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Halloween is coming up soon! America in a state of emergency!

Hello everyone, I finally managed to finish my blog entry! Unfortunately at the moment I found a lot of stress with my host family and therefore less time for the blog, I hope you will see me!

The week started with my hostparents gone for 2 days to watch a football game with friends in San Diego. Of course, therefore, the theater did not fail to appear on the part of Grace; it began to peak in the early morning as soon as Grace was awake. And she didn’t want to go to school for the simple reason that her mother wasn’t there. Despite all the conviction that it would make no difference whether she went to school or stayed at home because her mother wasn’t there either way, she howled and screamed almost continuously and even called her mother every now and then even the grandparents. At some point I managed to calm her down and we were 10 minutes late at school, but at least I managed to get her to school. In the meantime the grandmother had a quick look, although I had told my grandfather that everything was fine, which had further delayed the whole thing. Even after school there was theater again before the swim training and afterwards she lazed excessively long, so that we finally appeared too late for dinner with the grandparents. Then I took Grace’s grandma home with us because she would sleep with us the night. Together we put Grace to bed and then I watched her a little bit before I went to bed.

Tuesday morning I had breakfast with Grace’s grandmother, then I took Grace back to school and her grandma back home. Then there were two Skype calls before I picked Grace up from school. Back home, my hostdad welcomed us and gave me a jam about security because I had forgotten to pick up the newspaper, get the mail in and the door between the garden and the garage was open (which I hadn’t used, just Grace playing what I unfortunately did not notice). Then she went to Grace’s swimming lessons and then to "Paws to read", an event in the library where children read books to dogs. Grace loves this more than anything because she loves dogs and loves to read. After dinner I had a fight with my hostdad, in which he accused me of some things that I would do wrong or that he expected me to do differently. Since his tone and expression was not appropriate and unacceptable to me, I was very taken with it, so I quickly went out for a walk at 9 a.m. and thank God was picked up by Patrick, who was mine again Was allowed to hear complaints from Starbucks and once again managed to cheer me up.

Wednesday morning after the morning routine, which now includes pancake baking, I met two friends in the mall during my free time. We had a lot of fun together and, among other things, discovered a bakery for us that makes fantastic sandwiches with baguette. Then a little bit of shopping was done! Back at home, I had another conversation with my hostdad, apologizing for his tone from the previous day, and dealing with general matters about my work with Grace. I was pretty upset all day, though, and was glad that Grace had a playdate before her soccer practice today. The two girls watched a Halloween show together on TV most of the time, so there wasn’t much to do for me besides making them snacks and then driving the two to soccer training. During the training I drove to the library and Safeway. After dinner I stayed at home tonight and waited for an arranged family meeting with my hostel but that didn’t take place because my hostdad had apparently forgotten it and went to bed and my host mom didn’t know about it.

Thursday was a normal working day, nothing extraordinary happened. During my free time in the morning, I met the three girls with whom I would fly to Hawaii in November. But instead of planning a lot for our vacation, we soon deviated to more urgent topics: Halloween! My next 2 1/2 weeks here would also be shaped by this topic.

Friday morning I met friends at IHOP for breakfast. Such huge restaurants, where you can only get breakfast all day, can really only be found here in America. Pancakes, crepes, omelettes, French toast and much more can be ordered here. Today I opted for a Chicken Teriyaki omelet and pancakes. Simply divine! Then I went hunting with Emelie for the first time for a Halloween costume. Since we are>
After the daily program with Grace I met a group of au pairs after dinner and together we drove to two haunted houses in San Leandro.

It was great fun: I went through the Haunted Houses in a group of 4 screaming girls, and of course I was allowed to go. It was scary! In the first haunted house, every room was decorated differently, for example there was a blood-smeared bathroom where a girl with empty eyes was chasing you, or grimacing figures that appeared out of nowhere in front of, behind or above you in a suitably designed environment. The second haunted house was dedicated to the theme "7 deadly sins", it was shrouded in total darkness and we had to illuminate the rooms with a flashlight.

