Youth Office Certificate, dr

Youth Office Certificate, dr


Youth Office document

Free maintenance title for children

  • What is the Jugendamt deed for??
  • Are there next juvenile certificates further enforceable maintenance title without trial?
  • enforceable certificate to the >Care support (§ >1615l BGB) for mothers after (§ >59 Para.1 para. 4 SGB VIII)
  • enforceable notarial acknowledgment of guilt >TEMPLATE
  • Notary Maintenance Agreement with enforcement submission >More

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signpost to the youth office certificate

to the youth office certificate

Left & literature

For which children?

  • The free maintenance title for children up to 21 years

Youth Office documents (-> template) minor and adult childrenn until the completion of the 21st year of life (§ -> 59 Para.1 para. 3 SGB VIII) an enforceable -> Maintenance Title (Section 86 FamFG). Note : The possibility for children up to 21 to have a free (Jugendamt) title can not be misinterpreted to the effect that youth office certificates are no longer enforceable once they reach the age of majority of the child or the age of 21. Learn more about the term of youth certificates -> HERE.


Not only that > Standard requirement according to Dusseldorf table but also a possible > More need for child support can be by means of Youth Office document be enforceable.


Free Titular procedure before the youth welfare office

  • The main advantage of Youth Office document is in the free >Titulation procedure for >Child Support
  • In practice, the possibility for unmarried mothers is largely unknown >Maintenance support according to § 1615l BGB also free of charge via the Youth Welfare Office to be recorded in full.
  • Is it about other maintenance claims (e.g.. >Spouse maintenance), the title claim can only be out of court in the form of an enforceable notarial deed (e.g. >notarial acknowledgment of guilt; notarial >Divorce settlement agreement); in form of >Attorney comparison) can be achieved.

Dispute />

When the call for a youth diploma flies into the house, expert advice should be sought on how to proceed. Even if -> Child Support previously voluntary, regular and without -> Maintenance Title you should pay because of the -> Titulierungsinteresses the delivery of a -> free Youth Office document consider. Because judicial -> Maintenance procedures much more -> costs cause, than the -> Gang to the youth welfare office, should simply for reasons of cost always have child support voluntarily titled by youth office certificate, as far as he as -> appears justified.

  • More about the possibilities and rules of the game for extrajudicial ->Maintenance agreements they find out ->HERE.
  • When and how conflicts about the youth diploma should be avoided, you will learn ->Practical tips for the youth diploma.

Cost risk – maintenance procedure

If you refuse the submission of a Jugendamsturkunde, because in your estimation the maintenance claim is not or not in the required amount (-> exam & practical Tips), you risk the initiation of a -> judicial procedure, either by the youth welfare office as -> assistance of dependent child (mostly in the -> simplified procedure) or by the lawyer of the opposite side. In maintenance procedure usually exists -> a lawyer. To avoid an unnecessary cost risk of such procedures, you should at the latest now -> seek expert advice. A rect ! Even if the parents out of court for a certain cash for the child have agreed (-> Maintenance agreements) and the agreed monthly payment amounts are paid punctually and reliably -> Titulierungsinteresse. If the debtor refuses to compile a Youth Office document does he give occasion for a -> legal proceedings. The costs of such a procedure shall be borne entirely by the debtor, unless he has the option in the proceedings -> immediate acknowledgment to explain. Was the maintenance debtor but already out of court to submit a Youth Office document prompted within a reasonable time is one -> immediate acknowledgment no longer possible in the procedure (More -> HERE…).

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