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Cook Islands: Island-Hopping

Cook Islands Dream Beach Aitutaki Couple Oceania Tours

Roundtrip Cook Islands Triangle: Discover tropical Rarotonga, dive into the turquoise lagoon of Aitutaki and experience the still very pristine island of Atiu.

Itinerary Cook Island Triangle – 13 days from/to Rarotonga

The Cook Islands are ideal for island hopping. Fly from tropical Rarotonga to Aitutaki and on to Atiu. Dive into the turquoise lagoon of Aitutaki – you will feel like in paradise on earth – and explore the caves and birdlife of the still very pristine island of Atiu, where you will find few other travelers. read more

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Cuba travel guide – 4 recommendations.

Cuba travel guide tips and recommendation

Which is the best Cuba travel guide? A travel guide is basically indispensable on this somewhat different Caribbean island, not only for individual travelers. In the following we present 4 recommendable travel guides, which proved to be extremely useful during our round trip through Cuba.

Travel guide Cuba for package travelers

As package tourists traveling within a tour group with a German-speaking guide, we initially wanted a geographical orientation on our route. Where are we and where are we going? In which cardinal direction is California actually located? In addition, of course, we wanted a good description of all the stops on our trip – all the sights and destinations we wanted to go to in our free hours. read more

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Thailand – Destination Experts Victoria, Chris & Liam

We are a small family (Victoria, Chris and Liam) living mostly in Thailand and we write about it on our blog Nesting Nomads. 11 years ago, Chris and I were the 1. We have been to Thailand for the first time and after we got over the initial culture shock, the country just wouldn't let us go.

That's how we ended up returning almost every year and staying longer and longer at a time. The north of Thailand has become our home in the meantime. When our son was born, we were a little nervous about how he would handle our Thailand love. Fortunately, he got infected by our enthusiasm and then also removed our last doubts. Since 4 years we live now 6-9 months per year in Thailand. read more

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Bali-Lombok round trip: the most beautiful route for couples + tips

Indonesia, and Bali in particular, are considered favorite destinations for backpackers. But they are also good for couples? We have spent our honeymoon on Bali and Lombok and can therefore unequivocally say: yes!

Especially a Bali Lombok round trip is from our point of view super suitable for couples. No matter if you are newly in love or have been together for a long time. Bali and Lombok offer you a lot of romance and wonderful experiences. read more

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Three Peaks Region: 3 easy hikes with high pleasure factor

It picks. All over the body. As if an army of ants would drill on it. The head cinema is rattling, showing small insects and all other life that is raging on a mountain meadow. But the smell is heavenly, of herbs, I could well stand it for a while – in a hay bath.

But a quarter of an hour is enough to get body and mind going. The hay comes from the lush alpine meadows in the Gsieser Valley in the Three Peaks region, explains Evi, our hostess at Hotel Bad Moos – Dolomites Spa Resort. read more

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Traveling along the French-German border: 3 days in Strasbourg and Karlsruhe (1/2)

I liked the idea immediately: three days, two countries, one trip – as a German-French travel team on the road in Strasbourg and Karlsruhe. First Laurène shows me the highlights of the Alsatian capital, then we discover together the second largest city in Baden-Wurttemberg.

And so we meet at the train station of Strasbourg on a picture-book autumn day. It's a work of art in itself: colorful on the outside, flooded with light on the inside, where a glass construct docks with the old building. read more

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Off-Roading Guide

From the Payette National Forest to the Owyhee Wilderness, southwest Idaho has one of the largest off-highway vehicle (OHV) trail networks in the Northwest.

Ready to explore? We’ll give you the lowdown on the best trails, what to pack, safety tips and more!

Before you explore, always remember to adventure responsibly. Stay on the trails, respect wildlife and keep southwest Idaho wild. read more

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Morocco – Marrakech to Atlas Mountains

Marrakech – a city that combines ancient traditions and exciting creativity, and is an enticing destination for those touring the country for the first time, as well as seasoned Moroccan travelers who want to revisit its elegant stores and excellent hotels. In five days you will experience the rich history, the exciting markets and you can take exotic trips to the nearby mountains and desert. read more

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