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SportScheck Frankfurt direct at the Zeil Schaefergasse 10 60313 Frankfurt


Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00 o’clock


The branch offers you great services around your sports experience:

  • treadmill analysis
  • Ski and snowboard service
  • shoe test track
  • flocking
  • shoe test track
  • 2D footscan

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consultation appointment

Consulting completely tailored to your needs: Book your personal shopping advisor in the store.


GPS and pulse watch maintenance

Inline Skate Service


The first step for the perfect shoe is to determine the exact foot measurements. With our 2D-Footscan this is easy, fast and free of charge. So we can recommend you a suitable preselection.


Do you have a specific wish for what should be written on a jersey or T-shirt? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we offer individual inscriptions on textiles.

Click & Collect


The best training device is useless if it doesn’t work properly. Often it is due to empty batteries. We change the batteries of transmitter (chest strap) and receiver (watch) in our branches.


If you are active on inline skates, you have to get the skates up to scratch from time to time. With our Inline Skate Service we offer role exchange, cleaning as well as stock oiling and exchange.


Whether the sport of climbing is something for you and how you do it on the wall can be found out directly in our branches. On the climbing wall you can try out the sport of climbing and experience what it’s like to go up walls.


Before the running shoes are tied, there is a running analysis! Here you can quickly find out which running type you are and what you have to pay attention to when choosing your shoes. The results of the running analysis are fast and precise due to the automatic evaluation.


A racket for tennis, badminton or squash should always be strung according to performance and use. No matter if the strings are worn or torn, we choose the right strings and string the racket according to the type of player. We also change the grip tape.


To ensure fun on the ice, skates should be sharpened from time to time. We sharpen the edges of your skates: depending on how much the edges are worn out!


Shoes are the be-all and end-all in sports. You shouldn’t start training without the right footwear. The demands on shoes are different and depend on the respective sport. On our shoe test track you can test different surfaces and find the right shoe for you.


The most important things for skiing and snowboarding: The boots must fit really well. Who wants to have painful feet and blisters on the piste and in the powder? We support you in choosing the right model with a 3D foot measurement. Maximum comfort can be achieved with our individual ski boot adjustment. We offer processing and stretching of the ski boot shell (ankle, kanbein, halux area) as well as production of special ski boot soles for an optimal fit.

SportScheck Frankfurt

The Sportscheck branch in Frankfurt is located directly on the shopping mile Zeil in Schäfergasse 10. You can easily reach it by S-Bahn or U-Bahn (Konstablerwache station) or park your own car in one of the two nearby multi-storey car parks.

Our branch in Frankfurt is open for you from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 20 o’clock. There’s plenty of time to take advantage of our special service: We make your skis or snowboard fit for the new winter season and sharpen your skates. We analyse your running style on the treadmill to find the perfect shoe for you to try out on the shoe test track. Of course, we also take over the maintenance of GPS and pulse watches in the sports shop in Frankfurt so that nothing stands in the way of training. You play tennis and your racket is getting tired? We string it for you. Your team needs a new flocking of the jerseys? No problem, we also do that in our branch in Frankfurt.

At Sportgeschäft Frankfurt we have a very special offer for you: Book a shopping companion through our Personal Shopping Service. You are guaranteed to find the right and suitable equipment for your sport and the fashionable accessories of the season. Our tip: The shopping companion is also a good tip for your sports friends.

In our branch in Frankfurt you will find everything a sportsman’s heart desires on three floors. From winter sports such as cross-country skiing or ice skating to running, inline skating, water and cycling to team sports, we equip you. Of course, we also have outdoor equipment, training equipment and accessories, accessories and underwear on offer in our sports shop in Frankfurt. Whether indoor or outdoor, here you will also find the right shoe with the help of our trained sales staff. Thanks to competent advice, wrong purchases are excluded.

By the way, it is worth visiting the Frankfurt branch more often: Again and again we surprise you in the sports shop in Frankfurt with smaller participation actions and events. You can also find out what’s up soon on the homepage of the Frankfurt branch.

Our sports shop in Frankfurt is your trusted SportScheck branch. We optimize your training with the perfect equipment and optimal advice. The right stylish clothes make sure that you cut a good figure while training. We look forward to seeing you.

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