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Your child, the unknown being

At the start of a new season, the educational series "Make Love" asks: How love teenagers?

By Tilmann P. Gangloff

“You can learn to make love”: This was the title from the beginning of this educational series, which was originally the responsibility of the MDR and SWR and has been on ZDF since the third season (2015). Danish sex therapist Ann-Marlene Henning made it clear right from the start that this learning process would take a lifetime. Nevertheless, the subtitle naturally applies especially to those who are still inexperienced in sex; in spite of their internet training, after all, no generation had as easy access to pornography as the "digital natives". So Henning attended the ninth grade of a Leipzig comprehensive school to talk to the 14- to 16-year-olds about sex.

The style of the fourth season corresponds to the standard that the first set. The already extroverted sexologist is sometimes staged a little too much as a star; In this respect, the series is similar to other advisory formats such as "Get out of debt" (with Peter Zwegat) or the various productions with chef Christian Rach. However, the program once again impresses with the original way in which information and key terms are digitally integrated into the images. But the big hit this time are the teenagers, who talk about sex almost casually and also incorporate their own experiences and preferences. Unfortunately, formats like this rarely deal with the prehistory; It therefore remains open whether schoolchildren who were embarrassed by such conversations or who were unable to do so for religious reasons did not have to participate. The atmosphere is almost too good to be true. There is no whispering or giggling, not even when Henning is passing around penis and vagina models. Either this class is exemplary or the corresponding moments were simply cut out. On the other hand, the openness of the young people while chatting speaks about masturbating and erogenous zones. How good the cohesion is is shown by the coming out of a boy who first tells that he is gay. The last recording shows him talking to some girls who pester him with questions.

It is also interesting to see how curious the students are, even though most have already seen internet porn. Many adults fear that this generation could sexually brutalize or go into their first sexual experiences with completely wrong ideas and expectations. In fact, the opposite is apparently the case. For them, sex and love belong together; loyalty is no less important than their parents once were. In view of such information, the question arises for whom the program is actually intended. Even the title of the episode, "How dear teenagers" seems to be aimed at parents in some places and want to dispel their worries; "Your child, the unknown being" was the name of one of Oswalt Kolle’s bestselling educational bestsellers, which was later also filmed. Young people have almost no relation to ARD and ZDF anyway. On the other hand, the episode is of course perfectly suited for educational purposes, and also as a counterpart to pornography, even if at least the class in Leipzig seems to be aware that these films do not have much to do with reality. Since Henning is not shy about naming things by name, sexual lifestyles that do not correspond to the majority are also discussed. In this regard, too, the young people are far more tolerant than many parents who protest vigorously against teaching something other than the classic family network of father, mother, child (ren).

Finally, behavior on the Internet comes up. The adolescents report sexual harassment that they have experienced on the Internet and exchange ideas about the type of photos they should upload. The episode will be in the ZDF media library for a while. Parents should definitely point this out to their teenage children, but never insist on looking at them together and then possibly asking indiscreet questions. Episode two follows tomorrow, episodes three and four on July 19 and 20.

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