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Many car and also motorcycle drivers dream of this: your own hobby car workshop in the garage. To achieve this goal, there is a lot to think about and plan for. There are a few things to consider that are necessary for a well-equipped and safe hobby workshop. The advantages of having your own garage are obvious: it is possible to do a lot of work on your own vehicle yourself without having to visit an expensive garage every time. In addition, the self-screwing is great fun. The specialist workshop is then only necessary for difficult cases, because very special tools are not available or special knowledge is lacking. This helps to save money in the end.

What tools are needed in a hobby car workshop??

With a competent specialist dealer, such as contorion, which operates a modern online store, it is easy and inexpensive to equip the hobby car workshop with the appropriate tools. In addition, there are other tools that are useful additions to the equipment of the hobby workshop, such as various torque wrenches from contorion.De.

Other important tools are:

A set of allen keys (T-handle),

Pliers, such as pipe and wire strippers, side cutters, combination pliers and water pump pliers, needle-nose pliers and circlip pliers

Voltage tester for the battery

OBD scanner and much more.

This is only a small excerpt. In principle, however, the list would be many times longer.

equipping the hobby car workshop

There are some things that should be present in any case. For example, a room with good lighting is necessary. This is especially true in garages without windows. Workshop or vehicle lamps provide good service here.

In addition, a good ventilation is necessary in a car workshop. When vehicles are started in the garage or machines are used for welding, unhealthy exhaust gases are produced that must be conducted to the outside. It doesn’t matter which welding process is used or which engines are started up. They pose a significant health risk.

Working safely in the hobby car workshop

In a professional workshop there are legal regulations concerning the prevention of accidents. The employers’ liability insurance association for wood and metal has published a report on this under bghm.De publishes the relevant regulations. These regulations should also be included in a hobby workshop at least as recommendations, such as the regulations on fire protection and fire extinguishers. In the end, the workshop is safer and, in case of emergency, measures in accordance with the regulations can prevent serious damage.

The right protective equipment is also important. Safety goggles and gloves or protective equipment for welding work should be available in any case, as well as a first aid kit, as described under drk.De recommended by the german red cross for businesses.

Besides the tools for personal protection, it is also advisable to protect the infrastructure. Depending on the size and construction of the garage, column guards may be important for safety. Willenbrockshop offers, for example, a pillar protector that fits all square pillars and pneumatically absorbs shocks. In addition to a pillar protection, a signposting of the workshop can be useful. Any driving areas should be clearly signposted for visitors.

Statistically speaking, most accidents at a vehicle workplace continue to be caused by tripping. Overestimation of the use of tools, unused protective clothing and lack of coordination with colleagues are usually the causes of this. Laying anti-slip floor coverings can make a significant contribution to safety in the automotive workshop.

The right light for your own workshop

Lighting is particularly important in a hobby car workshop. Poorly lit workshops harbor a great many accident hazards. Particularly in a workshop and when handling machines, poor light can very easily lead to accidents. In addition, many jobs require good lighting conditions to see exactly what needs to be done. The main lighting of the garage should consist of several neon lights. They last long and give bright light to work with. In addition, good LED lights and also construction spotlights are useful on the vehicle. Necessary to have a good view for example under the car or in the engine compartment. These lights can be attached to a helmet, hung on the hood or under the car.

In summary, it is relatively easy to set up a hobby car workshop. Having your own workshop is the best way to save money on car repairs, provided you have the necessary expertise. If the appropriate space exists, such as a sufficiently large garage, the only thing missing is the right equipment. You are ready to start working. In the end, only the hobbyist himself knows which tools and equipment, which lighting and safety measures are right for the respective hobby workshop. It is important to prevent accidents and not to struggle with inappropriate tools when working.

To save space in your own small workshop, it is sometimes worthwhile to purchase a storage platform.

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