Saturday I had to work most of the day, only in the morning, while my host parents were in the gym until Grace’s soccer game, during which I stayed at home to skype. The grandparents stopped by for lunch today, and in the afternoon I did a ball sale with Grace in the neighborhood, where Grace tried to get rid of a few of her old balls.

At 4:00 a.m. Grace was then picked up by a friend’s family to watch a movie with them and then go out to eat, so I unexpectedly had 3 1/2 hours off. Spontaneously I met 4 friends in the mall and went to eat with them in the cheesecake factory (#first time!). However, since we had to wait over an hour for the table, I only had time to eat my delicious bacon burger, but unfortunately not for a piece of cheesecake. But next time! Back at home, I waited 45 minutes for Grace to be home and then sat for about an hour because my host parents went out to dinner.

Sunday we went again – surprise! – to San Francisco!

Together with Nina and Becky, who was in the city for the first time today, as they say, I had a wonderful day there. It was surprisingly very good weather for San Francisco with 20 ° C and sunshine. The program included Chinatown, Pier 39, where we enjoyed burgers for lunch, and the Golden Gate Br />Here the financial district with all the skyscrapers and fashion labels borders directly on Chinatown, which simply merges into "Little Italy", the Italian district from which you can get to Fisherman’s Warf, the harbor district. On my first visit here I was a little surprised, since San Francisco is so different than you would expect for an American city, since I had at least expected more skyscrapers and hustle and bustle to New York. But already after the first hours here I learned to love that about this city. If you should ever come to America, you should definitely pay a visit to San Francisco, it is definitely worth it.

The next few weeks followed the everyday routine that is slowly becoming established. Since I no longer have the time to report on my individual days in so much detail, and also think that you are not particularly interested in this everyday routine, from now on I will concentrate more on the new, unusual moments, i.e. mainly on my free time or any special developments with my host family.

Grace’s willingness to practice the piano is slowly getting better. This week she even wanted to play her songs with me as a duet, so to speak, which made me very happy. Even in piano lessons, she really wanted to play her homework with me. Of course there are still days when she doesn’t feel like it, but it’s getting better and better, which of course makes me very happy as a piano player because she shows more interest.

On Tuesday I had both a misleading argument with my hostdad on my cell phone, as he was currently gone for 1 1/2 weeks and I had not received his SMS, as well as an outrageous situation with my host mom when she told me at 9 in the evening Said that I was no longer allowed to meet with friends because it was too late. Even though this is my free time, over which I can decide myself.

Wednesday morning I was happy about the weekly meeting with my girls Nina and Becky as a welcome distraction! Together we met in the mall, enjoyed the baguette sandwiches of the ingenious bakery there again and then drove to the search for Halloween costumes. To do this, we drove again to “Savers” and then to Partycity, but again only got ideas and did not buy anything yet. In the evening after work I met Patrick and his sister at BJ’s, where I now – 3 times you can guess – ordered a Pumkin pizza cookie! Mmhhh, yummy!

Thursday and Friday are initially of little interest from the daily routine. Where I still felt on Thursday, that it is slowly improving with Grace, she had a complete freak out on Friday. And that’s only because I didn’t want them to wear their normal pants to play soccer. On Friday evening I was happy to finally get out of the house and met my girls at BJ’s for dinner. This time, for the first time, I ordered something real to eat next to the dessert (another Pumkin Pizookie, it is simply divine!) And decided on Chicken Pita Tacos.

Saturday morning it was back to work at 8 a.m. and when my host mom came back from the gym she showed me how to make French toast for breakfast. Quite simple in itself: Take milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, cinnamon and sugar and mix everything together, and then put bread slices in this mixture until the bread slice is completely saturated. Then you toast it with oil in the pan from be />For dessert, a "Cream" cookie ice cream sandwich was of course not missing! Back home around 5 o’clock, I went straight to work. In the evening at half past six came two other 9-year-old girls, the daughters of two friends of my host mom, because they had not found any babysitters. So I took care of three girls tonight, made them pizza and let them watch a movie while my host mom with their Book club friends were eating and then in the cinema. The other two girls were extremely easy to care for, which probably made the evening better than if I had been alone with Grace, and the two mothers also gave me $ 20 each.

