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Denture in Munich

Our shared secret.

The lack of several or all teeth is a great challenge in everyday life for many people. Patient and dentist are asked the question which dentures represent the ideal care …

If there are not enough teeth or implants for fixed bridges, or if there are other reasons why firmly cemented solutions are not advisable, removable dentures also offer many options for safely eating and living again.

Partial prosthesis to replace multiple lost teeth.

Forget the general concept of a denture. Many people associate only the full denture from earlier times. The classic prosthesis that lies in the glass at night or has to be taken out in the hospital can be a thing of the past.

Removable dentures can be designed to hold firmly at any age. And that for 24 hours! The bite into the apple and the eating of a crunchy bread roll is again carefree possible. Such a dental prosthesis made by us is always unique and will be customized according to your wishes and the respective situation.

This is just in this choice of dentures in advance a good consultation with your dentist in Munich. Our experience in this field allows us to always present you with several options and expert advice on your selection.

Of course, removable dentures can be firmly anchored. As it plays a role which anchoring options are available. Again, dental implants can provide helpful stabilization with only a few residual teeth or total tooth loss. Often, only a few implants are needed to ensure a secure fit of your new teeth. Dental implants are a safe option today and can be used in older patients in a minor traumatic surgery. We are happy to advise you on the possibility of a renovation in general anesthesia.

Once the pre-treatment is complete and all the basics for a safe care are given, the oral situation is transferred to our laboratory. With the help of modern computer technology and the experienced hands of our dental technician, your dentures will be manufactured. Our dentures are completely “Made in Germany“. Quality and aesthetics are our priority.

So we can make sure that your “artificial” teeth remain a secret, which we like to guard with you.

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Of course, high quality dentures are not cheap – but the longevity and safety of material and quality comes at a price.

To make your choice easier, we also offer interest-free installment payments.

Would you like further advice on dental prostheses in Munich??

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