Iaa mobility 2021 munich: car show reinvents itself – with these manufacturers

IAA mobility 2021 munich: car show reinvents itself – with these manufacturers

Although interested parties and buyers of classic cars with internal combustion engines still make up the majority in this country: according to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), in the first six months of 2021, a total of 1.390.889 newly registered cars. Of these, 539.551 passenger cars, or 38.8 percent, have an alternative drive system, run at least partly on electricity or also on gas or hydrogen. Exactly 148.716 new cars had a battery-electric drive, which corresponds to a share of 10.7 percent. But at trade shows, it’s also all about the future. And one trend is clearly visible.

the VDA functionary also gets support from christian hummel, executive vice president automotive, capgemini invent: "the IAA as the high office of the german auto industry has suffered from no longer being up to date. In the last few years, we had lost more and more touch with the wider society. The aim must be to pick up on socially relevant trends and to present tomorrow’s mobility trends to a broad audience and generate interest." (corona as a death blow: car fairs before the final out?)

IAA mobility 2021 munich: the car show should come across as modern and hip

VDA is doing everything to become as hip and modern as possible. There is talk of an "IAA mobility summit" on the exhibition grounds, where speakers will give presentations and visitors can find out about the latest car innovations – as is customary at a classic trade show. In the past, the VDA always boasted about the high number of visitors to the IAA and underlined the global significance of the automotive showcase with words that were heavy on content. after all, the iAA was long considered the world’s largest automotive trade show, with thousands of visitors crowding around the engineering products shining in the spotlight.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is presented at the IAA. (symbol image)

Times are changing. Due to the concept alone, in which the exhibitors also present themselves in public, freely accessible places, it will be very difficult to record visitor numbers. Volkswagen group brands such as audi, seat or škoda want to present themselves in the city center of munich. However, the stellantis group with its brands from peugeot to opel is missing from the IAA, which has moved from frankfurt. (electric mercedes-benz G-class: will it be at the IAA mobility 2021??)

IAA mobility 2021 munich: nationwide 5G mobile network planned

as a pleasant side effect, the public spaces also close a flank that made the idea of the traditional car show vulnerable to attack. "when i talk to exhibitors, i notice that the number of visitors has become much less important," says VDA head jurgen mindel: "what is more important for exhibitors is the digital reach and are the topics that are set at the IAA."the idea of open door to free accessible areas, where the industry and the car drivers get close to each other, is charming and is diametrically opposed to the widespread assumption that the car manufacturers are an elitist society, who want to have as little to do with the customers as possible.

One side effect of the IAA should please even its critics: in order to present and experience the networking that will also be part of tomorrow’s mobility as vividly as possible, the city and the Munich trade fair center will enjoy the benefits of a nationwide, modern 5G network through the interaction of the most important mobile network operators. (with material from press-inform)

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