Professional teeth cleaning for well-groomed and whiter teeth

Professional teeth cleaning for well-groomed and whiter teeth

It is always advisable to perform a tooth cleaning before whitening your own teeth. Whether you do this yourself or take a professional cleaning of the teeth, of course, is up to you. Of course, professional teeth cleaning is recommended in order to lighten the best possible effect when teeth are being whitened.

This is done by a dentist or a specialist with appropriate training.

How does the teeth cleaning work?

The short version looks like this:

When cleaning, the plaque is removed above and below your gums. The area below the gum is the tartar, below the gum is called concretion. The specialized employees remove everything that is visible. The invisible plaque may only be removed by the dentist.

The actual removal of the plaque is done with brushes, ultrasound equipment, dental floss and a scaler (you know, this is this hand instrument with the hook in front, to get into the spaces between them).

Subsequently, the spaces between your teeth are cleaned with a powder blaster. For this, the dentist has a special mixture of air, water and a cleaning salt.

The step-by-step procedure looks like this for most dentists:

  1. After an introductory explanation of the course of treatment, the dentition is examined with regard to coverings and discoloration.
  2. Then all hard and soft deposits, as well as discoloration on the tooth surfaces and in the interdental spaces are removed.
  3. The teeth are now free of deposits and discoloration and the natural tooth color is restored. Now the tooth surfaces are smoothly polished with a special paste, as new deposits on smooth surfaces do not stick so fast
  4. The last step is usually followed by intensive fluoridation, for example with aminflouride. This preparation is applied to the cleaned tooth surfaces to make tooth enamel more resistant to tooth decay.
  5. After the treatment, you will usually receive tips on proper dental care, brushing your teeth and will explain you aids such as dental floss and co.

Professional teeth cleaning costs

The cost of cleaning varies. It always depends on the effort that the dentist has. In addition, of course, the number of teeth, as well as the location of the doctor relevant. Basically, it is always cheaper in the countryside than in the big city.

The prices are between 35 and 150 €, from your own experience you should expect in any case with 90-100 €.

Submit professional dental cleaning to health insurance

The statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs for a dental cleaning, since their understanding is not a medically necessary service, but rather a provision.
However, there are supplemental insurance policies, which pay the costs proportionately or completely. So in any case a comparison of the different providers is worthwhile.

In the case of private health insurance, the assumption of costs always depends on the tariff, some take over the costs, others do not. Here you should therefore please look in your tariff conditions, as the scheme for a professional teeth cleaning looks.

Teeth cleaning home

In addition to brushing teeth – for example, with an ultrasonic toothbrush – we recommend a mouthwash. Although this does not replace the professional work of the dentist, it is a very good supplement to do something for the care at home and to clean the interdental spaces regularly.

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