Your dentist from leipzig for endodontics, dental practice leipzig

Your dentist from leipzig for endodontics, dental practice leipzig

Your dentist from Leipzig explains endodontics

The endodontics is a branch of dentistry and deals with the interior of the tooth. The focus within the endodontics lies on diseases of the pulp-dentin complex and the periapical tissue. There are many endodontic treatments that have the same goal: tooth preservation. The best known method is root canal treatment. The dentist has to be very concentrated because the root canals are very branched. Which is why they make treatment very demanding.

What does endodontic treatment look like??

Anyone who undergoes endodontic treatment usually means a root canal treatment, which has the goal of keeping the tooth in the tooth holder. But what does endodontic treatment look like? First of all, of course, it requires thorough preparation. X-rays of the affected tooth are taken in advance after it has already been carefully examined. The images help the dentist determine what it looks like inside the tooth. This is very important because this area of ​​the tooth is ultimately to be treated. In the next step, the patient is given an anesthetic so that he does not feel any pain during the procedure. Then the tooth is drilled out in a so-called "trepanation", the goal is to get to the pulp. After the root canal entrances have been exposed, the root canals are cleaned and disinfected and their length is determined. This is very important for the further procedure, since these have to be closed at the end with a filling. The treatment is completed with the sealing of the root canals.

Your dentist in Leipzig will inform you about endodontics

If the tooth hurts, it is often a root canal disease. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the dentist immediately in such a case. Because endodontic diseases not only cause damage to the teeth, but can also have a massive impact on general health. If toothache is recognized early, in most cases it can be easily remedied. If the toothache cannot be remedied by conservative treatments, the tooth is fine devital, is a Root canal treatment unavoidable. We work closely with a specialist in root canal treatments endodontics together. In our practice, both the patient and personal advice are in focus so that we can keep the healthy teeth and thus their aesthetics and functionality as long as possible. Since we want to convince with professional knowledge and a feel-good atmosphere, it goes without saying that we inform our patients precisely about the treatment process and discuss open questions. In order to offer all of Leipzig a high-quality dental service, you will also find us at two locations: You will find us once in Gohlis and at the Leipzig Plagwitz location.

All from a single source

In addition to the basic services, such as professional tooth cleaning and prophylaxis, we also carry out root canal treatments. Because our motto is "Everything from a single source" and we know how important the aesthetics of teeth are, we are very proud of our dental laboratory, because something like this is rarely found. Thanks to our trained dental technicians, we can claim to offer our patients the all-round package of dental medicine. Thus, one of our specialist areas is the production of individual dentures, dental crowns and bridges. Of course, this also includes the placement of implants by our trained specialists. We can also offer our practice patients the following: Since we work closely with a physiotherapist in our dental practice, we are able to treat TMJ problems easily and effectively.

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