Maternity leave: Do you still have a family vacation before you are born?

Maternity leave: Doing a family vacation before the birth?

Many expectant parents are worried about how well the time after the delivery will be. Will parental leave be exhausting? And when can we go back to vacation??

Maternity protection: protection for mother and child

The maternity protection periods are limited to six weeks before and eight weeks after delivery, according to the Maternity Protection Act. However, it also knows other periods of protection that result from an employment ban. For example, such is imposed when the expectant mother is exposed to health hazards in the workplace. Does she have to handle toxic substances, lift loads of more than five kilograms, do shiftwork be part of her program, or do she have to work standing up for more than four hours a day? Legislators say she should not work anymore. A prohibition of employment is imposed if the employer can not offer another job equally suitable for women.

An individual employment ban is also possible. If the woman is so severely handicapped that she can not work, this prohibition comes into effect. Usually, the affected women are first on sick leave and receive the normal salary in the context of salary continuation in case of illness. After six weeks, this payment ends, but there is only the sick pay, which is significantly lower.

However, if there is a prohibition of employment, the provisions provided for in the Maternity Protection Act apply. Thus, for example, the average salary of the last 13 months continues to be paid, there are no time restrictions. For the expenditures there is an agreement between employers and health insurance companies: These get the expenses for maternity and maternity benefits in the context of the U2-surcharge procedure refunded.

Maternity allowance is paid during maternity leave before and after birth. This consists of the sickness benefit and is paid by the health insurance. The rest up to the normal net salary shoots the employer. Financial restrictions are therefore not to be feared during maternity leave.

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Use maternity leave for the holidays?

Maternity leave and parental leave are times when you can fully concentrate on the family. They get the maternity and parental allowance as financial compensation and can live with it without economic restrictions. However, the maternity allowance replaces the full previous salary, the parental allowance hung only a certain part.

So it seems obvious that many expectant parents are considering using the time before the birth again to take a break. Especially as the Maternity Protection Act provides that pregnant women can make a normal vacation entitlement and so could take the holiday incurred so far before the maternity leave. This would give you enough time until your birth, provided there is no risk of pregnancy.

Incidentally, the regulations on maternity protection also apply to women who are still in probationary periods or who work in the home office. However, there are agreements between many employers and employees on the employment contract that leave is not allowed during the probationary period. However, the leave entitlement already exists, this is the goodwill if the employer agrees to a leave application before the beginning of the maternity leave.

If there is no health to travel and if you can find a way to agree with the big belly, you can certainly use the maternity leave for a family holiday. Enjoy once more the freedom not to have to take care of the baby during the day and at night! However, long-distance travel should no longer be on the agenda, too big are the risks of the usual travel hazards and new food.

There are many great family vacation deals that you can also use as first-time parents. It does not have to be a sibling in the world, so you can enjoy such offers! (# 01)

Family trip during maternity leave: Where should the journey go??

There are many great family vacation deals that you can also use as first-time parents. It does not have to be a sibling in the world, so you can enjoy such offers! It is recommended, in any case, not too far away, air travel in late pregnancy really no longer be. Some airlines do not even take heavy pregnant women with them, too big a risk that they will experience childbirth on the flight.

Take better advantage of maternity leave

  • Camping holidays with the caravan or in the bungalow
  • Excursions in the area
  • Short breaks within the country

or simply for the holidays at home. Immediately after the integration, it is not recommended to start the holidays anyway, because the new earthlings need about six weeks to really arrive and to arrange with their family. It is not a good idea to tear the baby out of this new environment and go on holiday with him. Sleep problems, quarrels and restlessness are inevitable, as well as the fact that you’re probably more in need of rest after this vacation than ever.

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Maternity leave: Who is it for??

The Maternity Protection Act was only revised on January 1, 2018 and now includes significantly improved protection for expectant mothers. Now also students and students are included, although they can take part in the class immediately after the birth, if they want to. For them, the maternity protection period of eight weeks (or twelve weeks for premature and multiple births) does not apply.

But you are also on parental leave and can apply for parental allowance. This is also paid without previous income with a minimum amount of 300 euros per month, for the first twelve months of life of the child. Under certain conditions it is possible to extend the payments to 24 months, but then the payout amount will be halved. There is no more money! The parental leave can also be taken until the child’s third birthday, parental allowance and parental leave are not tied together.

Otherwise, maternity leave is not just for employees, but also for women working at home, working part-time or probationary, or having a fixed-term contract. But beware: a temporary contract expires during the maternity leave if it has a date. It is not automatically extended by maternity protection.
During the protection period, the pregnant woman receives the maternity allowance or the maternity allowance, which does not serve the supplementary care.

Rather, it is a substitute for the previous income, so these payments are also subject to social security contributions and must be taxed. However, there is an agreement that the maternity allowance must be stated in the tax return and then taxed first. The Progressionvorbehalt makes the money a little extra, because in the beginning you have more money in your pocket. But plan the subsequent taxation and any additional payments!

It is certainly tempting to use the free period of maternity leave for a family vacation. Financially, you do not have to restrict yourself, on the contrary, you feel like you are enjoying a supplementary pension. (# 02)

Conclusion: use maternity leave for holidays?

It is certainly tempting to use the free period of maternity leave for a family vacation. Financially, you do not have to restrict yourself, on the contrary, you feel like you are enjoying a supplementary pension. If you are banned from working because you have limited health, you should be careful when traveling: no employer would like to travel abroad!

Especially in the probationary period, this can have the bad result that you are simply assumed to lack of work and you get the notice presented. Even if the termination is more difficult during this time, it is not impossible and should follow at the latest after parental leave. Incidentally, you can only enjoy the benefits of maternity protection periods if the probationary period precedes a permanent contract.

Consequently, no conclusive advice can be given on vacation just before birth or during periods of employment prohibition. This decision is always dependent on one’s own state of health, the existence of a risk pregnancy and, ultimately, the employer. Because you certainly want to go back to work after the baby’s break and do not want to be accused of using the pregnancy as a mere recovery time.

An additional supply to the holiday so to speak, because financially you are not worse off in this time. Therefore, travel with a clear conscience within the country, stay nearby and take precautions: If the baby wants to leave during your vacation, it is good to know where the nearest clinic is!

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