Sunday morning I skype with my grandma and grandpa for the first time in two weeks, which I was very happy about! I was also able to speak briefly to my uncle Martin and of course to my family, who had all come together to celebrate my little dear sister’s birthday. In addition, for the first time in my life, I baked grated cake according to my grandmother’s recipe, since we au pairs from the area held an international lunch here at noon, to which everyone should bring a typical dish from their home country.

Fortunately, they succeeded very well and were praised by everyone. It was a very nice time together, and afterwards I went to the next Starbucks with 3 friends, we all got delicious refreshers and then sat in the park at sunny 24 ° C. At around 6 a.m. I drove home, where I quickly got ready, as it continued at half past 6:

I was picked up by Patrick and his sister and together I went to Great America, a big theme park nearby. I was extremely happy that my host mom allowed me to do this because I would not be home until around 12 p.m. and actually had to be home at half past ten before workdays.

But she kindly made an exception, so I was able to ride. We didn’t go to the amusement park normally, but only to the Halloween special, which didn’t open until 7 p.m. It was great fun! We stayed in 5 of the 9 haunted houses, of which I only liked 3. After the haunted houses in San Leandro, however, they weren’t that scary, but they were well designed.

I really liked a slaughterhouse, a circus with crazy clowns and a house designed after "Day of the Death", whereby only the first one was a little creepy and the last one was beautifully designed and not a bit creepy. The other two, an abandoned house and a zombie high school, were just bad. We also walked through three designed areas, one with empty old cars and zombies, one with dead clowns, and one with strange street characters. There was also a really cool acrobatic show that we watched at the very beginning, and we were still on 3 roller coasters. All in all a wonderful evening!

Since I’m pretty stressed by the time and not much has happened this week, I will limit myself to the most interesting:

Grace now even begins to sit on the piano at times on her own and want to practice on her own and also ask me for help. If that’s no progress!

On Monday I finally bought a new cell phone! The old one was just no longer sustainable, it had been annoying for weeks. Byebye eternal wait, hello Iphone 5S!

Tuesday evening I was spontaneously with Patrick, his sister and Denis at BJ’s, where we ate something? Of course a pizza cookie! This time I tried a new one with Salted Caramel, which was also very tasty, but not as good as Cookies’n’Cream or Pumpkin.

I finally found my Halloween costume at my Wednesday meeting with my girls, where we were of course traditionally back to the bakery and Starbucks! I got the inspiration for my costume on Sunday at Great America, because the last haunted house was very decorated in the style of "Day of the death". Because that’s exactly what I was looking for a costume for. However, since I wasn’t ready to spend $ 60 on a costume, I was extremely happy to find another themed costume that was reduced to just $ 10 and combined with leggings gave a great costume.

Friday was finally there: the eve of Halloween! Tonight I met Becky, Nina and Larissa around 7 a.m. Together we first completed all of our costumes and bought make-up together and then went out to eat together at Subway. We had to regret that the cookies at Subway in Germany clearly taste better !! Then it went to Nina home, where it took us a whopping 2 hours until we all 4 were finally finished and made up. We quickly picked up a friend from Livermore and then drove to the house party in Danville (30 minutes away), to which we were invited by another au pair.

At half past eleven we were finally there too late (the party had started at 9 a.m.), but for us Germans that is also part of the story!

However, we found the house party itself quite disappointing … There were just two rooms in which music was playing and nobody was dancing, most of them just stood around and talked. We had definitely imagined an American house party differently. The four of us were about the only ones who danced with the music in one room, and the music wasn’t even good. However, this was also issued at some point because the police showed up on the street and the owners did not want to be stressed. But even later the music failed to appear, which eventually made us so bored that we finally went home again at half past one.

