Your opinion is in demand: what belongs in a family-friendly mobile home, world-wondrous

Your opinion is in demand: what belongs in a family-friendly mobile home?

* Post updated on: 22nd July 2015

What makes a good motorhome for families? Unfortunately, there are far too few Campervan landlords in New Zealand asking this question. A commendable exception is the company “Adventiv”. They want to rebuild two new vehicles especially for families and need the help of experts – you. For your expert tips, of course, there is also a thank you!

The “small” 2-bed van – luxurious with hot water and hand shower © Adventiv

Ulf and his family emigrated to New Zealand nine years ago and soon established their camper van agency. Adventiv is therefore a true family business that advises you personally and in German. They prefer to work together with other small companies (including the show-landlord Wendekreisen) and offer their own camper vans since 2014.

Here you come into play: Two brand new campers with shower and toilet are being upgraded for the upcoming season. The needs of families should be in the foreground. First point: mother, father and child like to sit next to each other in the driver’s cab. Instead of the usual board-heavy and narrow emergency seat in the middle, there are in the new family models therefore three full seats with three-point belts in the driver’s cab, suitable for all child seats.

The seats are installed in the 3-bed van © Adventiv

Ulf wrote us: “We would like to hear the opinions of your readers who have traveled with childrenbut also the ideas of those who want to come! After a while, you are always a little blind and sometimes it is the little things that would make traveling with baby and child in Campervan much more enjoyable. “

What did you miss on your New Zealand trip in campervan? What would you have thought of as the icing on the cake, where you had to help yourself with wire and spit??

Please write us your experiences, opinions and tips – by e-mail, by comment or via Facebook. We pass it on to Adventiv, Ulf will gladly answer your questions and suggestions directly. Of course, we will also show you how the finished family campervans look in the end.

The “big one” from the outside © Adventiv

As Thank you for joining in We raffle among all who until 3 July 2015 to post a tip for the “Adventiv Family Motorhome” here (or on Facebook), a copy of our Motorhome Guide “As the roof of the starry sky. Camping in New Zealand “.

And for all survey participants who want to try Adventiv’s family motorhome for themselves, there is one 5 percent discount coupon on the vehicle price! Adventiv gives you the vehicle of another provider, you also get a 3 percent discount.

We wish you good luck and look forward to your many comments!

© FlickR / Mr Munnings on tour

Eligible for participation are adults of all ages resident in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The legal process is excluded. Personal data of participants will only be collected, used and kept for the purpose of the draw and destroyed immediately after the end of the competition.

The winners of the book will be randomly selected within three days of the draw (July 3, 2015) and notified by e-mail. The book will then be sent by post to the winner. No liability is assumed for damage or loss of the book on the way.

The code for the discount voucher for booking an RV from the Adventiv fleet or about Adventiv will be sent to all participants of the survey by e-mail or (if you are using Facebook) via Facebook.

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We were in 2012 in NZ and the US in the camper on the road with a then 9-12 months old baby. Right now in May and June we were with a campervan rented in Germany in Norway and Sweden with two children (2.5 years and 5 months old). Much has been said here, in addition to our experience:

1) We bought a large plastic box for shoes in NZ, because they were always in our way. (After the trip, we gave it to a work-and-Traveler, who was also very happy …) In the German motorhome now a compartment was directly integrated at the entrance under a seat. Very convenient!

2) After NZ you can not take much in the suitcase, which is why you might be happy about the one or the other large plastic box, in which you can stow something and flexible and stackable in the trunk can disappear. Otherwise, you will quickly mess. Or perhaps smaller boxes for the kitchen for such annoying foods as flour, sugar or coffee that make a huge mess when the paper bags break and the stuff is distributed in the camper. Nobody wants to take this with them in their luggage and you do not want to buy something like that on site.

3) In the German mobile trash bins hung space-saving at the rear entrance door, very convenient. Closed well! ;-)

4) Maybe an inconspicuously integrated safe for laptop etc.

5) Clotheslines, Hooks, Place for Rainwear -> have been mentioned several times, but important! In Norway (unfortunately without exaggeration) we had rain and temperatures below 10 degrees for weeks without rest. If the clothes can not dry then it will be disgusting.

6) Fortunately, we had a parking heater (gas) in Norway, but did not need the awning for that …

7) We also transported the Ikea highchair to New Zealand in a suitcase. Of course that worked, but maybe you could easily lend something, so you save a lot of space in your luggage.

8) In general, there is enough space for the high chair or another child seat opportunity at the table great, if you have a dining opportunity in Womo.

9) I was annoyed most of the transposition, especially in the rain (someone has already mentioned). Put away the child seats, fold them down, put upholstery somewhere, etc. We left the back bed permanently as a bed, also for the daytime as a playing area. The little one then slept in the sleeping tent in the alcove.

