Your most beautiful holiday photos powered by clixxie

Your most beautiful holiday photos powered by clixxie

advertising The holidays are slowly coming to an end and most of us remember relaxing, exciting and special trips. With me always in the return luggage: a lot of photos! The most beautiful of them usually sleep too long on memory cards and hard disks. I have once again reviewed our three great trips in 2016 and have our best holiday photos printed. Starting from Norway in winter about the Côte d’Azur in spring until now to ours Road trip through the USA and Canada.

clixxie has offered to test three photo apps and to have my most beautiful holiday photos produced as Polaroids, calendars and photo books. The three required iPhone apps were installed quickly and all three work intuitively and quickly.

My favorite product: The clixxie Polapix pictures

Maybe it’s a typical girl product: But great polaroids make my heart beat faster. No wonder I tried this app first.

Via the app you can easily order a single Polapix or a set of 12, 24 or 36 pictures. From my Instagram account, I quickly collected the most beautiful photos from Canada and the USA. Then just choose a “topping” (no, unfortunately nothing to eat, but either a stable small cardboard packaging, a small string with mini clothespins, deco tape or small wooden blocks to the photo plug in) and off you go the order.

Top: short delivery times, great quality, good color rendering

Two days after order the photo products were already in my mailbox. This was not only surprisingly fast, even the quality is really convincing for all three products. The Polaroids are on beautiful textured paper printed and have a good stability.

The calendar convinces optically and haptically also on whole line. The wooden clipboard is not only sturdy, it also looks really fancy. The “Calendar by clixxie” embossing on the back of the board is discreet and noble. The individual calendar pages are printed on slightly textured natural paper – a really great change from the usual glossy picture printing products. In order for the colors to look right here, especially powerful, colorful photos are perfect.

The photo book comes in one stable Perfect binding therefore. Too bad: The dedication (a really great idea) is unfortunately at the end of the book. For me, such a thing just belongs to the beginning. And on the back there is unfortunately only the possibility to have a rather large barcode and “Photobook by clixxie” imprinted. If the advertisement already has to be then rather on the back cover page.

Too bad: For each product its own app

But there is a small downside: Unfortunately, there is currently not a clixxie app for all products, but you have to download a separate app for each product. Does currently: The processing of the shopping cart / input of the address must be made three times. Here I would in the future a App with respective bounce to the individual products wish.

My conclusion

A clear recommendation and “thumbs up” for the Polaroids and the calendar. Beautiful Polaroids are always a nice photo gift – either for you or as a gift of joy. The high-quality calendar convinces me not only by the chic, noble paper, but also by the high-quality wooden board. An online photo product of this kind is new to me and inspires the photographer and designer heart!

And the photo book? I can also recommend that without hesitation – but it is less clever and almost ordinary compared to the other two products. Is a bit of whining at a high level, but with Polaroids and wooden calendars clixxie has simply raised the bar high! &# 128578;

Make your most beautiful holiday pictures as Polaroids, Photobook or Calendar and save 50%!

Now you are asked to rummage through your photo folders and bring home the most beautiful holiday memories as a photo product. You can still use our coupon code until August 30th Moose16 order your most beautiful holiday memories as a photo product and save 50 percent on the regular price.

The clixxie Polapix app The clixxie calendar app The clixxie photobook app

With the kind support of clixxie. #Clixxie has provided us with three products for free for this review. Our own opinion of course remains untouched.

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