Balea advent calendar 2019: what’s in it? Experience – test!

What’s in the Balea Advent Calendar 2019 My experience with the test!

As in 2017 and 2018, this December you can again enjoy the large selection of advent calendars. You can hardly enter a shop or on the Internet via one Christmas Calendar to stumble. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find the right one with the offer. Above all, prices vary so much that many buyers are afraid to a lot of Spending money or just cheap To receive gifts.

Therefore, you will find many articles about various copies on various pages. So you can be perfect about the gifts and their quality inform. So you don’t have any surprises more, but this way you are on the safe side and can safely purchase or order an advent calendar.

What is the Balea advent calendar?

Who often drugstore Shops like DM or Rossmann has already noticed a Christmas calendar from Belea at Christmas time. As the heading suggests, one can classical Christmas calendar going out. So here are behind 24 little door hidden gifts and just waiting to be discovered by you. These are not chocolates, but beauty products.

The contained portions are excellent for a trip when you are on the go and prefer to keep your hand cream in his purse want to keep. But also for buyers who are not yet using the company are familiar, or just want to try something new, the copy is ideal.

The advent calendar looks very simple. The delicate rosé, the christmas Motifs and the golden shades leave it feminine look and match the Christmas decor. Also for them male There is a Balea advent calendar for buyers 2019 . But this is not feminine, but comes with a wood look and green background, which should appeal to male buyers.

What’s in the Balea Advent Calendar 2019? My experience!

Balea has been around for many years and is known for its beautiful and nourishing Beauty products. In this way, the company remains true to itself and launches its calendars with their articles on the market. Everything your body needs to survive the tough Christmas stress is waiting here. Whether beautiful Body lotion or face creams, everything is there from head to toe. Many potential buyers think that the almanac is only cheap surprises has it ready because it’s already for under € 14.95 to acquire there.

But ours experience show that despite the price, it hides many good surprises. We all tried the goods and were very satisfied. Many buyers also report that both the small Gifts, as well as the price of the Christmas calendar.

Since that too male Buyer should not miss out Balea also created a suitable Christmas calendar for the men’s world. in the woody This version can also look for € 14.95 can be purchased in drugstores or on the Internet. Here too, the gentlemen can talk about creams for the face and also articles for beard care.

All surprises have something smaller size than the original products and is therefore ideal for a trip or just to try it out. You can also get one for the purchase price friend or one family member to give pleasure. So you can survive the Christmas season in a more relaxed and neat way.

Which variants of the Christmas calendar are available?

As already mentioned, as in previous years,female" and a "male“Release version. Nobody who likes to treat their body will feel excluded. Both variations become regular in drugstores or also On-line For example Amazon sold. from a travel perspective, there is no difference. But of course with the filling. Unfortunately there are no mixed calendars to share as a couple if it is too expensive for some.


This is the advent calendar for the lady. Accordingly, the inner life also depends on it. Beautiful creams for the face, a shower gel or shampoo are waiting for the women here. Visually, this model is a big one highlight, it stands out from the crowd with its special design and bright colors. But if you like it more subtle and do not want everyone to see it right away, you will love the look also have no problems. With small Christmas motifs, it matches the current one season.

On the back of the Christmas calendar, you can catch a glimpse beforehand of what surprises await you. Unfortunately, this removes the tension and can spoil the fun for curious eyes. If you would like to give away the almanac as a gift, you can tape over the back or paint over it so that the tension is retained. To purchase the calendar is just a visit to one drugstore or a few clicks on the internet. You can already place a copy in your apartment or hang it up and enjoy the filling.

Balea Men

That too male Gender has the right to treat itself to some relaxation during the stressful Christmas season. After all, it can also be exhausting to find the right gift for the woman of the heart, where you also have to work or want to help with decorating at home. With the Balea Advent Calendar, men have the opportunity to look forward to gifts every day of December.

Among others are eye creams, shower gels and Q10 creams for the face behind the door. So the gentlemen do not have to be afraid that you will be given the stress look. The visual appearance comes with a woody look in the shops and reminds you of one Forest respectively Christmas tree.

As with the other version, you can already on the back recognize which surprises are involved. So you can also decide before the purchase whether the small gifts are a promise or whether you should still look for an alternative.

What does the content of the Balea Advent Calendar look like??

That there are many products that are mainly used to relax the skin we have already mentioned. So who after makeup or others cosmetics, like lipstick, nail polish or eye shadow, is wrong here. It is also important to mention that the Balea Advent calendar contents are not filled with huge amounts. They are rather smaller ones portions. Perfect for new customers or for buyers who are happy to try a few other goods. Anyone who still has friends or family members who are still in November / Demzeber birthday you can definitely have one with this model sweet To give pleasure.

But if you plan to give the almanac away, you shouldn’t forget that on the back all again Gifts are shown and with a small text consisting of information about the goods are provided. It’s best to paint over the pictures and the texts so that the surprise remains, or you can glue something over it and add something nice or with motives Mistake.

However, if you are afraid that the recipient is too curious, you can take out and pack all of Balea’s individual items. It does a lot of work, but that’s how you can use the Christmas calendar individually design and nobody can guess what will come next.

Here we have one Overview for the inside of the Balea advent calendar. But if you prefer To surprise would rather not read on here.

