You want a dog puppy? Here you will learn all about his race

We love puppies.

You really want a puppy? With us you will learn everything you need to know. We introduce you to the most popular breeds – and add new ones weekly.

Before you accept a puppy, inform yourself about his dog breed:

Australian Shepherd puppy

Beagle puppy

Bernersennen puppies

Saint Bernard puppy

Bolonka Zwetna puppy

Border Collie puppy

Boxer puppy

Chihuahua puppy

Dalmatian puppy

Doberman puppy

Elo puppy & Elo dog

English bulldog puppy

French bulldog puppy

Golden Retriever puppy

Havanese puppy

Husky puppy

Jack Russell puppy

Kangal puppy

Labrador puppy

Maltese puppy

Pug puppy

Pit bull puppy

Rottweiler puppy

German shepherd puppy

Shiba Inu puppy

Shih Tzu puppy

Weimaraner puppies

Zwergspitz puppy

Buy a puppy: What is there to consider?

So you decided to buy a dog puppy? You can only be complimented on that. Not only do puppies look funny, they will affect your life in a positive way, as you probably did not know (unless you’ve had a dog before).

They become loyal companions who love their master, mistress or even their family above all else. Provided, of course, they are well treated and loved as well.

However, with your decision to have a puppy dog, there are some very important questions that we would like to answer together with you. Only if you can give a satisfactory answer to all the questions for you and the dog puppy, you should really get a dog.

Do I have the time for a dog puppy?

Answering this question with a “no” is a knock-out criterion for buying a puppy dog. Because no matter what friends or acquaintances tell about the capabilities of their dog, without being able to be alone for a long time alone: ​​No dog likes to be alone!

Of course, it will be unavoidable that your darling will stay home alone for a while now and then. But hours of waiting should be the absolute exception. So the first thing you should ask yourself is: does my job or lifestyle allow my dog ​​to be home alone rarely??

Do you have a 9-to-5 office job, you should definitely clarify whether you can take your dog to the office. Because even if you have someone, e.g. your parent, in which you can hand over the dog, it is a no-go setting that the dog is separated from his relationship person much of his time of day. You should not even think about the option of leaving him alone during working hours, because that’s cruelty to animals.

Do you work from home or are you part of a family that can take care of the dog together and make sure that he is never alone for long? Perfect! Can you take the dog to work? Great as well! Studies prove that a dog in the workplace is good for the mood and reduces stress.

Especially the first few weeks with your new companion are especially important. In these, the dog is shaped on you. So you should spend as much time with him as possible, teach him the first important things, such as sitting and walking – and house-keeping him. You will need a few weeks of free time for this phase. Most dog puppies need about 4-6 weeks (although there are big differences). Remember that, too, if you want to get a dog.

So you see, dog puppies mean a lot of responsibility. You must not forget that you bring a living being into the house, with thoughts, feelings, fears and peculiarities.

Do I have the money for a dog?

The question may sound funny at first, but dogs cost money. On the one hand, dog pups often cost more than € 1,000 from a reasonable breeder, depending on race, pedigree, color and more. There are also several monthly cost sources such as:

Dog Food

The bigger and heavier the dog, the more he eats. Of course, there is also cheap dog food from the discounter. But a balanced diet does not provide these.

If you like If you raise a Doberman puppy, you can expect € 60 – € 150 in dog food a year. In addition, you want to spoil your four-legged friends with treats. They also cost money.

dog license fee

The state also wants something from you. Once a year it is therefore necessary to pay the dog tax. The costs vary from region to region as it is in the hands of the cities and counties.

Some communities charge only € 35 a year. In others, such as Cologne, you pay per dog € 156 a year (as of August 2017). In dogs, which are classified as fighting dogs, it can schonmal up to € 500 go up, because he may still be so cute as a puppy dog.

Dogs liability

The dog liability is gladly forgotten, but is quite important. It protects you from any damage that your dog makes as a puppy or grown-up. It protects you financially from property damage, e.g. if your dog nibbles on your neighbor’s couch or causes an accident. Likewise, it protects you from the financial consequences of personal injury, e.g. if your dog puppy gets in the way of a bicycle and the driver injures himself.

The costs for the insurance are überaschaubar and are usually under € 10 a month, some even cost only € 3-4.


About once a year, you should visit the vet to see if everything is alright. This will help to detect possible diseases at an early stage. You can also buy deworming tablets and anti-tick remedies on the occasion, as he needs both dog puppy and senior regularly.

Of course dog puppies, just like adult quadrupeds, can always have a disease or injury. Whether your fur nose hobbles, vomits or has bad diarrhea, you should get advice from the vet. Such a visit rarely costs less than € 50.

After the dog puppy age is already the sexual maturity. For many reasons many owners have their dog castrated or sterilized. In males the surgery costs very little, but in bitches it is more complicated and therefore costs much more. The prices for this procedure vary greatly, but are rarely under € 300.

The older the dog, the more frequent the visits and higher the costs. This circumstance was enough for one reason or another to give up or even suspend his senior dog, who was oh-so-sweet as a puppy. Such a dog will, depending on the breed, a good 10 years old and of course in this time also costs, which must be covered.

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