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Gentle treatment especially for dentist fear / dentist phobia

The real fear of dentists – a taboo subject with bitter consequences

With real fear of dentists you still come across many prejudices today. To date, no celebrity has dared to go public with it. Most of the time, neither the family nor friends or acquaintances know about it. Stigmatization and the psychosocial effects usually put real fear of dentists under greater stress than bad teeth themselves. Further information

Dr. Michael Leu has developed a treatment technique that has proven itself many times over for real dentist anxiety patients: 3TermineTherapie. After the third appointment, the patients are usually refurbished and can now go to the normal dentist fear specialist "around the corner". We have been treating true dental anxiety patients across Europe using this method for almost 20 years. In the meantime, there are more than 4,000 successfully treated people.

Correct is:

90% are only afraid of the dentist.
You need the normal specialist around the corner.
10% have real fear of dentists.
You need the real specialist.
We are happy to help.

Normal fear of dentist or real fear of dentist?

Find out more about our successful 3-appointment therapy here

Pain-free to your new dream teeth. Without fear of dentists.

The Gentle Dental Office® Group has been the leading treatment provider for dental phobia patients across Europe for over 17 years and with more than 4,000 happy patients. Thanks to Dr. Michael Leu, the President of the German Society for Dental Treatment Phobia (DGZP e.V.), is able to help patients with his unique and protected 3 appointment therapy with just one general anesthetic, almost painlessly and without swelling, to a new smile, your new desired dentition and increased quality of life. The latest high-tech dental medicine makes this possible. Our procedures have been admired by many colleagues in Europe for years. Nevertheless, we are constantly developing our techniques. We only treat the patients who are most important to us: the highly anxious dentist anxiety and dentist phobia patients. You can find our treatment locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other major European cities.

You are not alone with your panic at the dentist

About 12% of all adults suffer from it Dental phobia, an extreme form of dental fear. People of all population groups are affected. The fear of the dentist often leads to a strong one Impairment of quality of life, The lack of dental treatment can have serious consequences: carious and / or dead teeth, tooth gaps, pain and inflammation in the oral cavity, and even abscesses. In addition, almost always come psychological consequences: Despair, social isolation, avoidance of intimate contacts, abuse of painkillers and alcohol, and depression. Because of the effects of dental phobia, patients fear the threat to their existence and the loss of their social image.

Dental restoration despite extreme fear of dentists

To help the anxious patient, Dr. developed Leu the 3 appointment therapy. This treatment specifically addresses the fears and needs of those affected by dental anxiety. In a particularly gentle way – namely dental treatment under general anesthesia – it leads to new dentures and a completely new way of life. On these pages you will find comprehensive information on the topics of dental anxiety / dental phobia, dental treatment under general anesthesia and 3 appointment therapy. You will also find out where you can find Dr. Leu and his team can be treated and how your dental treatment works in detail. You will also find numerous patient reports, press articles and TV reports on the subject of dental anxiety and dental phobia. Don’t let dentist fear continue to affect your life.

Measure your psychosocial impairment and your dental treatment needs using our scientifically evaluated dentist fear test

Trusting anonymous initial telephone consultation

The first step out of dentist phobia. An important and indispensable part of 3-appointment therapy is the PRE-T1 consultation on the phone. With us, you are not on the phone with a stressed helper in a dental practice who has no time for you. We, the employees in the unique patient consultation offices in Leipzig, Berlin and Switzerland, really take a lot of time for you and your fears and feelings. We answer all your questions and understand every situation. You only have to give your name if you want to make an appointment. You can get anonymous advice beforehand! Andrea Herold, who used to be an anxiety patient with Dr. Was leu. Do you dare! Take the first – perhaps most important step in your life. Contact us by phone or email.

Info for the partner

Dentist anxiety patients run the risk of being recognized in all possible life situations. Even the partner is concealed from the problem and especially the consequences of the "fear of dentists". Highly sensitive antennas help to avoid embarrassing life situations.
Of course, the best way to do this is to avoid such situations – avoid the partner, avoid the others and of course avoid the dentist. There is danger everywhere, embarrassment everywhere.

Don’t just watch anymore. Discuss with us how we can help your partner together.

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