  • Body oil
  • Urea bath pearls:
  • Moon milk mask
  • Overnight lip mask
  • Shower and cream fig and shea butter
  • Bath confetti white
  • AMU remover
  • Mattifying facial care
  • Hair Care Spray
  • Body butter Vanilla Chai
  • Winter night cream with Q10
  • Winter Shampoo
  • Winter flushing
  • Duschpeeling
  • Hazelnut Scrub
  • Hand and nail balm
  • foot scrub
  • Body lotion with cinnamon & caramel
  • Mizellenwasser
  • bath salts
  • Eye mask gel pads
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Shower cream with chocolate scent
  • Bath tablet

Who says that such calendars should only be interesting for women? There are also hundreds of different Christmas calendar options for the gentleman, but first of all you just think care products or make-up from Maybellin, for example. But if you research diligently, you will quickly notice that the men’s world is also offered many beautiful specimens.

If you want to drink one with the best buddy on a regular basis, you could, for example Christmas Calendar try with 24 different types of beer, or why not try a few samples of different whiskeys or rum? But since the men’s world sometimes stressed out Of course, they also have the right to do themselves and the body something good.

The men would also love to know what gifts they will receive. Again, if you don’t want to get betrayed, you should move on to the next category.

  • shower & Cream winter mojito
  • 24h moisturizer
  • Body spray temptation
  • Nourishing face mask
  • lip salve
  • multitool
  • Eye serum with vitamin E
  • shaving
  • Shower scrub with brown sugar:
  • Anti dandruff shampoo
  • Outdoor protection facial care
  • Peel-off mask with activated carbon
  • Xtreme styling gel
  • Facial peeling fresh
  • night cream
  • hand cream
  • NorthPole shower gel
  • Body lotion winter time
  • Bubble bath with gin and tonic
  • Q10 Intensive Cream
  • After shave balm
  • Face wash
  • Xmas shower cream with cookie scent
  • deck

Where can you buy the calendar?

Anyone who has read carefully already knows that these advent calendars can be found both in shops, as well as On-line to acquire there. It is up to you whether you are ready to throw yourself into the crowd. But you still have the option in Internet to get hold of various Christmas calendars. But since it is no longer the case today unusual is to order everything online, I would advise you not to hesitate and long fast to be. Since this is not chocolate, you can still use the almanac longer stow, until it goes to the exciting part.

You should buy this pre-Christmas gift from DM?

Of course it is possible, for example, at DM or Rossmann Saving a copy, but unlike the Internet, the branches usually only get a limited number and once they have been sold you can either go to the next one business run, or prefer to order online. The online shops have the possibility to create a much higher stock. It is also essential easier as well as more quickly, the copy for example at Amazon to order and you avoid the hustle and bustle of Christmas with what feels like a thousand other buyers.

How are customers’ experiences with the beauty article?

Many customers are very happy with that Christmas Calendar. The cheap price and the petite or masculine The appearance of the advent calendar is very well received by the buyer. Still there are complaints about the down payment and the inner workings. Many believe that it is cheaper to buy the goods individually. But if, for example, in the shop or on the homepage of DM If you look up, you can see that a present is already at 2 euros So you can assume that you get enough for your money.

It is also reported in individual cases that the presents has shifted during shipping and can no longer be used. But this is not the problem of the copy, but of the company that distributes the packages. If you want, you can do the little ones Gifts, pack individually and create your own individual calendar, either for yourself or for friends or family. There are also many Tips on the Internet for homemade advent calendars.

What are the alternatives??

Of course, Balea is not the only company that has one Christmas Calendar brings to the market. If you prefer something more exclusive, you can, for example, look at the Advent calendar from Rituals take a closer look. Also hide here 24 Mini Presents in packets. The optical alone makes a lot, because this almanac is one 3D or depending on the variation also in one 2D Christmas tree can transform.

The gifts in the almanac are of very high quality and accordingly also more expensive. Not only body lotion but also noble ones are hidden among others perfumes, nailfile and other sweet ideas. For the Deluxe Version you have to be ready short € 89.90 to pay. If you don’t want to pay quite as much, you canExclusive“Order edition, which it is already for € 59.95 gives.

Buyers are very enthusiastic about this Christmas calendar and others are quickly deterred by the purchase price. It is also important to be quick here, because this Christmas calendar is also sold out very quickly. If necessary, you can still at ebay check, but then you have to reckon with the fact that these models can only be found in overpriced offers. Rather, check the Internet at the beginning of November to see if it is already possible to get a copy.


Many fear when deciding on a cheap Christmas calendar that this is not a good idea. The thought comes quickly, especially when you consider the huge selection. On the Internet you are often overwhelmed with a huge list and you quickly get the feeling that you have to dig deeper into your pockets for good goods. But Balea proves the opposite. Who is not always the most expensive Brand products would rather have a selection of many items that care for the body as well. The value of small gifts exceeds the payment of € 14.95, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.

The quality is still good and very popular despite the low price. You can recognize this from the fact that the almanac is quickly sold out. So you’d better look online long before the first Advent. However, if you are upset about the workmanship, be it for visual reasons or because something has slipped inside, you have to go back again and again memory call it here is not an almanac worth € 200. We still had fun with the products.

What if I don’t like the almanac anymore??

Of course, it can happen that you have chosen the wrong almanac and are no longer satisfied. For this you can visit the store again and show it with a receipt and return it within 14 days. Whether you get your money back or just get a credit depends on the branch. It is best to find out in advance.

Is it suitable for my children?

This almanac is also ideal for young women, from the age of 14. Whether the young men are happy about something like that depends on the character.

How long do the products last??

Those who store the various presents properly will enjoy them for a very long time. It is better not to put it in the direct sun, but simply to keep it at room temperature.

Balea also offers make-up?

Unfortunately, Balea has only focused on relaxing the skin, so there will be no cosmetic almanac.

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