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Since its opening 40 years ago, Gelencsér Dental Clinic and Dental Laboratory has always been at the forefront of modern dental procedures and has provided a wide range of dental treatments to its patients. All this has happened in a friendly environment.

Whether it is dental implants, or oral surgery or aesthetic fillings, the staff of our clinic is using the utmost care.

1. There is no such problem we can not solve

Perhaps these are not enough! Thanks to the technical equipment of our clinic and the professionalism of our dentists and assistants, we can truly find solutions for every problem.

Meeting the challenges of the 21st century, we are awaiting our patients with high-tech digital equipment, plus with the latest therapeutic procedures. In order to maintain the standard of professional quality, our specialists regularly take part in further training.

2. Let us help you plan your visit

You may be thinking of traveling abroad for a dental treatment. We can assure you that this is not the case at all.

Why not combine it with pleasure, especially if you can save money this way? If you choose us, we want to help you organize your trip so that you only have to concentrate on the essentials: healing and relaxation.

So if you’ve been looking for a dental treatment abroad for a while, or if you have a thorough treatment that needs to be done, please contact us and we will help you with everything.

3. Where every treatment is painless

Despite all the modern and (almost) completely painless dental procedures, many people unfortunately still associate dentists with pain. However, in the past decade, dental procedures have dramatically changed from an acute to an acute condition, so there is no reason to dismiss anymore.

On top of that, in many cases this is more of an excuse really. And when the patient sits down in the dentist‘s chair, there is often a great deal of trouble.

Our advice is that you think of a dentist in a different way, and forget your unreasonable fear. However, if you can not do it, we can still perform all the necessary treatments in anesthesia.

4. High quality, better prices

Dental treatments, as the preparation of dentures have proved to be more expensive in Western Europe than in Hungary.

There is huge, even double or triple difference in prices, to the advantage of Hungary, while quality is equally good, since we are working with the latest and most modern dental materials, just like our Western-European colleagues.

Why spend more? Have your dental work done by our team, and the money you can save on a pleasant holiday!

5. We have our own dental laboratory

Although it does not even happen that it has been damaged, it has become a problem.

The completed dental work meets all expectations. Our highly trained specialists and the excellent technical equipment of our laboratory are the guarantee to the above.

6. Continuous innovation and the latest techniques

Dentistry is an area of ​​medical science with ongoing development. Just think of the modern dental materials such as Prettau Zirkon or the 3D imaging and diagnostic methods.

During the treatments. And we always want to stick to this point!

7. Being at implantation center, our customers always come first

Since there are no two cases are similar – thus, we are using the products of several implant manufacturers in our practice.

Following the preliminary examination and assessment, we select the implant that is best for the patient. In addition to the health aspects, this is because your satisfaction is the most important for us.

8. Fixed dentures for an aesthetic smile

Do you need a fixed prosthesis? Our surgery wants to be more than happy to assist you.

In case of fixed prostheses, we offer a variety of solutions, be it retained or telescopic prosthesis, but of course, we can prepare whatever you require. The previous two solutions are recommended because they are usually supported by insurance companies, so it is advisable to opt for, unless there is any other exclusive factor.

9. Zircon for natural tooth replacements

The most innovative material in modern dentistry is probably zirconium oxide, or briefly zirconium. Because it has high tensile strength and is unbeatable in translucency, it is an ideal dental material.

We, the specialists at Gelencsér Dental, not only work with the zircon, but we know it well so we can prepare truly natural and realistic crowns or brid the original teeth.

10. We guarantee all our work

We guarantee our procedures completed in our surgery. In case of cermet dentures, for example, it is three years, and two for our aesthetic-light fillings.

Physicians will assist you, so you do not have to return to Hungary.

10 +. 1 Enjoy your stay, and relax in Hévíz

During a dental treatment, Lake Hévíz is truly an amazing place – this place is ideal for relaxing , refreshing, and because of its wonderful thermal waters, it is also excellent for treatments.

So, above are the 10 + 1 reasons that make your decision-making as easy as pie. Choose Gelencsér Dental Clinic and Dental Laboratory, and heal and relax in Hévíz!

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