Your dentist for fear patients: practice clinic nilius

Your dentist for fear patients: practice clinic nilius

Relaxed atmosphere, painless treatment and gentle anesthesia

Most people are tense or even a little scared before visiting the dentist. We adapt to it and treat our patients in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and with the most modern, patient-friendly technology. We attach great importance to making the procedure as painless as possible.

Do not be afraid of the dentist: create trust

Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they delay the visits or even fail them for years. The reasons for the fear of the dentist are usually in the fear of pain. Not infrequently, the state of being mistreated is feared, as is the fear of suffocation or vomiting. For patients who are afraid of the dentist, we offer very gentle methods and take time to build trust and reduce unnecessary fears. Often we can dissolve the tension already in a quiet first conversation.

For anxious patients, long waiting times are an unnecessary burden. Tell us your fears so that we can adapt to you and your needs. Since we are an ordering practice, your waiting times with us will be as short as possible anyway. If you are one of the pain sensitive patients, appointments in the afternoon are recommended. Because the pain sensation is reduced at this time with most humans.

Relaxation with music and DVD instead of fear of the dentist

In mild cases of dental anxiety often helps even distraction. Through our special ambience, you will experience enlightenment and investigation in a pleasant chill-out atmosphere. Or bring your own music with you. Because the right music can relax. After ten minutes, the blood pressure and heart rate usually fall – and so does the fear of the dentist. You can also watch a DVD during treatment in the Praxisklinik Nilius.

For people who are afraid of the dentist, the treatments can also be done in a drowsy sleep or under anesthesia, so that the patients feel no pain or inconvenience. The use of a water laser makes the drill in many cases superfluous and also ensures a gentle treatment.

Sedative, sedation and narcosis for anxiety

As a patient you may be given a sedative before particularly painful or lengthy treatments and take this on the eve of the appointment. Especially the form of sedation is chosen by our anxiety patients. As part of the treatment, we administer an anxiolytic medication and a centrally acting pain medication directly into the arm vein, so that you reach a pleasant twilight state during the treatment. After the treatment in the twilight sleep you wake up with a pleasant feeling.

If the fear of the dentist is very strong, there is also the possibility of dental treatment under general anesthesia. We have been working successfully with an anesthetist team for many years. Our treatments under general anesthesia usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Talk to us about your fear of the dentist, so that we can optimally prepare for you and make your stay at the Niliusklinik Dortmund as comfortable as possible.

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