Child-friendly holiday farm, hanselehof – black forest holiday on the farm in oberwolfach

Whether romping in the middle of the Heuburg or another goal at the table football. Our little guests at the Hanselehof are free to choose whether they want to have fun at the water playground or prefer to swing and slide.

For table tennis and trampoline fans, there is also something in the middle of nature.

Or rather explore the forest in the surrounding area. There is a lot to discover around the Hanselehof and our little guests always come back to the farm with pleasure. because it never gets boring. and comrades are also found immediately, whether younger or older. Girl or boy. the children at the Hanselehof are on the same line .

There’s really something going on at the Hanselehof!

Adventure water playground

In the midst of nature between meadows and babbling, our little guests can experience the adventure water playground. This is tested extensively by our little ones: weirs, aqueduct, fountain, foot plunge pool, water pump and others. invite you to research, build, swim, just have fun.
A cozy bench invites the parents to linger; but beware! Wherever work is done in the water, it can get wet .

4-legged farm dwellers

When Sebastian takes care of the cows – and usually there are also small calves in the stable – he is happy to see the little farm guests. The mother cow herd is usually around the Hanselehof from March to November and may graze there.

• If there are offspring or “sow weather”, the whole herd of cows go back to the cozy barn.

All animal farm dwellers

My name is Hansi Pinto

… I am the new star and live in the animal enclosure of the Hanselehof. Would you like to feed me (ija ija ija) then ask about my special food in the courtyard kitchen.

My name is Lisa

. and am now 2 years old. I am as cuddly as a cat and also as small and always want to be with the little guests .

My name is Kastania

. yes exactly how the chestnut. because I look exactly the same on my belly, very bright – “Incidentally, this is where I am most happy to be petted. and completely brown on the back. I almost forgot, I’m Lisa’s dog sister .

My name is Lea

. and so to speak, I am the boss of the Hanselehof. when I am there. I tell you where to go. but there are a few more cats in the yard, you’ve already found them?

My name is mosquito

. I am the oldest cow lady at the Hanselehof and I am happy to hear from To you to be petted.

Mrs. Ella & Stella

… I am Mrs. Elly (brown-white) and live with my sister Stella (white) goat in the animal enclosure of the Hanselehof. Incidentally, Hansi-Pinto also lives here. We look forward to a lot of petting sessions from you.

My name is asterisk

. and soon move into the petting zoo at the Hanselehof and also take a few siblings with me.


Our little guests can experience real country life right in the middle of hay. One or the other children’s party is also planned here. because the gift search here is a lot of fun .

Forestry tractor ride

Have you seen It is blue, has four huge wheels and Sebastian is behind the wheel. This is our forest tractor – Sebastian will be happy to take you for a spin with and You can control a real crane for a moment!

Riding on our partner farm

If you want to ride Icelandic ponies / horses and their flowing mane, this is not possible at a 10 minute drive from our partner farm. Riding flyer with further information available directly at the Hanselehof.

Table tennis, foosball & trampoline

Whether romping in the middle of the Heuburg or another goal at the foosball table. Our little guests at the Hanselehof are free to choose whether they want to have fun at the water playground or if they prefer to swing, jump trampoline or ride a slide.

Forest & Discover nature

There is a lot to explore and explore in the Hanselehof Forest.
Embark on the journey, whether on the forest and adventure trails or at the brook collecting sticks, there is something for every age.

Did you find what you were looking for? Maybe a special mushroom or an interesting piece of wood brings it to Sebastian. He can tell you more about it.

Children’s dreams in the region

You want to explore the region with your children. There is a lot to discover and experience in the Middle Black Forest and there is something for every age group .

And here is a small summary


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