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Last updated on: 17. February 2021

the best jura fully automatic coffee machines: C60, E8, Z6 or giga 5?

Jura is one of the best-known manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines on the market. In addition to high quality, the brand stands for particularly durable products. the company from switzerland uses this image to sell its models through electronics retailers.

Since the online trade is becoming increasingly important, jura is also keen to sell its fully automatic coffee machines via its own internet platform.

To compare independent reviews or ratings from customers, i recommend taking a look at the internet site of media markt, the largest retailer in the online market of jura fully automatic coffee machines.

The advantage of buying a fully automatic machine online at media markt is that the desired model can be picked up at any local store. Also a claim to a return period of 14 days without reason is then included.

The machines are of course also available for purchase on amazon. However, I think it is more worthwhile to buy from media markt, as the communication channels are much shorter in the event of a defect.

On the other hand, the case of local purchases is more difficult, as it depends on the retailer’s respective tolerance.

New articles on the market are only available on the internet some time after publication. This is how the first buyers are to benefit from a certain exclusive right. This is not unusual, as it is a marketing strategy that gives the buyer the feeling of having purchased something special to begin with.

In this article, I would now like to give an overview of which fully automatic coffee machines from jura are available. Here, the target groups, functions and the price should be analyzed in more detail to enable you to make a quick purchase decision.

First of all, some general information about the articles of jura

  • the good image ensures high prices for fully automatic coffee machines from jura, although similar products from the competition are often offered at lower prices.
  • Fixed brewing groups provide advantages and disadvantages, here the opinions are partly far apart.
  • The durability of the products is a key feature, which has allowed jura to build its reputation over the years. Especially the customer comments on different websites show this.

Detailed test results for the various products from jura and other suppliers can also be found on our overview page with all fully automatic coffee machine tests. Two detailed test reports on the jura E8 and jura impressa C60 models can also be found here.

jura fully automatic coffee machines at a glance

But what is really behind the good reputation? Is it deserved or just a pure marketing success?? For people who attach great importance to appearance and design, a fully automatic coffee machine from jura could be the right choice.

In line with the marketing strategy, which makes jura appliances particularly high-quality, this is already noticeable in the design and the external presentation. Would you like an automatic coffee maker with a sports car design?? then jura could be your brand.

Although this is no proof that the coffee tastes just as good, the first impression still convinces many buyers. the trust in the brand that jura has earned over the years also speaks for a good coffee. But in the end it is always the coffee beans that are decisive.

Coffee developed for the fully automatic machine

The coffeeness coffee is finally available.

For latte macchiato

Espresso, black coffee

Fully automatic coffee machines, regardless of the manufacturer, often have to contend with a problem. If the coffee is ground too finely, the machine will quickly become clogged. Most of the time the coffee machines can not grind fine enough, which is a basic problem.

Jura E8 coffee beans

This problem has of course also recognized jura. For this reason, the company uses two processes to counteract this problem. On the one hand, there is the pulse extraction process (PEP) and the intelligent pre brew aroma system (IPBAS). In all honesty, however, there is less to these inflated terms than is advertised.

The pulse extraction process ensures that hot water is forced through the coffee powder at short intervals. It is questionable to what extent this process improves the quality of the espresso. With many older models, this process was not even used in the first place. In my opinion, the intelligent pre brew aroma system is better suited for this purpose.

The IPBAS is easily explained. Here the machine pumps a small amount of water to the coffee powder in the brewing chamber, before the machine actually brews the espresso. This means that the powder is evenly moist, which means that the extraction takes place more evenly. Depending on the amount of coffee required for the espresso, the system pumps in a suitable amount of water. The IPBAS is part of jura’s standard equipment for all fully automatic coffee machines.

Common features of all jura fully automatic coffee machines

  • Coffee recipes can be stored: on some models it is possible to store up to 21 recipes of your choice. In this way, the coffee can be better and better adapted to individual needs. Especially with the competition from jura, this function is rarely found in entry-level products. This is where jura clearly stands out for the first time. In addition to the degree of grinding, the coffee strength and the amount of water, it is even possible to precisely determine the temperature of the milk foam on some models.
  • Saving energy is a big issue these days. Therefore, an automatic shutdown, which can be programmed, is also standard with jura.
  • Durability is a special feature. Therefore, regular maintenance is of great importance. Automated programs for cleaning, descaling and rinsing are therefore always integrated.
  • The water hardness and the degree of grinding can be set individually for all fully automatic coffee machines.
  • The water filter is a must, which is why it is now also part of the basic equipment. It not only increases the quality of the coffee, but also ensures that the machine needs to be descaled less frequently. Here again we are on the subject of longevity.
  • And if it’s not coffee, even tea can be quickly brewed with the fully automatic coffee maker. Boiling water for tea no longer has to be done with a kettle. All fully automatic coffee machines from jura deliver hot water.
  • The pump pressure is the same for all models. The pump pressure of all machines is 15 bar. However, this figure should be treated with caution, as the pressure can only be as high as the resistance of the coffee allows.
  • A compartment for ground coffee powder is always integrated as well. Each member of the family can decide whether the beans should be freshly ground or whether the coffee should be pressed from already ground powder. However, this is not recommended, because the coffee can not develop its full aroma.
  • The milk foam system is also a must. You are spared the annoying manual operation of a foam lance. Only the fully automatic jura A1 is a little out of line here. No milk foam system is used here at all.