10) Doormats for in and out and durable foil (is there a technical term for?) To lay out for outdoors in Matschwetter. Saves a lot of dirt in the camper.

11) Luckily we had a toolbox in Norway, something is always there. Maybe there at least a small “basic case”? Nobody takes that from Germany.

12) cracks, into which children’s books can disappear (with us was such a beside the rear seat on the wall at handle height of the child, completely batty!), Nobody needs. Something similar has already mentioned someone.

13) The windows must be so deep or big that you can easily see something from the child seat in the second row.

14) From home we had the small mirror from the car, which you attach to the headrest of the back seat to be able to see the child in Maxicosi in the rearview mirror.

15) mosquito repellent on the windows and doors and good darkening.

16) Speakers also for the second row or the possibility to hear a children’s song CD just behind or an audiobook only in front … Conni-CDs in full volume, so that the child can catch something behind, are in the long run horror!

17) Charging / Sockets should be located so that you can not trip over the cables if something is plugged in. In our case, you had to climb over the cable if you wanted to sit on the integrated armchair at the table.

18) In the German motor home, the trunk had a drain, so you could rinse it with water. Was very convenient.

I can not think of more. Maybe there is something else to help you.

Wow, Constanze, for so many suggestions you have earned the participation in the book raffle really – I’ll keep my fingers crossed and start ever to stir the lottery drum …

A lot of easily accessible storage space (nets for the small stuff under the roof, on the sides, …), fail-safe for the kids; It would be nice, if the sockets are not directly on the bed (very interesting for 7 months old children and very exhausting for the mom, if you have to play on the bed) or somehow under a damn or something;
is there a space-saving highchair? especially for the small children, if you do not have a buggy (which has replaced the children’s chair), maybe optional to rent?

Hello Ulf,
Yes, we’ll get in touch soon with Camper :) However, we are now four, so that your companions because unfortunately out of the question, if I have seen correctly?
I still have 2 things that I find useful:
1. a built-in / retractable clothesline (or simply a few appropriately attached hooks in the car, if you want to continue after the swim stop, or for constantly washing out children’s clothes …
2. something like ne retractable awning, etc. .. So you can kick the door even in the rain or eat outside at noon sun.

We are among those who are yet to come :)
From “other” Rumreiseerfahrung but I agree with two things already mentioned: a “backup” on the bed, no matter whether net or a fold-up board, which prevents accidental Rau rooting when sleeping, when mom and dad just rumwuseln outside, or relax; )
And of course the thing with smaller and larger storage compartments (at least as many as people ride, that also each has its own small filing.) Otherwise one must always digging between diapers and pacifiers, sometimes to his book / own clothes / in front of the child Hidden Schoki to come …).

Hello Anna – I am glad that you have NZ in the planning – let me know when it should start, the booking season for this year is already in full swing – some providers are over Christmas / January already fully booked.
We have the first pictures of our van on our website, also the specifications for the car are linked. Our planning foresees the construction in the front kitchen, then two benches with a table in between, something to break up. The kitchen is divided into two parts – the two work areas, cooking and washing / pre-separating separately, so you can work together and finish faster to enjoy vacation again. One side is equipped with a smaller bed which has one and can be darkened separately. So mum and dad can sit in the evening while baby is already sleeping. The department can if you want to be maintained during the night, otherwise a large bed (1.8m wide) for all. Only at the last foot is the double bed then a bit narrower-but you need it not so wide.
Storage space will be sufficient eingbaut, more to later..
Best Ulf

Cup holders such as Lisa are in any case there, we’ve thought over our concept again and found a variant in the baby alone and secured in a part of the bed can sleep – like Jan’s here / worldwonderer has suggested. Child seat is in our van both in the middle as well as on the passenger seat, all the front man in the driver’s cab just makes more fun and is just more relaxed.

[Here Julia writes]
I have come up with a few more things (I only speak here from the experience with baby!)
1. Minimize the risk of injury
Where the baby is crawling and tumbling (in our case that was on the unfolded bed that bordered on the work surface), it should have so few corners, sharp edges, protruding screws, and the like. give. I realize that some things can not be avoided (for example, we had such a Nupsi, in which the folded-up table snaps in, with the unfolded bed sticking out on the mattress), but as far as possible. We had a lot of blankets and have always used as upholstery, which we found very convenient. We have – due to lack of lockout, which was already repeatedly stimulated above – also built a wall, so that the sleeping baby could not roll off the mattress, when we were sitting outside next to the camper.
A two-part kitchen, I do not think it makes sense. Especially when the children are smaller, it is more like one cooks or washes and the other is at the lodge. Although our kitchen was really mini, I found it convenient in its compactness (sink next to a double-hearth stove, including storage cupboard, on the opposite wall of the fridge) and I liked to cook in it.
3. Our campervan owners had a hammock stretched to one side above the bed. It was very simple, just a net, not big, but SUPER practical. We have stored in it all the clothes that were already worn but “still went” (you do not wash in the camper daily ;-)), in it they could air, and the fastening cords right us left we used as clothesline, e.g. for damp towels.
4. Keep all the subjects that are potentially in the reach of the kids with a shutter that they can only unlock on their own when the “I have to clear everything” phase is over ;-)
5. No carpet in the camper! Our stank sometime like a pub in the morning at 5.

