Your tegernsee holiday – my tegernsee insidertipps

Your tegernsee holiday - my tegernsee insidertipps

The Tegernsee near the Karwendel

Insider tips for your Tegernsee holiday
I live in the Karwendel Tegernsee and give you from my experiences in the Tegernsee mountains tips what you can do on the Tegernsee even once. Depending on whether you want to hike the Tegernsee, cycling, skiing, sledding or just want to go for a walk – I have the specific leisure tips to do so. I also introduce you to customs and special events at one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria.

General information about the Tegernsee
The Tegernsee is one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria. He is 6.5 kilometers long. In addition to the town of the same name Tegernsee Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Kreuth and Rottach-Egern share in the lake. They unite around 24,000 inhabitants.

For vacationers there are a total of 11,000 beds. You are in all segments, from ***** Hotel, **** Hotel, inns, guesthouses, private rooms and apartments. For dining and drinking, 200 restaurants and other dining options are counted.

Where is the Tegernsee??

Location Tegernsee
The Tegernsee is located in the south of Germany. It is surrounded by smaller mountains that are up to 1500 meters high. They belong to the Bavarian Alps. Behind the Tegernsee rises in about 30 kilometers away the famous Karwendelgebirge with some second thousand.

The Tegernsee region is one of the oldest recreational areas in Germany. Due to the proximity to Munich (just over an hour by car), many Munich come here on weekends to recover. The lake and the low mountain ranges around convey the most beautiful alpine romance in Upper Bavaria.

Arrival Tegernsee

How to get to the Tegernsee?
Munich is about 50 kilometers from Tegernsee. There is a good connection with the train (Bob). By car via the A8 motorway, exit Holzkirchen also from Munich to the Tegernsee. The closest airports are Munich and Innsbruck, both 90 km away. More flight connections are available for Munich Airport, above all the flights to Munich are cheaper than to Innsbruck.

But the old town Innsbruck is more beautiful and worth taking a look!

Tegernsee holiday

What traditions and what customs stands for the Tegernsee?
The inhabitants of Tegernsee are deeply rooted in their tradition and culture. Many houses in the village centers are still decorated with the Lüftlmalerei. On holidays, the costume is dressed with lederhosen and dirndl, or better "created", as the Tegernsee say. The festivals include the well-known beer from the Tegernsee monastery.

The traditions on the Tegernsee are still upheld and celebrated today. Whether it be festivals, customs or other old-fashioned ones. Great is the Almabtrieb and the traditional Leonhardiritt. Not far from Tegernsee is also the annual Leonhardiritt in Bad Tölz, which is even more impressive than the Leonhardiritt on Tegernsee.

Costume Tegernsee

Trachten Tegernsee – always modern and in fashion
Many people on the Tegernsee still produce the Tegernseer costume by hand – and to measure. From leather trousers to shoes, this is the Tegernsee. Want to buy a Tegernseer costume or just learn more about it?

Tegernsee walk

A particularly beautiful Tegernsee Walk pleasing?
The enjoyment of nature with the lake and the hilly mountains is usually the focus of a holiday on Lake Tegernsee. Small walks on the lakeshore and the picturesque backdrop of the bay on the Ringsee make holidaymakers hearts beat faster. As Tegernsee walk I recommend the way around the Tegernsee! Especially nice between Bad Wiessee and Rottach Egern. Here we were already on the way with the stroller.

A nice and easy way, with great sections right on the Tegernsee. Benches invite you to stop and look!

–> our Tegernsee walk. Goes also with children.

Hiking on the Tegernsee

Where can you hike Tegernsee?
Very popular are the hikes in the Tegernsee valley. The local tourist office recommends 24 mountain hikes for beginners and pleasure hikers and 17 challenging mountain hikes, which are primarily reserved for experienced hikers. This includes the hike to the well-known Tegernsee hut near the Buchstein and Roßstein. Nice is the area Sutten, where you can drive over the Tegernsee toll road from Rottach Egern over the Moniallm into the hiking area. Alpine hiking tours are available in the nearby Karwendelgebirge.

Health holiday at the Tegernsee
More than 100 years ago, sources of iodine sulfur were discovered on Lake Tegernsee. These are the strongest sources of iodine sulfur in Germany. They help with skin and eye problems, rheumatism as well as heart and circulatory problems. The network “the healthy country” offers a free hotline, under which recreation seekers are professionally advised. Further information for a health holiday is also available from the tourist office.

Golfing on the Tegernsee

Golf vacation at the Tegernsee
If you want to spend a golf vacation in the Bavarian Alps and next to a lake, is right on Tegernsee. Here you will find the Golfclub Bad Wiessee right next to the Tegernsee and the Margarethenhof near Waakirchen. Both golf courses each have 18 holes. And then there’s the 6-hole Birdie Golf practice in Tegernsee. Also in the Tegernsee valley is located in the village Valley the golf course "Golf Valley" with 36 holes. More choice? 20 places can be found within an hour’s drive.

