Your way to a successful application

Your way to a successful application

Good preparation is half the battle

This is how the application succeeds

You have left school behind and now you are facing your next big stage of life, your education. It does not matter if you’re someone who knows his dream job training since childhood or someone who had to spend weeks looking for his education. In both cases, you now face a major challenge – the application. Numerous questions fly through your head:

How do I write an application? How do I design my cover letter? How do I differentiate myself from other applicants? Do I need a tabular CV? What is an application video? What documents and certificates do I need for my application? What do I put on for a job application photo? What clothes for a job interview? How is the job interview going? Which questions will be asked during the recruitment test??

We show you the way to a successful application © RyanMcGuire | Pixabay Public Domain

With numerous tips, information, concrete examples and samples, we help you to successfully apply for your education or for your studies. Remember that we can not do this job for you. Cover letters, curriculum vitae and Co. must always be written individually for a specific job, because personnel will discover so-called mass applications immediately. So our templates and examples are for guidance only and should not be taken one to one.

Fireman, athletics world champion, princess, boxer, influencer or policeman – as a child you knew exactly what you wanted to become. Only if you are now faced with a career choice and can choose between hundreds of possible occupations, your old dream job comes to shaky and you ask yourself: "Which job fits me?"

The answer is the professional check.

Application documents

The first impression of the applicant counts. With your documents, it is the interest of the company to arouse, because they are your chance to get the training place.

Accordingly, you should prepare this. Therefore, make sure that your documents are individually tailored to you. Use templates as inspiration for your application, but be careful not to send identical applications.

In terms of design, you should stick to the DIN 5008. It forms the skeleton of your documents. In the cover letter, you show your potential new company why you are the appropriate candidate. Your CV presents in tabular form your career and your knowledge. You usually place the application photo in the upper right corner of the curriculum vitae or on the cover page if you use one. Design examples and the appropriate order for your documents can be found in our sample applications.

Online application

The application process has changed. Nowadays companies usually want applications submitted online rather than by mail. This is partly due to the companies themselves, which offer their ads on their homepage, and on the other to online search engines, through which one can apply directly with one click. Likewise, processing your records is easier for businesses. For example, we’ll show you what to look out for in an online application, what an online form is, how to email an application, digitize your credentials, and even apply for video.

job interview

Personnel seek the best trainees. An invitation to a job interview is proof that your records have convinced the recruit and that you have made a good impression. The conversation is the next hurdle in your application process, but also a possible entry into your training and usually the first personal contact with your new training company. We’ll take away your nervousness and show you how to prepare yourself perfectly for the conversation. We give you tips and strategies on the way. After that, you can start thinking about answers to frequently asked questions in job interviews and prepare for salary negotiation.

employment test

Whether you are eligible for the tender, HR professionals often test with an employment test. They want to get to know you, the unknown applicant. Your personality, intelligence, language, logic, general knowledge, or concentration will be tested. Depending on the profession, the topics of the tests can of course also change. An aspiring media designer will have to solve tests for spatial presentation rather than computational tasks. Prepare yourself optimally and inform yourself. It’s about your future.

Assessment Center

In addition to recruitment tests, which you answer in writing or online, there are also competitions with several applicants. In individual or group work, the HR team will ask you different tasks, which you then have to solve and present your results. Such Assessment Centers are designed to demonstrate your social skills and abilities that you need for your training: For example, the “Postkorb” individual work is about prioritizing tasks and working under stress. In a group discussion it is observed how team-oriented you are, how well you can convince and how you can prevail over others. And a role play simulates a job-typical situation, such as a conversation with a customer, which is about your appearance and your communication skills.

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So you stand out as a candidate today still positive

The job market and the application processes have long been digitized. This simplifies many things and processes, but the demands on applicants also change. Some are already assumed, other is considered a plus point. So that you do not already get on the job with your application, or do not despair of finding your apprenticeship place, we have compiled some tips with which you, as an applicant, can still stand out positively from the mass of applications.

The shortest way to a dream job

For the 13th time, the jobmesse münsterland will be held on 18./19. May in the Halle Münsterland at the start. More companies, institutions and educational institutions are looking for new employees than ever before on the weekend. Whether you are a student or a seasoned experienced engineer, there are excellent career opportunities here for everyone. In addition, there are interesting lectures, workshops and services during the fair.

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