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You can find information about the current youth parliament here or on Facebook

who are we

We are the representative of the Worms youth. The youth parliament.

  • is non-partisan and non-denominational and decides on issues relating to youth.
  • is a supportive and advisory body of the city of Worms.
  • and consists of 15 freely elected representatives between the ages of 14 and 21.

What do we do

Participation in meetings of the city council and the youth welfare committee, participation in the "Redesign of youth work in Worms", Organization of soccer, volleyball and basketball tournaments, concerts, etc.

You can find more about promotions and events here or on our Facebook page

What does the youth parliament offer?

Platform to represent young people’s interests at the local level
Right to speak in the city council and in all committees of the city of Worms on issues relevant to young people
advisory voice in the youth welfare committee

Events and promotions

The Jupa finding training camp

After the election, the newly elected youth parliamentarians go to a "training camp"

In a weekend you will be prepared for your future task and provided with information. Interest groups and working groups are formed and the board is elected.

Here questions are asked and answers are given.

The encounter with the big politics

The national meeting of all youth parliaments takes place once a year in Mainz. The organizer is the Ministry of Integration, Family, Children, Youth and Women.
In addition to numerous youth parliaments, the responsible minister and the Prime Minister of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate are usually present.
At this meeting, the exchange of youth parliaments with each other is just as important as the meeting with the representatives of the state government.

You will also receive an invitation from the Prime Minister for the Rhineland-Palatinate Day, which takes place in Worms this year.

Another political excursion goes to Berlin. There you will be guided through political Berlin for a few days at the invitation of your deputy. You visit the Bundestag and get to know the city a little.

Pentecostal Academy

The Pentecostal Academy in Berlin is intended to convey new suggestions and ideas for young people. Due to the self-determined motto of the participants, the focus is on fun, work and leisure. Current discussions among each other and with guests / experts about youth participation in an annually changing subject area are discussed.
A "make" is triggered by the participants’ accompanied projects. By working you challenge yourself and keep the new aspects of life. You also get an introduction from project management to improtheater.
The topics of the Pentecostal Academy are different every year. Because this is always determined by the participants themselves. By presenting projects or ideas from those involved, projects such as:

• Twitter – in 140 characters around the world
• Polyandry
• Improtheater
• Your vision now

Sports events

One of the tasks of the youth parliaments is to organize sporting events
In contrast to club sport, the focus is not on performance, but on fun.
Football nights, basketball nights, volleyball tournaments with and without DJ, with sausages and popcorn or only with drinks. The youth parliaments were always very imaginative.
These events are preventive. The sports nights usually take place on Friday nights and also give young people who do not play in the club the opportunity to meet new people and work out.

You are also a game observer and fair play officer at the Ballance football tournament that takes place in Albert-Schulte Park.


The Youth Parliament will again be challenged this year at the Backfischfest. In collaboration with the youth welfare office, you will be involved in alcohol prevention measures and, among other things, sell non-alcoholic cocktails to young people.

Save the Court 2.0

In the Save the Court project, continued yourself Youth Parliament for the maintenance and reopening of the basketball court in Liebenauer Feld (Westend). This was threatened by closure due to complaints from residents. The youth parliament had previously only campaigned for the necessary equipment of basket nets and maintenance. Because of this, the JUPA met to find a common solution to the usage problem. Due to the necessary commitment, the closure could be stopped and the basketball court started again. This was celebrated with a streetball tournament and a large district festival

refugee work

Refugee work is more topical than ever, which is why the youth parliament has been dealing with this issue for a long time. The youth parliament carried out a large number of successful projects. One of the most famous projects was "We are worms – nice that you are there" in which the different cultures can learn from each other. At this introductory festival there was even food from Africa and Syria, there was also dancing, singing and friendships. It was a great success and an important step for the integration of the new citizens!
Another project of the youth parliament was a visit to the refugee home in the gate ring on St. Nicholas Day. A barbecue was organized and for the children Santa Claus came and brought many presents.


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