Summer vacation in germany: on family vacation in zugspitzland

Holidays in the Zugspitzland are particularly suitable for families.

(Photo: imago / Volker Preußer)

It gets crowded around the Mediterranean this summer – maybe a vacation in Bavaria is a good alternative. Zugspitzland in particular offers ideal outdoor activities for families that also work with children. With these tips klappts also with the excursions.

Adventure stations in nature, wild gorges, cool waterfalls and sunny sunbathing areas: those who do not yet know where to go with the family during school holidays are best off staying in the country. For example in the Bavarian Alpine foothills: The Zugspitzland around the three towns of Oberau, Eschenlohe and Farchant is a good environment for hiking and other outdoor activities for families.

The region offers a lot especially for children – for example the forest adventure trail: How does a tree phone work? What does the mountain world sound like? Families experience the forest and its ecosystem at the 18 stations on the path in Farchant. The sunny, wide valley basin between Eschenlohe, Oberau and Farchant is ideal for leisurely hikes on paths suitable for pushchairs – with the best view of impressive mountain panoramas such as the Wetterstein massif including Alp and Zugspitze.

Adventure trails also suitable for children

In Eschenlohe there is an interactive nature trail, 3.2 kilometers long with more than 20 stations where you can learn everything about local animals and plants. Cooling off in midsummer is of course also important: either in one of the outdoor pools, on a walk along the Loisach or on a hike through the Asam gorge or to the cow escape cases. The latter form the end of the forest adventure trail in Farchant and consist of three waterfalls, which plunge over a total of approximately 270 meters to the valley. They are among the highest in all of Germany.

Also impressive: the Asamklamm in Eschenlohe, where the Eschenlaine leads through a deep gorge with rugged, steep rock faces. You have the best view of the spectacle while a circular hike from the Asamklammbrücke.

The seven-kilometer family hike, which leads from Eschenlohe past the Seven Springs to Oberau, is more tranquil. First it goes along the Loisach and the Mühlbach, then across meadows, field and forest paths to the karst springs, where a magnificent view of the Zugspitze awaits. Finally, the puddle moss unfolds his all splendor. The travelers can take the train back. The foothills of the Alps offer plenty of activities for family vacations.


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