Beautiful teeth: 9 tips for a bright smile

All around healthy in the mouth: Beautiful healthy teeth require a lot of attention. We have 9 tips for optimal dental care.

Simply enchanting: beautiful teeth stand for health. Not only do they promote our general well-being, a radiant smile is also one of the most important features of aesthetics. With these simple tips on dental hygiene, nutrition and the like, you can help your dental apparatus stay healthy.

1. let the pros get to it

The more regularly you go to the dentist, the less the expert has to do to help you have beautiful teeth. The teeth are not only checked, but also professionally cleaned, which can prevent the development of diseases such as tooth decay or periodontitis. If problems arise, the dentist can react more quickly if you regularly attend your check-ups – the necessary treatment is often much less serious. With additional professional oral hygiene every six months, you are on the safe side.

2. sugar – the biggest enemy of teeth

Sugar is particularly beneficial for the development of tooth decay – the longer it stays in the mouth, the higher the risk of tooth decay. If you still don’t want to do without soft drinks, treats and the like, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly or brush your teeth afterwards.

3. twice daily – or more often

Regular brushing gives caries bacteria no chance: After breakfast and in the evening three minutes to brush is a good strategy for long-term healthy and beautiful teeth. Experts also recommend brushing after lunch or after meals with a high sugar content.

4. soft and electric cleaning

Whether you use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush is basically irrelevant as long as you work thoroughly – but cleaning properly and thoroughly with an electric toothbrush is much easier. Experts recommend medium-hard to soft bristles. Especially if the gums are irritated or inflamed, the brush should be soft. A toothbrush change is recommended approximately every two months in order to achieve a consistently good cleaning result.

5 Technology makes the difference

Whether circling, jogging or from top to bottom: With the ideal plastering technique, the spirits differ. A recommendable technique is brushing from red to white: Simply attach the brush to the gum line and from there clean the tooth thoroughly with small back and forth movements. In any case forbidden: Too much pressure when brushing! This will damage tooth enamel and tooth necks in the long term.

6. cleaning break after acid food

After consuming acidic foods such as fruit, isotonic sports drinks, coffee, vinegar or red wine, you should wait for your teeth to brush, as the acid softens the enamel. Dentists recommend a waiting period of at least 30 minutes in order not to remove too much of the natural tooth protection.

7. avoid whitening toothpastes

Almost all toothpastes now contain fluorides. They clean teeth, remineralize and protect against tooth decay. Aggressive toothpastes with a bleaching effect are generally not recommended: they usually cause excessive abrasion and thus damage the tooth substance. In case of doubt, it is a good idea to ask your dentist.

8. stepchild dental floss

Let’s be honest: Do you use dental floss every day? The interdental spaces are often neglected – they are important for a beautiful, healthy appearance of the periodontium, because caries often develops there. Dentists therefore urgently recommend the regular use of dental floss – at least two to three times a week, but preferably daily. For larger interdental spaces, experts recommend interdental brushes.

9. bacterial biotope tongue

The surface of the tongue is rough and always covered with saliva – no wonder that many bacteria and fungi gather on it. In order to prevent bad breath, tooth decay and periodontitis, the tongue should not be forgotten. With a tongue scraper from the drugstore, the tongue can be easily integrated into the daily dental care ritual. This not only helps you to have healthy and beautiful teeth – it also improves sensitivity and sensation of taste.

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Authors: Katrin Derler,BA Editing: Philip Pfleger

Last update: 09.07.2015 | 10:15

Information of the Austrian Public Health Platform (Last accessed: 09.07.2015)

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