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The children’s loft bed

Choosing a child’s loft bed is not easy, but we can help you!

On this page you will find:

The top 4 best-selling children’s loft beds!

The following recommendations have one thing in common, they are wonderful children’s loft beds. All are Solidly executed, tested for safety and are characterized by their very individual properties. We are convinced by the manufacturers Steens for Kids, Wickey and WNM and can therefore recommend these beds to them with a clear conscience.

Further recommendations for other loft and bunk beds and manufacturers can of course also be found on our other sites!

1. The bestseller on Amazon

The mid-high play bed by Steens for Kids is number 1 in the bestseller list for children’s high beds. This play bed is available in different versions: as solid pine or MDF, in different colors such as white, gray or natural, and with or without a slide. The bed has received a lot of good reviews from Amazon and is therefore number 1 of the bestsellers.

2. The higher alternative

Number 1 among our customers!

This stable children’s loft bed by Steens for Kids is characterized by the possibility of converting to different heights. This variant is also available as solid pine or MDF and in different colors such as white, gray or natural lacquer. The positive reviews and the excellent reputation of the manufacturer speak for themselves here too.

3. The unusual cot

The Wickey high and play bed is immediately recognizable by its incomparable design. The bed is made of solid pine, has a ladder and a slide and can be ordered in different colors. Like Wickey’s other products, it has received many positive reviews on Amazon.

4. The loft bed for two

The WNM Group children’s bunk bed Sophie is a bunk bed with ladder and two slatted frames. The bed is made from high quality pine wood. The practical bunk bed can be separated into two independent beds. The good reviews and the low prices make a great offer.

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It often starts with the sentence “I would like to have a loft bed!”

That might seem familiar to them. Many parents are faced with this wish. Then they make sure many questions and consider whether you want to fulfill this wish. You would definitely like to know:

  • "which Children’s loft bed is because the best?"
  • "What kinds of loft beds is there?"
  • "Fits such a loft bed at all in the room and doesn’t it take up too much space? ”
  • “We should rather buy a bunk bed?"
  • "What color should have the bed? ”
  • "Where we can one Buy loft bed cheap?"
  • "What do we have to do when shopping online respect, think highly of?"
  • “A loft bed, at what age is that suitable? ”

This decision is not an easy one and should be carefully considered. Such a large piece of furniture made of solid pine occupies a certain space in the children’s room, which may then be missing for other things. Such a piece of furniture also has an optical impact on living in the children’s room. The entire spatial and color design may therefore have to be rethought.

We therefore want to help you on our website with our experience and make recommendations so that you can find the perfect children’s loft bed!

Have you informed yourself in advance and have precise ideas? Or search for a specific one Manufacturer, look at our Manufacturer overview.

  • Wickey loft bed
  • Steen’s loft bed
  • Hoppekids loft bed
  • Relita loft bed
  • Polini loft bed

Would you like to find out about the safety for bunk beds, check them out this chapter on. To the question when a child should have a loft bed, do we have this article for her.

On our Accessories page do you think …? Find all information and offers to tunnels, curtains or a suitable one lighting, you need for a suitable extension. Of course we also have information on suitable ones mattresses and bed slats.

We also have here Tips & tricks to extension, Moreover to build and for individual design of children’s loft beds.

A Overview of different materials, such as wood from pine, beech or oak and tips on the right one color selection we have put together for you on an extra page.

Search one special design or a specific function? Have a look at the overview or the pages on the relevant topics:

  • Loft beds with desk
  • Loft beds with slide
  • wide children’s bunk beds 140×200 cm
  • Bunk beds and bunk beds
  • Designer and luxury loft beds
  • loft beds that grow with your child

What types of loft beds are there??

In general, manufacturers distinguish normal ones bunk beds, Stick or. bunk beds, mid-high play bed and adventure bed. In addition, loft bed combinations with slides, desks or cupboards are often offered.
The classic children’s loft bed has only one sleeping level. The mattress usually has the standard size of 90 x 200 cm. Some manufacturers also offer high or bunk beds for two people, which then have a width of at least 140 cm.

Bunk beds and bunk beds have two or more sleeping levels. As a rule, these also correspond to the dimension 90 x 200 cm. But there are also versions with different widths on the sleeping levels. The sleeping levels are either traditionally parallel or offset at 90 degrees.

The half-height play bed usually has a maximum height of 160 cm. Often the size of the mattress corresponds more to a child’s size, e.g. B. 70 x 140 cm. Due to their nature, they tend to be suitable for younger children. When deciding for or against, the safety of the children should of course always be the focus and play the main role.
Adventure beds are usually half-height play beds that are dedicated to a specific topic. For this purpose, they are expanded with accessories such as slides, curtains or towers.

Loft beds with a desk or closet – or combinations thereof – are in their own category. Often, the focus is on design and space-saving options. Thanks to the clever installation of shelves, compartments and cupboards, an entire study can be realized under the loft bed.

Why should you buy a children’s loft bed at all?

