Your wish: a forest kindergarten, dörverden

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Parents from the community want to create an alternative

Your wish: a forest kindergarten

Updated: 10/14/19 5:55 PM

Dörverden / West – It would be an enrichment for the care offered in the municipality of Dörverden: A forest kindergarten should come, some parents think. You have already developed a comprehensive concept and now want to present it to other interested parties. A possible location has also already been found. In the future, children could play and learn in the fresh air in a piece of forest near Diensthop.

This would not only offer the parents of the community an educational alternative to the regular kindergartens, but also relax the overall childcare situation. The places of the kindergartens in the community are currently fully occupied.

Lisa Paulsen, Corbinian Schöfinius and Yvonne Allerheiligen from the west and Jens Gliessmann from Stedebergen form the active core of the initiative, which has set itself the goal of a forest group in summer 2020 for children from three years old. There, a maximum of 15 children would be looked after by two educators. Construction measures would not be necessary: ​​the forest itself, with a construction trailer in a clearing, would be the kindergarten. The children would be outside in almost any weather, only in extreme conditions would the care take place in a shelter. The Gasthaus zur Mühle or the multi-generation house in the west are ideal for this. The initiators are convinced that it is an advantage for the children to be outside a lot in every season. “You learn how much fun it is to jump in puddles of mud. And how wonderful yourself the first Feel the sun’s rays in spring, ”says Lisa Paulsen.

Even expensive materials and toys are not provided: the forest itself is an attractive and motivating space for experiences and learning for the children, the concept says. “In the forest kindergarten, the children can develop freely in any direction,” says Paulsen.

"I’m a very nature-loving person myself," says Jens Gliessmann. He therefore wishes that his children were given the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the forest habitat intensively.

Forester Michael Müller also welcomes this approach. "With our idea we ran open doors," says Yvonne Allerheiligen. So he suggested several pieces of forest that would be suitable. An area at Diensthop has now crystallized out. On the one hand, this had a varied vegetation to offer, on the other hand it was easily accessible, even for emergency vehicles. Some trees are to be felled here soon anyway. The construction trailer could find its place in the clearing thus created.

Now it is a matter of winning over other collaborators for the project. The parents are currently advertising for support from the local government and the politics. An association to set up the forest kindergarten is to be founded on Sunday, October 27, at 2:30 p.m. The meeting point is the Gasthaus Waidmannsheil in Diensthop. An information event will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2:30 p.m. at the location where the new forest kindergarten could be set up. This will be signposted from the service shop. rei


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