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Up to 43.000 points compensation with the Amex Platinum!

Due to the currently very manageable benefits of the Amex Platinum credit card, Amex has come up with something to avoid cancellations.

UPDATE: Since American Express increased the value of the points significantly for a short time (125 points = 1€), the "compensation" since 21. April 2020 to just under 20.000 points reduced. However, this is still available by request! In addition, you currently earn 2 points per 1€ turnover with the Platinum Card. read more

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Eurobike 2021

For a long time there was nothing going on in the exhibition sector. More than one year I did not have the feeling of the wide, interesting world. Networking doesn’t work so well online. Therefore, it was for me no question: Eurobike must be.

My motto is: “Never change a running system”. With my bike, equipment and setup I am more than 200.Rode 000 kilometers, more than satisfactorily. Why and what should I change about it? I don’t need a gravelbike with bikepacking equipment. It is always nice to see how many things I do not need. read more

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The 25 most beautiful places and cities in the Czech Republic

What are the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic? Located in the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic exudes a blend of Bohemian history, Moravian charm and Slavic flair. Its historic old towns are filled with baroque beauty. In the almost untouched landscapes you can find breathtaking mountains, nature parks and nature reserves. In addition, the Czech Republic is dotted with magnificent castles, which in turn are surrounded by picturesque vineyards. Not to forget the beer culture in the Czech Republic, which is omnipresent in numerous taverns and microbreweries. read more

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Driving New Zealand: The most important tips for your road trip

Great Coast Road on the west coast of New Zealand

Left-hand traffic, winding roads, numerous cars and long routes – driving in New Zealand can be quite exhausting. In this blog post we report about our experiences with the New Zealand road traffic and show you what you should pay attention to.

One thing in advance: We recommend you to spend at least one or two days in Auckland or Christchurch after your arrival before you pick up your car or camper. This is how you can recover from the stress of the long journey before you start your adventure. We would not take over the car directly after arrival. read more

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This is the procedure for entering the USA with ESTA

The decision is made – it’s off to the USA!

There are many reasons to travel: vacation, business, visiting family or friends – as different as the reasons are, so you need to prepare differently depending on them. You have decided to travel to the USA? Nice! However, there are some things to consider here. So that you can start your trip carefree, we have created a guide for you, which describes the typical process of an entry into the USA. read more

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Nine journeys with the 9-euro ticket: From Berlin through Germany

The 9-euro ticket is a door opener for many: For little money, you can explore all of Germany from Berlin. You can scramble in the Harz mountains, stroll through "Frau-Holle-Land" and drink a few beers at the Ruhr river. You can reenact "Inglourius Basterds" in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and find out in Eisenhuttenstadt that Tom Hanks is not as boring as he always seems. We present you nine journeys with the 9-Euro-Ticket. read more

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Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

Spring creeps through Germany on silent soles. Now it's time to take a breath and enjoy nature. I asked my fellow bloggers about the best places to visit in their region. Rausgekommen are 4 beautiful walks to hike and enjoy for beautiful hours in NRW.

In NRW you have a lot of wasted opportunities for a nice walk, whether on the way in the forest in the countryside or with a little culture. Also in my homeland the Ruhr area you find many beautiful corners like the one(s) in attitudes. If you like it more idyllic you are also in the good walking and hiking. read more

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