Your excellent and fair dental practice in Zurich, directly at ETH Zurich

Quality, satisfaction and humanity are the basis of all our work. Healthy teeth are particularly important for our attitude to life, which is why we give our dental practice directly at the ETH everything to meet your wishes – with experience, competence and empathy.

New service: We are coming to you! As the saying goes: If the patient cannot come to the office, the office comes to the patient!

Thanks to our new mobile treatment unit, we have become even more flexible and can now perform treatments directly on site. This applies to retirement homes, nursing care facilities as well as to very frail or movement-impaired patients. Read more here.

Save the date: 25th October ist SMILE DAY at DENTANOVA!

At our first DENTANOVA SMILE DAY! – the day of the shining smile we open our doors for you. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will be happy to take you on a small aperitif tour through our newly designed practice rooms.

Free of charge – Your most beautiful smile could look like this: We scan your teeth and you can see in an animation how your smile could look after a tooth correction with an Invisalign Aligner. As capacity is limited, registration is required. Click here to make your appointment now.

The whole Dentanova team is delighted to your visit to the SMILE DAY! SMILE DAY!


Beautiful Teeth don’t have to be a dream. Find out now what we can do for you.

From professional dental care through bleaching to highly aesthetic veneers or a complete tooth straightening with the invisible aligners of Invisalign.


Thanks to modern dentistry we can offer the dental laser for nearly painless treatment. With this we can effectively combat periodontitis and even get snoring and herpes under control. Laser instead of drills funktioniert.

In addition to the laser the innovative Cerec system enables us to make a new crown or an entire bridge in one streamlined, single session. Get to know us to see the advantages!


It is not news that we are all getting older, but remember, our teeth age too. Being aware of this and taking proper care of your teeth as a young person will define the state of your teeth in your elderly years.

In our office, we pay special attention to the changing needs of age with a focus on maintaining a healthy periodontium and when needed provide the right prosthetics to improve your quality of life. Dental care at age.


In case of tooth loss, an implant comes closest to a natural tooth. Implants replace missing teeth in the safest way and satisfy with a long life span, too. Furthermore, in modern dentistry Dental Implants are insdipensable as support teeth for bridges.

Our dental office offers you state-of-the-art implants methods and materials and we are looking forward to discuss with you all respective options and possibilities for a personal, individual solution.


At Invisalign transparent braces are used that straighten misaligned teeth and gaps in the denture. The treatment is even in later years a superb option. Therefore a symmetrical, straight denture will not have to remain a dream.

On the contrary: employing the transparent Invisalign braces enables you to smile heartily, even in the transitional period, while your smile is becoming from week to week more beautiful. Let us inform you on your possibilities and get inspired!


Any successful treatment begins with trust. It is a prerequisite for a relaxed, personal atmosphere and caring dental care, where the sole goal is your optimized state of health. In contrast to a large dental center with many dentists, we offer the advantage of personal care and a consistent contact person.

In contrast to a large dental centre with a large number of dentists, we offer you the advantage of personal care and constant contact partners. With us you are more than just a patient. You are and remain first and foremost a human being.


Safety means professionalism, especially at the dentist and with dental hygiene. You must be sure, that you are being looked after by a skilled team and that you will get the best possible treatment. We are proud to offer you just that. For this we are highly trained.

We work with the latest technologies and have accumulated a lot of experience. So you can be sure that only the best hands will take care of you.


Beautiful and healthy teeth must be affordable for everyone. We have invested in the latest technology, such as dental laser and CEREC to boost efficiency and quality, which automatically lowers the cost for you.

Secondly, we are a single, well-coordinated team and continuously optimize our schedules and bureaucratic procedures for you. That means no long waiting times.

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