Zoom – for healthy white teeth here in Magdeburg

Zoom - for healthy white teeth here in Magdeburg

Effective tooth bleaching thanks to established Zoom! Technology

A radiant smile is the epitome of vitality, health and self-confidence for many people – many of our patients express the desire for natural white teeth. Thanks to the latest bleaching techniques with the Zoom! Technology, we can realize your individual ideas in the best possible way. This innovative method of teeth whitening has proven itself millions of times and guarantees you a long durability of the result. In the following, we will introduce you to the advantages, effects and procedures of treatment with Zoom. If you have further questions, you are welcome to take advantage of the personal advice in our practice.

Benefits of bleaching with zoom

The sophisticated technique of tooth whitening with zoom offers many benefits to our patients:

  • Pleasant and uncomplicated treatment process
  • Fast results visible
  • Long durability of the result
  • Brightening even stubborn discoloration of the teeth
  • Special products for patients with sensitive tooth substance
  • Most recommended whitening system with light activation in the USA

Professional teeth whitening in practice

The so-called in-office bleaching, which is carried out completely in our dental practice, represents the optimal method of effective teeth whitening. In addition to the competent advice and support provided by our trained team, you benefit from highly effective bleaching. In contrast to domestic bleaching, in our practice we can apply much higher levels of whitening gels, typically 25% H2O2. Accordingly, we achieve a very intense result in just one session. Our patients can choose between light-activated technology using the Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​LED lamp and the DASH non-light method.

How does teeth whitening work??

Bleaching is an effective way to remove unsightly discoloration in the dentin and enamel. The zoom technology always works with special whitening gels that are applied directly to your teeth. The active ingredients hydrogen or carbamide peroxide contained therein generate active oxygen in the form of hydroxyl radicals during the treatment in a chemical reaction. The latter change the light-reflecting properties of the embedded color particles without affecting the structure of the teeth.

What does the light activation do??

To intensify the teeth whitening we can use the innovative Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​LED lamp. If we direct the LED light to the gel used, we initiate a so-called Photo-Fenton reaction. Here, the photons react with the gluconate contained in the lightening gel – consequence is the constant production of hydroxyl radicals, the "whiteners". Thus, we can achieve an increased lightening of up to eight color levels. We work with this procedure with two to three exposure sequences of about 15 minutes duration. The light effect is confirmed by clinical studies; Current study results prove up to 40% better result than in the procedures without light irradiation.

The developers rely on the LED technology, as this ensures a hundred percent higher light intensity than conventional lamps. In addition, the light intensity can be varied, so that the comfort of the treated patient can be optimized. Also, the longer life of the LED lights with low operating costs is a crucial factor for this technique.

How does Zoom work without light activation??

For in-office whitening we also offer the method with DASH. Even without additional light application, we can realize a whiter, even smile in just one session. Before beginning treatment, we carefully isolate the patient’s lips, cheeks, and gums to protect these areas from contact with the bleaching gel. Subsequently, the gel is applied to the tooth surfaces. We let this work in three cycles for about 15 minutes each – so uncomplicated we achieve a visible brightening. The method with DASH is also suitable for bleaching individual teeth.

What are the options for patients with sensitive teeth??

Even if you suffer from increased sensitivity of the teeth, we can provide teeth whitening with the zoom technology. As an aid, the patented relief ACP Oral Care Gel is used. This gel contains a unique active ingredient combination of amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride. It reliably reduces the unpleasant sensation of teeth during and after bleaching. Positive side effects include the strengthening of the enamel and the reduction of subsequent darkening of the teeth. The ACP Oral Care Gel is either applied directly to your tooth surfaces or incorporated into the pre-made tray.

How safe is the zoom procedure??

The whitening of teeth using the zoom technique is considered to be very safe and harmless, according to the results of extensive studies. The prerequisite for this is the execution of bleaching under the supervision of a dentist and a competent treatment team. As part of the treatment, in some patients, only an increased sensitivity of the tooth necks may occur, which is rapidly reduced by the above-mentioned ACP Oral Care Gel or a special toothpaste.

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