Saturday was the day: Halloween. I had to work during the day, at first everything was normal, Grace even had a soccer game in the morning. Around 4:00 am I was off because my host family went to two Halloween parties in the neighborhood. However, my host mom did not want to take me with me because she did not find my costume appropriate for a family celebration. Well, I dozed off for an hour (had only slept the night before for 5 hours) and then got ready for the next Halloween party. Today we hoped more of the party, because we went to Berkley for a real college party!

Sara, the cousin of the hostmom of my friend Larissa (22) studied in Berkley, and had invited Larissa and a few friends to her home so that we could experience a real American college party. The four of us took the beard to Berkley and walked 15 minutes to Sara’s apartment. There we were warmly received by her, her boyfriend and a friend. We couldn’t thank you enough that we were allowed to stay with them in the apartment.

The friend got us a drink first, and then the three of us took the 10 minute walk to the college liaison party where Sara had put us on the guest list. She knew one of the bouncers, and although the house was packed, we four girls were waved through.

It was just unbelievable, almost as you would imagine these fraternity parties from films. 3 storey house, music turned up everywhere, a beer pong room, an extra disco room, 2 upper floors with mini parties in some student rooms and people dancing everywhere. It was breathtaking and an exhilarating atmosphere. We spent most of the time dancing extensively, and the Americans are really good at that. What was a little strange is that most guys actually asked if you wanted to dance with them instead of just dancing to you. And Halloween is really worse than Carnival: 90% of the Americans ran around in revealing costumes, bitches as far as the eye can see! However, some guys ran around half naked, which really filled the cliché of the films. The only stupid thing was that the party ended at 1:15 am, so we were only there for 2 1/2 hours. Then we went for a midnight pizza and somehow made it back to Sara’s apartment.

Sunday morning we made our way home around 10 a.m. and got some coffee in between. When I got home around 1 a.m., I first tried to sleep for 1-2 hours, but to no avail, because Grace and her friend always enjoyed storming into my room. After a refreshing shower, I went down and talked to Grace’s grandmother for a while, she is just so incredibly lovely! Grace’s grandparents had come today and my host parents were making pomegranate jam with them. Mmmhhh, very tasty! At around 5:00 am I was picked up by Becky and together with Nina we met at BJ’s for dinner. This time we all ordered burgers and a pizza cookie for dessert! Since it would probably be the last opportunity for me, I ordered the Pumpkin Pizookie again.

I hope you have gained an insight into American Halloween and all the hustle and bustle around it.

Two more weeks with great weekends: family beach day and camping trip!

Unfortunately, this week didn’t start so well. Monday morning was still normal, in my free time I skype with my parents and went shopping for my host mom at Trader Joe’s. After school we went to swimming lessons as usual and then a little into the park before we went home. At home, I made a 10 minute – 10 minute deal: she was allowed to watch TV for 10 minutes and then had to play the piano for 10 minutes. She tried to delay television, of course, and when playing the piano there was a problem: she didn’t practice her pieces properly, didn’t want to take any help from me and ran back to the TV after a minute. I got a little loud over time, but why exactly the situation escalated is still a mystery to me: Suddenly she started throwing me off with flummies and when finally there were no flummies left, she took the glass in which the flummis previously stood were, and threw it on the floor, and all of that, although I had given her consequences. Of course it broke, but that wasn’t enough: she kept trying to provoke me. Then, as I started picking up the pieces, she ran outside with the dog. After 2 minutes I followed her for fear that she would run into the street and lo and behold: she was relatively normal again. This child simply changes from "total freak" to normal mode from now on, without being able to say exactly why. After dinner, which my hostmom, Grace and I as well as the piano lessons spent in a rather tense atmosphere, we had a retrospective, reappraisal conversation about what happened so Grace could see exactly what she did wrong and how she did it could have been handled differently (# American upbringing ..). I then met Patrick at Starbucks as soon as possible because I just felt like I just had to get out of the house after this bleak day and talk to someone about everything. Coincidentally, we met a lot of other au pairs because one of them had a birthday, so it was a nice evening. Back at home I had a nice, long talk with my host mom about vacation, parenting strategies, Grace and everything that ended this crazy day.