You will search in vain for different product lines at jura. There is hardly a series in which products are based on predecessor models. If this should be the case, it is difficult to find out at least. other manufacturers offer certain product lines only to the respective target group.

For whom is which fully automatic coffee machine from jura suitable?? What are the differences in price and functions?? Here is an answer to simplify the decision for anyone who is unsure of what to choose. Let’s go!

Coffee enjoyment for singles: the ENA micro 90 and A1

for singles i recommend this single cup machine very much. noble, small and with a simple design comes this micro model. Except for the distinctive silver coffee dispenser, the housing consists only of flat and even surfaces. This model is particularly suitable for small households, as its width of only 23 centimeters is the smallest of all jura fully automatic machines.

The same description also applies to the A1 fully automatic coffee machine, which, according to its designation, should not have much in common. Only the appearance differs somewhat in the choice of colors. There is one special feature of the A1. the only jura model without a milk foam system. For many of you, this is already a K.O.-criterion.

The disadvantage of both machines is that it is not possible to prepare two drinks at the same time. This is probably the most serious difference to all other fully automatic coffee machines from jura and one of the main reasons why these products probably make more sense for singles.

Nevertheless, the purchase should be well considered, because at over 800 euros, the price of the ENA micro 90 for a simple single machine is significantly higher than the prices of competitors for similar models.

The two models with their functions at a glance

jura ENA micro 90jura A1
design micro silver piano white/black
2 drinks at the same time no no
save coffee recipes 6 3
pulse extraction process yes yes
grinder steel cone grinder steel cone grinder
autom. coffee powder detection 10 levels 2 levels
adjustable coffee strength 2 levels no
cleaning program milk foam system yes no
combined outlet yes no

These are probably the most important differences that stand out in these two products. In 2016, testbild took a closer look at ten fully automatic coffee machines from various manufacturers. The ENA micro 90 received an overall rating of "good" with 2.4.

Jura A7 and jura A9: mid-range for couples and families in the upper price segment

Compared to the A1, there are hardly any differences externally. The functions, however, are very different. The first visual difference is made clear by the two spouts. Preparing two beverages at the same time is therefore no longer a problem for you.

The A9 can also refer to additional features. In addition to the two-color cup illumination and the touch color display, the coffee strength can be set between 8 or. 10 levels can be selected. Here again, jura stands out from the competition, because it is usually only possible to choose between 3 and 5 levels.

Comparison of both machines

jura a7jura A9
design piano white aluminum
2 drinks at the same time yes yes
save coffee recipes 8 12
pulse extraction process yes yes
grinder steel cone grinder steel cone grinder
autom. coffee powder detection yes yes
adjustable coffee strength 10 levels 8 steps
coffee temperature 2 levels no
cup lighting no 2 stages
display text touch color display
cleaning program for milk foam system yes yes
combined outlet yes yes

Unfortunately, only a few test reports and reviews can be found online for these two models. Therefore, we are also grateful for any opinions on these two fully automatic coffee machines. Just leave them in the comments and share your experiences.

Impressa C60 and C65: coffee for a small price

The price range has, this becomes clear at the latest now, absolutely nothing to do with the letter in front of it. While the prices of the A-line are already in the four-digit range, the C-line is in the upper three-digit range at up to 700 euros. what these two products can do for the relatively low price is of course questionable at first glance, when i look at the huge price differences to higher quality models.

It is striking that the impressa C60 receives consistently good reviews at media markt, for example, while it performed rather poorly in our test. The only difference between the two fully automatic machines is their design. In addition, almost all functions are the same, so you can actually make the purchase here dependent on the design. Only the grinders differ.

The impressa C60 is described as having a "multi-stage high-performance cone grinder", while the grinder on the C65 is referred to as "aroma+". What these two designations should tell us in the end is questionable. In principle, they can mean anything. The loudness of the grinders is particularly noticeable.