All children love loft beds, whether girls or boys, it doesn’t matter! You have an almost magical attraction. As soon as children see a loft bed, they want to climb up and play on it.

In everyday life, your child sees the world from a different perspective than we adults. Through children’s eyes, everyday things seem very large to us and distances are much further away. A lot of things are exciting, new and also scary. A lot of things are unknown and therefore want to be researched and conquered.

It is natural for children to want to go high. They want to climb things in order to see the world from above – just like we adults do. A loft or bunk bed is of course perfectly suitable for this.

A loft bed gives children a feeling of size on the one hand and a lot of security on the other. You gain confidence, actively learn new skills and playfully that height does not automatically mean danger. Especially in a small children’s room, the space under a loft bed is also a special gain in space, space and possibilities.

Children don’t just see a sleeping place in a loft or bunk bed. It awakens their creativity and imagination. It is her small playground in the children’s room, her tree house, her pirate ship, her princess castle or a knight’s castle. A creatively designed children’s loft bed in white, natural or any other color is an important, colorful part of the children’s room. It inspires your child to let their play ideas run free, to learn and to feel good.

The children’s loft bed accessories to make this dream a reality are now plentiful in stores. So include a slide, additional ladders & Climbing poles and swings, ropes, hammocks and colorful attachments are almost standard equipment. With a curtain or tunnel, the loft bed becomes a play bed and underneath there are also large caves, play and cozy corners. If they have a loft bed with a desk, schoolchildren can work and learn on it undisturbed and creatively. Bunk beds for two, a bunk bed or half-height beds offer additional options for siblings or small children in the children’s room.

A finished loft bed design or complete themed equipment such as fire brigade or car beds complete the offer for the children’s room. However, they should always be chosen carefully. Who knows if your child will still like the chosen design in 2 years or if you are faced with an expensive new purchase. Additional and retrofitted elements can be removed more easily, making it easier to adapt the look to later requirements.

Our offspring still love their loft beds and we have never regretted the decision to buy them.

Make your children happy.

Which is better, a fixed high bed height or a growing loft bed?

Before you decide which color your loft or bunk bed should have, you should consider which type of loft bed you want to buy. Basically, all loft beds differ in whether the height of the bed surface is fixed or whether they "grows with your child" are. Bunk beds that grow flexibly or modular systems can be converted, they can be adjusted to different bed heights. Thus, the loft bed finds its place in the children’s room, as well as later in the youth room and can be adapted to the wishes and needs of your kids. If you buy a bunk bed or bunk bed, of course, this question does not arise. Although these can sometimes be converted, they are usually set at the height of the lying areas. For more information and offers, please have a look at our page on the topic of high loft beds for children.

Loft bed age recommendation

From what age or when can a child sleep in a loft bed??

In our opinion, a general loft bed age recommendation, i.e. how old a child must be to use a loft bed, cannot be given as a blanket. A child aged 3 or 4 can generally still correctly estimate the risk of a possible fall. The consumer advice center therefore recommends loft beds only from the age of 6. Already at the age of maybe 4 or 5 years climbing in and out on a ladder is no longer a problem for most children. Is their child Law Grown up, it may even have the necessary skills earlier. Others, however, are still not able to hold on properly and climb a ladder at the age of 7. The question of when a child can use a loft bed safely is not easy to answer. It is very individual and depends on several factors.

The best way to watch your child is to play, climb and sleep. Does it hold on properly, does it work safely and is not afraid even at higher altitudes? How do other children of the same age behave in comparison? Does your child get up more often at night, sleep restlessly or roll back and forth? With such observations, they can better assess their child’s abilities and thus more easily decide whether they are old enough for a loft bed. In any case, your child’s ability to coordinate should be so strong that a loft bed ladder could also cope with it "half asleep".

What role does the loft bed type play?

When a loft bed is suitable for your child also depends on the loft bed type. Normal children’s loft beds have a fixed height that must always be climbed. In the case of a loft bed that grows with the child, the lying surface is still very close to the floor at the beginning, just like a normal bed. A loft bed that grows with your child is therefore much more suitable at the beginning, for example for a smaller child. Some manufacturers even offer the possibility to build the sleeping level on 6 different heights.

With increasing age, the lying surface is then simply raised to meet the child’s desire for more height. In the end, your child’s level of development, his physical constitution and her personal feelings decide which sleeping height is the right one.

With beds of a fixed height, they have few options. If your child finds the altitude scary, they could only try to get used to it slowly. A higher parapet is then of course an advantage and gives your children more security. If this is not available, this can be achieved, for example, with additional attachments.

If you want to be on the safe side, you could also choose a half-high play bed. These beds are not as high as a normal loft bed and are often themed. Various manufacturers also offer conversion kits to later add such half-high beds to a real loft bed.

The loft bed type therefore plays a significant role in the age recommendation. It is best to take a look at the different types and options first and then decide on your perfect children’s loft bed. At this point we would also like to refer to our section on the topic of loft beds for children.


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