Tuesday was a normal working day, apart from my hostmom and grace sleeping longer than normal, so graceful did not come down to the kitchen until 8:30 a.m. after carefully calling for my hostmom and grace 20 minutes earlier. Since Grace is supposed to get up by 8 a.m. at the latest, we ended up being 5 minutes late for school. I later found out the reason for getting up late: my host mom had been working until 3 a.m. because she was in active contact with Great Britain from work and Grace hadn’t slept much either, so she spontaneously decided to just stay there to stay. The rest of the day was normal, I went to Starbucks again in the evening and enjoyed a pumkin pie with my cappucino, and then I watched a video at home about theoretical questions about the California driver’s license, which I would do the next day.

Wednesday morning was pancake day again because Grace was at school 15 minutes later. We drove the scooters to school today, which was clearly a mistake! Viiieeel too exhausting, my back ached like hell afterwards and Grace told me the same thing, but I should definitely pick her up from school in the afternoon by car. And I was allowed to drive all the way back home with it! xD Then I drove directly to the DMV to take the theory for the driving license test. I was told that I would most likely have to wait 3 hours, so I drove home for an hour, quickly cleaned everything in the kitchen, and refilled my water bottle, which of course I had forgotten at home beforehand. Back at the DMV, thank God I only had to wait 20 minutes before I was able to take the test. Of course none of the tests I had looked at before, and I hadn’t managed to read the whole Driver’s Handbook beforehand, but with 4 errors of approx. 36 questions I still passed the theory, my little read knowledge and luckily my driving experience was enough. The rest of the day was very quiet, in the evening I looked for a Hawaiian flight, which I could not book because I had too little money on my credit card, and around 10pm my hostdad came back home.

I spent most of my free time Thursday morning trying to find out how I could top up my German credit card with my mother over the phone, as I couldn’t use my American card to book the Hawaii flight. Of course I had forgotten the instructions at home, but luckily they found it and I was able to transfer money from my German current account to my credit card. In addition, I also made an appointment online for my practical driver’s license exam. Since the next free appointment in Pleasanton would have been on December 7th (!!) and my hostels wanted it to be fairly soon due to the expensive insurance, I then made an appointment for next week Wednesday in Concord, which is about 30-40 minutes over the freeway from Pleasanton. In the evening I went to the general Starbuck meeting and got to know many new faces again. When I then tried to book the flight at home, I was shocked: the same flight should now cost $ 560 instead of $ 508. Frustrated, I then postponed the flight booking because of this.

On Friday, Grace had no school because the teachers had conferences, which I had initially looked forward to. But then the day wasn’t as bad as I feared when I drove with Grace to her grandparents. We spent about an hour there, then we drove with the grandfather to Walnut Creek in the "Lindsay Wildlife Museum". After an hour in the playground, I went to the museum with Grace (the grandfather waited outside because he had seen it before). It was very nice, but rather designed for children, so that I> I actually wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with Grace afterwards, but since she took an enormous amount of time to eat her snack and had only 45 minutes before she was picked up for football practice, I then drove alone while my hostdad took care of Grace. Grace always takes a lot of time with everything, we couldn’t have done it anymore. I then had a break of about an hour while Grace was training soccer and then picked her up. Around half past six, before dinner, I was off because I would cook with Patrick tonight. We cooked rice with chicken in curry cream sauce with pineapple and peach, just like I was used to at home. Nice memory of home!!

