Your donations for better education in germany

With your donations, the Foundation for Education strengthens the best education

The donation-financed education foundation wants diverse and equitable education for all children and young people in Germany. To this end, it supports people on site in daycare centers and schools, which themselves fill gaps in education and put political pressure.

Promote this voluntary commitment with us now. There are several of them ways – From a donation as a gift, to donations of inheritance, to a trust foundation under our roof. Find out more about these options or support us directly here with an online donation.

This is how you support better education in Germany

We appreciate your interest in a donation for children. The maximum of your donation goes directly to the children. This is our goal – as with many donation organizations in Germany. But: Like only a few donation organizations, we are only involved in Germany. And only the Education Foundation works through the daycare and school support associations in direct cooperation with the daycare centers and schools.

More and more people are becoming active themselves for good daycare centers and schools. Support us with this! We pass on your donation for children through a network of daycare and school support associations: for more learning opportunities and pressure on local politics.

This is made possible by our nationwide network of day care and school support associations. There are already over 40,000 of them – and the trend is rising. Founded in 2012 by volunteers, the Education Foundation supports 10,000 young people every year. Learn more

Support us once, monthly or annually

Regular support from 50 euros per month helps us in particular to independently support children and young people in their education. Donate now via the online form or: Stiftung Bildung, GLS Bank, IBAN: DE43 43060967 1143928901.

Consider the Education Foundation if you

  • want to donate together as colleagues
  • call for a donation instead of birthday presents, for example here on Facebook
  • or consider making a condolence donation

Would you like to create something permanent with an inheritance??

With us you can stand up for future generations: By designating the Foundation for Education as an heir or by giving it to a legacy, you will promote our commitment to education in the long term and sustainably. For example, have you considered giving us one percent of your inheritance in the will? Find out more here.

Donate with us

Set up a development fund with us

Do you have a topic that you believe children should discover? Then start a fund with us for your request or become a partner for an existing fund. Find out more about our current funds here.

Give us fines or money orders

Have you been fined or fined? You can also donate these to the Education Foundation. Information can be found here.

Join us!

Do you want to volunteer and improve education at daycare centers and schools nationwide? Then get in touch with us. Find out more here.

We can do that together

With you as a partner, we support you on the ground:

We enable great projects that are waiting to be implemented in daycare centers and schools, from reading projects or children’s orchestras to CO2-free schools.

We help children, sponsorships for each other start – especially where parents can give little support in daycare and school.

We support young people who demonstrate for their future, start projects and even train others for sustainable development.

We provide active knowledge in day care centers and schools with professional knowledge from law and taxes to lobbying and fundraising.

We are promoting the exchange of experiences and are building a nationwide network of state associations for day care and school support associations.

success stories

Would you like an insight into the numerous projects that the Education Foundation has already supported with donations? Here you will find an overview of all projects. We have also selected special success stories for you.

Your donation – great impact!

  • Your donation for children works directly because we help to strengthen the educational offer of public daycare centers and schools. Especially where funds are lacking.
  • We donate education for children, with the help of day care and school support associations and their national associations, with the help of many parents and volunteers, but above all thanks to your donations.
  • With the support of private donors and public funding, we were able to support more than 10,000 children and young people in projects in 2017.

Prof. in Dr. in Gesine Schwan
Patron of the Education Foundation

"A vibrant democracy needs good education. If school wants to face new challenges, the individual committed, i.e. the people in the day care and school support associations, must be strengthened."

Donate Now

Your donation helps where the best ideas are waiting on site. »Online donation

Donations account:
Education Foundation, GLS Bank, DE43 43060967 1143928901

More options

Are you thinking of donating a will or trust foundation? Learn more

Effective and transparent

The Education Foundation has been awarded the DZI donation seal for its work. Learn more

As a signatory to the "initiative Transparent civil society" we also commit ourselves to the highest transparency of donations. Learn more

With your help we support

This enables a donation (e.g.)

1,000 – 2,500 euros:
rent an instrument for each child at a primary school

We support every year

  • • 10,000 children and adolescents
  • • 2,500 sponsorships
  • • 2,000 projects
  • • 1,000 volunteers

We appreciate your support

Are you there? Arrange an appointment now. We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation or by email.


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