that there are no problems at the border? Where is muzzle duty required? Are dogs allowed in restaurants or should you first ask the host? – But once questions like these are clarified, nothing stands in the way of a dream vacation by the sea with a dog.

Enjoy the best time of the year with your partner, with your family – and with your dog. He will feel and enjoy that you now have all the time in the world to play and run around with him in peace.

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