We were in New Zealand from February to April and had a very large mobile home without a lable. (Tip of us, big, but old and therefore not so expensive – and no brand sticker) This motorhome had everything, but I would find it great if there was a “baby protection” inside. Either at the door to the outside or between the bed and the interior. Our baby wanted to move freely and fell out of the bed and door and several hundred times we prevented it. Maybe not such a bad idea in a family bus. (however that would be realized)
And secondly, I have missed hooks and or hangers. Easy to hang up towels or something inside.
What was annoying: Under the front seats there were cavities in the permanent things of the children reinkullerten. They did not get them out anymore. At the moment, that’s why Pixibücher, a mini-stapler, a learning toothbrush, various shells, a pacifier and all sorts of indefinable things are traveling around New Zealand’s streets. ;-)

In our current vans, we just gave our customers some hooks and allowed them to grow them where it seemed appropriate – since then we’ve had several positive comments as before – sometimes it’s almost too easy, right? A net to prevent baby from falling out of bed is in planning, as well as a general lock on the door – but I do not know exactly how that could look – someone with ideas?

without a label – we will probably do so, maybe a small logo, but no flashy “hi here is a tourist bus with expensive laptops, cameras and iPhones” stickers. Also with us there are, as everywhere, black sheep, mostly occasional thieves who see the desirable things through the windows, then hit them briefly and disappear. From this we have our window on the van getoent so that you can look hard ….

Hello Co-Jaeger -Johannes,
Your excitement with the many easily accessible storage compartments seems to be a very important point – even Lisa has already registered! We think about storage space in the form of mesh bags that are easy to reach and you eg. can always see if, and how many diapers are still available …. That would help? Dust-bin for this-GERUCHSDICHT. – Would be the natural logical addition … :-)))) How would it also with a small flask for water, I’ve seen as one goes to the Cigarettenanzuender – which would be ideal to prepare baby bottles?

Yes, an extra diaper compartment is certainly handy. Kettle, hm, which is then only to use for mixing baby food. Or you can turn them into a water bath?

A fundamental thing came to me yet: Our camper in NZ ( had such a table-bed combo, in which the table is a load-bearing part of the bed was. The conversion we found very cumbersome:
1. clear upholstery (where to go? Especially funny in rainy weather with all the man in the bus)
2. Fold down the table
3. Upholstery again on the bed
4. Refer to bed
We decided VERY quickly to let the bed build up permanently. :-) Unfortunately, the built-up bed, the storage boxes underneath were only very cumbersome to reach.

Here in Germany we have an old Westfalia Bulli, where you can take off the back seat to the bed with one hand, the table is simply swung to the side. Maybe you can install a similar system?

[Here co-hunter John writes] A few ideas and experiences that we could gather in our campervan:

1. I agree with Lisa: Important are MANY shelves and storage compartments! We had e.g. a hammock over the bed for baby stuff that we wanted to have at hand.
2. Really we have missed only a heater, for which it needs no electricity and / or a good insulation. So we could have stayed in colder nights away from the mostly boring holiday parks. But that may already be standard with modern rental campers?
3. We thought it was good to have a small, manoeuvrable and easy to reach van. So you get a little closer to nature.
4. A good idea would be an externally attached diaper container. :-)

Otherwise: The requirements are certainly very individual. But our experience was that you can do with less than you think. ;-)

Great ideas are, Johannes! Motorhomes with good insulation and heater are unfortunately not always standard with many landlords.

So in any case a lot of storage space in the sense of cabinets or nets so that you have important things quickly at hand. That we have back then z. Missing in the Juicy Condo. And a cup holder for the coffee of the parents in the driver’s cab :)
Even a small closable trash bin for the used diapers would be nice. We had our garbage bag always awkward in the way. And if you ever dream, a small compartment under the sliding door or so for mud things / rubber boots, etc. Also a large thermos may not be missing in the kitchen equipment. We had our own and she has served us well. The camper with alcove, of course, the safety net must not be missing.

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