Mountain biking and cycling on the Tegernsee

Cycling holiday and mountain bike holiday on the Tegernsee
There are 200 kilometers of marked trails for cycling tours. Here is everything from the simple bike path along the lake to the exhausting mountain bike tour everything: there is the possibility to cycle around the Tegernsee to drive. Easy is the bike ride along the Weissach to the famous Wildbad Kreuth.

Mangfallgebirge mountain biking
Very nice, but also with gradients is the bike path to Monialm. Mountain bikers like to drive on the Aueralm or use the location to Tyrol on a cross-country MTB tour to the Rofan Erzherzog-Johann-Klause.

–> Great mountain bike trails can be found here in Karwendel: Mountain biking in the Karwendel

Where to climb the Tegernsee?

Climbing in the Tegernsee valley
The “via Weissbier” has a peculiar name and is at the same time program: Climb up first and then on a wheat beer at the finish, the Tegernsee hut on the Ross and Buchstein. There are great routes on these rocks with difficulty III and IV+
Also nice are the climbing routes at Plankenstein. –> Here is the link to the climbing area on Tegernsee.

Where can you swim at the Tegernsee?

Here you will find the beach resorts and bays on Tegernsee
On warm summer days, guests and locals alike cavort at the numerous bathing and bathing beaches in the Tegernsee. There are next to seven beach baths. Particularly popular is the “Point”, where the white sandy beach attracts beach volleyball players. From May to September, the beach and warm bath in Rottach-Egern has opened. We have gathered here the most beautiful bathing spots on the Tegernsee:

–> the most beautiful bathing places? Here great swimming on the Tegernsee

Almabtrieb Tegernsee

Autumn Festival on the Tegernsee: The Almabtrieb
In autumn, the cows are adorned by the alpine meadows from the Mangfall Mountains and the Brandenberg Alps back to the Tegernsee. From the Bayralm, the Wechselalm and the Schönleitenalm. The Almabtrieb is celebrated in September around the Tegernsee.

The winter at the Tegernsee

Winter vacation at the Tegernsee
In winter, actually, the quieter time, with plenty of advent on the Tegernsee is offered from the advent. Very nice are the advent markets and Christmas markets on an advent holiday on Tegernsee. The three big markets are even connected by a ship. Here is the information about the most beautiful Advent markets on the Tegernsee: Advent magic on the Tegernsee.

Sledding on Tegernsee

Tobogganing on Tegernsee – on the long toboggan run on Wallberg!
If there is enough snow, various toboggan tours are possible around the lake and in the surrounding mountains. Numerous paths are prepared as a natural toboggan run. A special winter pleasure! 6.5 kilometers long is the toboggan run on Wallberg – known for its heavy accidents and the long lines at the lift, which bring the sledders up to the start. Do you want to sledge on the Tegernsee??

–> Here is the overview of the most beautiful toboggan runs on the Tegernsee.

Which ski resorts are available at the Tegernsee?

Skiing on the Tegernsee
The region around the Tegernsee is not the first choice for a skiing holiday. The largest ski areas are not on Tegernsee, compared to the other ski resorts in the Alps. But some ski lifts especially delight families and lovers of smaller ski facilities. We have described here all the information about the ski slopes for a skiing holiday on Tegernsee.
–> Here you will find my overview of skiing on the Tegernsee

Map Tegernsee

For a good orientation, take a look at the Tegernsee map

Hotel on the Tegernsee

Which hotels are beautiful on the Tegernsee?
As far as my experiences at the Tegernsee are, most of the hotels around the Tegernsee have a lot of catching up to do on renovations. For a long time, not much has been invested and this has put the hotels behind the hotel in the Achensee, which is only one kilometer away in Tyrol. And if you also want to hike in the Karwendel or enjoy the great nature in winter, spring or autumn, I recommend a day trip to the Tegernsee – maybe even at the toll-free journey over the Tegernsee – and to stay directly in the Karwendelgebirge.

–> This is what the beautiful hotels in Karwendel look like.

Over the Tegernsee

What should one know about the history of Tegernsee??
The Tegernsee goes back to a glacier lake. In the recent past, the region was dominated by the monastery Tegernsee. In 746, the Benedictines laid the foundation stone for the monastery Tegernsee. From this developed not only the well-known brewery and the inn, but also the prosperity of the region.

The holiday guests came to the Tegernsee valley after the secularization. Well-known ambassador for the holiday region was the Bavarian king Max I at the beginning of the 19th century. He made the former Benedictine abbey a summer residence. This drew many people from Munich and many nobles of damiligen society to the lake near Munich. He felt particularly well in the “Wildbad” in Kreuth, specifically in the “Whey and bathing establishment”, which was built here for the cure of the king, the bath in the whey of beauty and the water of the well being of health should serve.

Local products from the Tegernsee
Of course, there are different farmers to buy milk and, above all, cheese. The best-known and probably oldest product of the region, which still finds its ripping sales today, is the Tegernseer beer.

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