By the way, some houses have already decorated their house for Halloween, like this one:

Saturday was the family beach day! After initial confusion as to how that would work now, I finally accepted the grandparents’ invitation to drive with them around half past ten in the morning. My hostmom and Grace came later because Grace was still playing a football game at 11:00 am and my hostdad stayed at home. I get on really well with the grandparents, they are always very friendly to me and always talk to me with "hunny" and other pet names, really cute! Our way to the beach led us past huge pumpkin plantations and sales. Around 11:00 we arrived at our Zeil, a beach in Halfmoon Bay, where we came across other family members. We first had a picnic together for lunch, there was, among other things, cold roasts, potato salad (our family potato salad is and remains simply unbeatable, I definitely have to do it), baked beans (baked beans) … they particularly appealed to me , delicious! For dessert and as a prelude to the birthday of my host grandmother’s sister, there were delicious brownies that are always eaten here in America with a glass of milk. Then we climbed a bit over rocks and then went to a pebble beach, where I ventured into the water with the children despite a fresh breeze and cold water temperatures. The children had a he />After that we all went to Rite Aid for ice cream, then I went home with the grandparents while my hostmom and grace were having dinner with a friend of my hostmom.
Back home I received a surprise: a small package had arrived for me! It was from my best friend, Kathi, and in addition to 3 souvenir pictures, it also contained a bag of Pico Balla! Just in time, I had just destroyed my bag from home. In the evening I went to a DVD evening with Patrick, whose host parents were gone all weekend.

Sunday morning after an extensive breakfast with bacon I got ready for an opera visit that I had given Patrick for his birthday. We watched each other in the Livermore Bankhead Theater "Madame Butterfly".
It was really beautiful, very well implemented and sung, so that even the tears came to me because of the sad love story that is Madam Butterfly. Then (the play lasted 3 hours) we looked at the campus of the "Las Positas College" in Livermore and were briefly at Costco, which is comparable to Metro in Germany. After that I ate sushi for the first time in my life and it really tasted good! All in all, it was a wonderful weekend that I enjoyed to the fullest!

Monday morning I skipped with my family, wrote my blog and brought my car to the workshop with my hostdad, which had to be checked because the radiator warning lamp had come on. Grace was mostly decent today, so the day was pretty quiet. Immediately after swimming training, I only drove her home briefly today to take a shower, after which I went on a children’s birthday party. Oddly, the parents are also invited to the birthdays here, and since my hostel didn’t have time, I went along with them. It was a very nice evening, I talked to the other parents all the time, watched the children play – and of course I served myself at the huge food buffet. The whole thing took over two hours and was very entertaining (and filling haha). I then spent the evening writing my blog, looking for flights and watching an episode of NCIS.

Tuesday morning, Grace dawdled again, knowing that no matter what time it was going to be late, we had to take our bike because the car was still in the garage. Otherwise, she now knows that if she dawdles or doesn’t listen to me, I shouldn’t take my bike to school in the morning, but we have to take the car. As a result, we were unfortunately 5 minutes late at their school. American schools are highly secured for fear of killing spree, the gates are locked during class and you can only enter with a visitor’s pass. Even children who are late, like Grace in this case, have to register with the gatekeeper and receive a certificate stating that they are late and have been let in afterwards. In the afternoon, Grace was a bit tiring at first, but after I put her in her place, everything was back to normal and she even practiced piano very well. In the evening I was back at Starbucks and got some last tips for my upcoming practical driving test.

Wednesday morning there was pancakes again, this time with bananas! After taking Grace to school, I quickly packed all the important documents, finally got my car out of the workshop with my hostdad and then drove directly to Concord. There I had my practical driving license test, which – compared to Germany – was really a joke. My examiner was really nice, a fat, black American with a lot of humor.

We talked continuously throughout the 20 minutes of the driving test, from the differences between Germany and America to my life as an au pair and the must-sees that he recommended. I only had to drive a few blocks, stop at the side and drive backwards, the driving test did not consist of much more and – surprise! – then I passed it too. Back home I went to the library for a short while and then picked Grace up from school. As usual, Grace was taken to her friend’s mother for football training. I used the free hour until I had to pick up Grace again, to chat a little with my hostdad and then ring out with my little sister in Rome, because the next day was her birthday and this was already due to the 9 hour time difference in Europe It was about 2:00 a.m. when I called. And of course she was still awake, because the 16th has to be celebrated after all! After this day, the only thing left to do in the evening was write a blog!