A comparison of the equipment in the C-series

impressa c60impressa C65
design rounded, piano black round, platinum
2 drinks at the same time yes yes
saving coffee recipes 4 4
pulse extraction process no no
coffee strength adjustable 4 levels 4 levels
cleaning programs for milk foam system no no
Combi spout no no

when comparing these functions with those of the previously mentioned models, it becomes clear that this is the lowest price-performance ratio for fully automatic coffee machines from jura.

Some functions are only available to a limited extent or are missing completely. The price may be tempting, but I would still think twice about buying it. Due to missing cleaning programs, the quality of the coffee suffers as well.

I can also only raise the height-adjustable coffee spout up to 11.1 centimeters. An enormous weak point, since thus large coffee cups do not fit at all under the spout. So there is a lot of room for improvement for the C-series. If you have patience, I recommend to prefer one of the mentioned single devices. Here the coffee must be prepared individually, but the quality is higher.

The E line from jura

the four models in jura’s E line differ only in details. Therefore, we would rather focus on the common features to describe the E line as a whole. Especially the many adjustment options are convincing, while I have searched in vain for a combined spout.

Price not available

The features and differences of the E-series at a glance

save coffee recipes 7 7 12 12
autom. Powder detection no no yes yes
cup lighting no no 2 levels 2 levels

In addition, there are several other functions, which are superfluous in most cases. after a while you will notice that the everyday coffee or espresso is up to your standard. you will not be able to change any settings.

The luxury class starters – F9 and J6

as already mentioned the letter does not stand for a certain price range. Therefore, the products F9 and J6 are also combined here. Both are in a price range of 1000 to 1500 euros. There are no major differences, but some details have been renewed nevertheless. For example, the app control via bluetooth on the J6.

Differences and features at a glance

jura f9jura J6
save coffee recipes 14 13
adjustable coffee strength 8 stages 10 stages
coffee temperature 2 levels 3 levels
autom. Rinse milk foam system no yes
sound design no yes
autom. Powder detection yes yes

Despite the high price, there are also minor weak points. The height of the coffee spout is also limited to 11.1 centimeters. In addition, the cone grinders made of steel are still quite loud. Otherwise, however, these two models already offer good comfort for coffee lovers.

Further quality improvement? The Z line from jura

If you have a bulging wallet and a taste for a really good cup of coffee, then the Z line is the right choice for you. However, this exclusive coffee enjoyment will also cost you around 2.000 euro. I can finally push the combination spout much higher here.

At 15.3 centimeters in height, even drinkers of a larger coffee get their money’s worth here. Only when the IKEA glass for latte macchiato fits underneath is everything good. And this one, with a height of 14.5 centimeters, is clearly below it.

Especially visually, the Z-line leaves nothing to be desired. A water tank light and the temperature of the milk foam provide additional chichi. Due to the two heating blocks, the machine can prepare coffee and milk at the same time.

The equipment

jura z6jura Z8
saving coffee recipes 12 21
milk foam temperature 10 levels 10 steps
height-adjustableb. outlet 8-15.3 cm 8-15.3 cm
2 heating blocks no yes

The luxury product par excellence – the jura giga 5

The last fully automatic coffee machine we present in our big jura overview is the giga 5. An absolute luxury vending machine beyond the 3.000 euro limit, which according to marketing promises pure luxury. With the jura giga 5, I see directly double. At least as far as certain parts are concerned.

For example, two grinders, two pumps, two water control systems, two bean hoppers, and two heating blocks. You can use different beans to prepare several drinks at the same time and run milk foam and espresso in parallel. in addition, the grinders are made of ceramic instead of stainless steel as before. This makes grinding much quieter.

The functions of the jura giga 5 at a glance

jura giga 5
saving coffee recipes 21
coffee strength 5 levels
coffee temperature 3 levels
wireless ready yes
combined outlet yes
bean hopper 2
grinders 2
milk container included yes, made of stainless steel


I have done my best to shed some light on the jura model jungle. Especially the target groups are quite different due to the functions as well as the prices. While the ENA micro 90 and the A1 are ideal for singles, the imrpressa C60 and C65 are more suitable for people who want to save money.

Here there are partly big differences. Ultimately, everyone should decide for themselves which product suits them best. A word of advice. With a mid-range coffee machine like the A7 or A9, you’re well equipped for most situations.

For those who regard coffee as an elixir of life, the fully automatic coffee machines of the Z line and the giga 5 offer sufficient options for enjoying coffee. Please feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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