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YouTV is an online video recorder. Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad allow you to stream or download recorded TV shows on smartphones and tablets. Also Google TV, Apple TV and other systems are supported.

To be honest, who wants to have a video recorder under his TV today? And on the shelf the big video cassettes? The most convenient method is to record programs directly on the computer. That allow some solutions – but usually the Mac or PC must be turned on.

YouTV records TV – all around the clock

It’s easier: YouTV does the work. It is probably a legal trick that we have to give the order for the admission. In principle, YouTV does not offer the films, series and programs, but is a service that records a TV station for us. But in a practical way this is so far that we always have all the stations recorded – and then fall back on a large media library. You can choose between ARD, ZDF, Pro7, RTL, VOX, arte and many more.

The service is perfect for watching missed programs, loading movies to the local hard drive, and more. The concept has only one catch: It is, as I said, the TV program recorded. The film is thus interrupted by the advertising blocks of the TV channels (but we can, of course, fast forward). And: Should the broadcast of a program be delayed, the end could be cut off in a file. YouTV prevents this with a slight lead and lag during recording.

Live TV, the program in real time, is not offered. The broadcasts are only available after the broadcast.

Similarly, OnlineTVRecorder also works. The competition portal is already a bit getting old, looks quite stale and was at least a few years ago cumbersome in the operation. Anders YouTV – the apps, the design are fresh, for example, the new Apple TV app integrates seamlessly into the user interface of the Apple Box.

Supported devices of the online video recorder

The number of supported devices is already large: Apps are available for Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and Nvidia Shield (Google TV). For smartphones and tablets there is an Android, iOS and Windows app (download links below).

On Mac and PC, the shipments can be viewed directly via the web portal. A connection to Samsung SmartTV and Roku is in preparation, also an app for Windows.

The prices of YouTV

YouTV is free to use – but here you only get access to the programs of the last 24 hours, as a stream from the library, but no download.

The Basic package (5,99 Euro) allows access to the broadcasts of the last three days. Next to the stream is a download possible.

The Per package costs 9.99 euros per month (with annual payment: 7.99 euros per month). In addition to a 7-day access and download option, there is also a long-term archive that stores up to 50 items online for just under a year.

For families and small cliques, the Family package (14.99 euros per month) could come into question.

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