Thursday I managed to skype with three friends in my free time, which was really urgent again. There is always so much to tell and learn !! The whole day was normal, my hostels were out in the evening, so I had to take care of Grace. For dinner, I made Mac’n’Cheese (just one of her favorite dishes) and then tried to get her to bed. She was actually in her bed for 45 minutes without being able to sleep. As a result, she was still awake when my hostel parents came home, who were obviously angry with me. Unfortunately, however, I no longer had the opportunity to talk to them about it, which made me feel a bit homesick at night. Unfortunately very early in the morning at German time, and that even during the holidays .. But thank God you can always rely on my friends! What would I have done if you hadn’t been online, Kathi! ❤

Friday morning, after Grace was in school, I went back to the gym. After school, Grace had football practice as usual, where she was brought up by a friend’s mother. I used the free hour to chat a little with my hostdad and drive to the library, because I had to look for a few more films for Grace for the weekend and we hadn’t gotten around to it before the soccer training. After I had picked up Grace again, I was already off around 6 p.m., since my host mom with Grace went to the "Monster Book Bash" at school, where books were sold and, among other things, Bingo was played and puzzles solved, and because of that they would eat so late that I instead arranged to have dinner with two friends. Before that, however, I went shopping because I needed ingredients for the pasta salad that I would make the next day. I then picked up Becky, who was new to Pleasanton, and took her to Dublin to Hacienda Crossings, where the weekly au pair meeting at Starbucks takes place.

There we met Nina, who I also met for the first time that evening, and together we looked for something to eat, until we finally ended up on "Sweet Tomatoes" on Becky’s recommendation (again in Pleasanton). It was really tasty, and you could take as much as you wanted from a huge salad buffet, then you would pay $ 12 and then you could use the other buffet with unlimited soups, pasta, baked goods, and dessert. It was a very funny evening, which should lay the foundation for a very good friendship, since we all three got on very well straight away.

Camping weekend!

Saturday morning I woke up at around half past 9 in front of my alarm clock (which was probably quite a good thing) and packed my things for the upcoming camping trip. This was my free weekend, which I spent together with 19 other au pairs camping in Brannan Island State Recreation Area.

While my host family was first in the gym and then at Graces Soccergame, I made my pasta salad for camping. A big thank you to my dear Uncle Martin for giving me the recipe! It took me some time to find the ingredients, especially dried tomatoes and pine nuts .. I was in 3 different supermarkets! But it was definitely worth it, the salad tasted great as always. Around half past eleven, I was picked up by another au pair, and after we had picked up another one, we met with six other au pairs at Safeway for bulk purchases. We bought things for barbecues, snacks, sweets, things for breakfast and of course: alcohol. xD After we then put 3 cars together to save fuel, we finally went towards the campsite. We should only need an hour, but due to bridge repairs, we were in a traffic jam for 45 minutes, so we didn’t get to the campsite until around 3 p.m. Tents were set up there and then entertained with a few snacks. In the evening we grill, mostly sausages, and then spend the night with (drinking) games, entertaining and to celebrate. We also spent some time with our neighbors, one of which happened to come from Livermore (neighboring town of Pleasanton). The night was short, but unlike some others I was able to sleep well.

Sunday morning I woke up at 7:20 a.m. because most of my tent was somehow awake and chatting. For breakfast there was the remaining fruit, bread with cheese and we even grilled a few sausages and bacon. Yummy! Around half past eleven we broke le />Luckily they came back around half past six, so I had my car back to Dublin at 6 p.m., where I had arranged to have dinner with two au pairs. Together we went to "Lazy Dogs". Because of the Oktoberfest there was even Wiener Schnitzel here, but I chose a TexMex salad because I was curious how it tastes in contrast to the one I always made at home (do you miss it already, Mucher?: D) , It tasted very tasty, but different from how I always do it, how I still like it better (thanks again for the recipe Martina, I have to do it here in America!).

These were my 5th and 6th week here, how quickly time flies!!


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